Ursuline Sisters of Louisville Ursuline Sisters of Louisville http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org en-us Copyright 2018 Ursuline Sisters of Louisville Sat, 15 Dec 2018Dr. Cindy Crabtree receives the Angeline AwardEvery two years, the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville honor a woman whose life reflects the Ursuline charism that is inspired by Saint Angela Merici, the foundress of the Ursulines: "A contemplative love of God resulting in an openness and eagerness to serve the needs of others." On Sunday, October 21, the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville honored Dr. Cynthia Crabtree with the Angeline Award at a Mass in the Motherhouse Chapel, fittingly on the feast day of Saint Ursula. Ursuline President Sister Janet M. Peterworth presented the award to Dr. Crabtree and said, "Dr. Cynthia Crabtree is Ursuline through and through—from her days at St. Clement, then high school at Angela Merici and now serving others as president of Sacred Heart Schools." One of five children, Dr. Crabtree grew up in the south end of Louisville, and attended St. Clement grade school, where she was taught by Ursulines. She graduated from Angela Merici High School (AM), class of 1975. After graduating with a BS in nursing from Spalding University in 1979, Dr. Crabtree worked in critical care as a nurse. After earning her Masters from the University of Kentucky, then receiving her Doctorate in Educational Leadership in 1997 from Spalding, she was named Dean of Spalding’s School of Nursing, a position she held until 2003. Ursuline Sister Rosella McCormick said in her reflection during the Mass, “Servanthood is the mark of authentic leadership. Recall the Last Supper and Jesus using a towel to wash the disciples’ feet. We have gathered here in this place ‘where all are welcome,’ to recognize Dr. Cindy Crabtree, as a follower of Saint Angela Merici. Cindy is truly a servant-leader of our Ursuline Campus Schools—in the past, in the present, in our future.” Dr. Crabtree also serves on Holy Cross High School’s board, as well as on the board at Brightside Louisville, which is dedicated to uniting people and green activities to help the planet. Dr. Crabtree and her family are longtime members of St. Albert Parish, where she is a Eucharistic Minister and is on the Social Concerns Committee. This committee partners with other area churches to collectively meet the needs of the poor, hurting, and vulnerable in their community. Dr. Crabtree said, “ The Ursuline Sisters, through their contemplative love of God and their care for those in need, impacted me from a young age. Their words and actions have truly influenced me to serve those in need by focusing on how to be the face of God in their lives.” Greg Daunhauer stated in one of the many letters of recommendation that were sent in about Dr. Crabtree, “Saint Angela said, ‘Strive to be faithful to that which God has called you.’ It is my humble opinion that God has called Cindy Crabtree to serve in her role as the leader of SHS and many young women have benefitted from her guidance and love.” http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=567&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgTue, 23 Oct 2018 Ursuline Academy Pittsburgh All Class Reunion Biennial Couer D'Ursuline Reunion October 19-20, 2018 Pittsburgh, PA Not sure if you are on our mailing list? Contact our event chairs: Dorothy (Czachowski) Chester ’70 dchester@verizon.net Debby (Quest) Moskala ’70 moskala@verison.net Our Planning Committee: Renee (French) Beeson ’75, Barbara Marasco ’65, Linda (Neely) Batory ’65, Dorothy (Czachowski) Chester ’70, Debby (Quest) Moskala ’70, Sister Rita Jarrell OSU and Ron Cichowicz. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=556&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgFri, 19 Oct 2018 Ursuline Leadership Joins LCWR in Call for Protection of ImmigrantsWe, the Leadership of the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, denounce the Trump administration’s policies that continue to restrict immigration and punish immigrant families. We oppose the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s proposed changes to the public charge regulation. The regulation would force parents to make impossible choices between the well-being of their families and the prospect of future citizenship. Implementing this new rule will create barriers to obtain lawful status and discourage immigrants from accessing benefits for which their children qualify. We are called by our faith to welcome the stranger, to care for the most vulnerable and we are challenged by our national values to promote the welfare of our children and the common good. If we want our communities to thrive, all families in those communities must have access to the care and services they need and to which they are entitled. The Trump administration’s proposed changes to the public charge regulation threaten us all. Our immigrant community pays taxes, and they are integral to our nation’s economy. They want to work and support their families; not to be a burden, as some believe. As Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, we take a vow of poverty. This allows us to “work for justice, freedom from oppression and equitable access to the world’s goods”1 for the poor and marginalized. We stand with the Leadership Conference for Women in calling upon all people to make their voices heard in support for protection of our vulnerable immigrant community. Sr. Janet Peterworth, President Sister Agnes Coveney (Councilor) Sister Paula Kleine-Kracht (Councilor) Sister Jo Ann Jansing (Councilor) Ursuline Sisters of Louisville Leadership 1 Constitution of the Ursuline Sisters of the Immaculate Conception http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=566&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 27 Sep 2018 Sister Paula Kleine-Kracht was the guest speaker at Bellarmine University's Teacher Induction CeremonySister Paula Kleine-Kracht, OSU spoke at Bellarmine's teacher induction ceremony Friday evening, Sept 14, 2018 about three individuals whom she hoped would be an inspiration to the inductees: Saint Robert Bellarmine, Thomas Merton and Saint Angela Merici. Their statues are found on the Bellarmine campus. Of the three, Saint Angela Merici is most likely the least well-known to the students and the foundress of the Ursuline Sisters; therefore, Sister Paula went into detail about her life and ministry: “Saint Angela envisioned a lifestyle for women other than being married or, if unmarriageable, sent to a cloister. She founded the Company of Saint Ursula in 1535 with the idea that living in the world as a single woman was acceptable; and her Company would live freely in the world, committed to prayer and helping others. In our study of Saint Angela, her life, and her writings, we have come to understand that Saint Angela’s gift to the Church (her charism) was her contemplative love of God and a resulting openness and eagerness to serve the needs of others. Saint Angela’s approach to life and to service is centered on relationships — both with God and with those in need who were all around her. Over my years in education, I have come to believe that Saint Angela’s approach is central to being an educator — no matter what role you have, how you are involved, where you serve or who you serve. We are always called to focus our service on the other and especially the other ‘in need.’” For more information, please see article on Bellarmine's website: <a href="https://www.bellarmine.edu/news/archives/2018/09/14/future-teachers-inducted-education-school/">Read article</a> <https://www.bellarmine.edu/news/archives/2018/09/14/future-teachers-inducted-education-school/> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=565&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgMon, 17 Sep 2018 Our Leadership affirms the following statement on sexual abuse committed by Catholic priests issued by the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR)The Ursuline Sisters of Louisville join the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) in being left sickened and ashamed of the church we love, trusted, and have committed our lives to serve by the recent news detailing the extensive and sometimes brutal sexual abuse committed by Catholic priests in the United States. We weep and grieve with all who over the decades have been victimized by sexual predators within the faith community and feel their pain as our own. Sexual abuse is a horrific crime, and the horror is so much worse when committed by persons in whom society has placed its trust and confidence. Equally difficult to comprehend is the culture within the church hierarchy that tolerated the abuse, left children and vulnerable adults subject to further abuse, and created practices that covered up the crimes and protected the abusers. We call upon the church leadership to implement plans immediately to support more fully the healing of all victims of clergy abuse, hold abusers accountable, and work to uncover and address the root causes of the sexual abuse crisis. It is clear that more serious action needs to be taken to assure that the culture of secrecy and cover-up ends. We also call upon church leaders to speak with honesty and humility about how this intolerable culture developed and how that culture will now be deconstructed, and to create places where church members can express our anger and heartbreak. We are committed to collaborate in the essential work of healing and transformation that our church so desperately needs. Finally, we recognize that the vast majority of priests have not committed abuse and are suffering greatly because of the actions of some of their brothers. We offer them our prayer and support as they continue their ministries in these very challenging times and as they too struggle to understand the complexity of factors that led to this deplorable situation. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=564&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgFri, 24 Aug 2018 The Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, Sister Regina M. Bevelacqua, OSU ’64 UC and Mary Jo Payne, OSU-A ’72 to be honored by Bellarmine University on Feb. 15, 2019Bellarmine University has announced the recipients of its prestigious annual Alumni Association Awards. This year, the recipients include the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville; and two individuals to be recognized: Sr. Regina M. Bevelacqua, OSU ’64 UC and Mary Jo Payne, OSU-A ’72. The honorees have distinguished themselves through professional accomplishments, community service and demonstration of attitudes consistent with Bellarmine’s values. The 57th annual Alumni Association Awards Dinner takes place Friday, February 15, 2019, at 7 p.m. in the Amelia Brown Frazier Convocation Hall on Bellarmine University's campus. Tickets are $60 per person. To register or purchase a table, call 502-272-8333 or visit www.alumni.bellarmine.edu. Monsignor Horrigan Distinguished Service Award: Ursuline Sisters of Louisville Bellarmine University is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the merger between Bellarmine and Ursuline College in the 2018-19 school year. This award celebrates the rich history of the Ursuline Sisters and the many benefits Bellarmine University gained from the merger. The current president of the Ursuline Sisters, Sr. Janet Marie Peterworth, OSU ’61 UC, will accept on behalf of the organization. Gallery of Distinguished Graduates: Sr. Regina M. Bevelacqua, OSU ’64 UC & Mary Jo Payne, OSU-A ’72 Co-Founders of St. Mary’s Center in Louisville St. Mary's Center is a Louisville nonprofit that has served intellectually challenged members of the community since 1993. St. Mary’s Center enhances the lives of its clients through its adult day training, teen after-school program and athletic activities for all ages. Learn more at <a href="https://www.bellarmine.edu/news/archives/2018/08/08/bellarmine-announces-distinguished-alumni-award-recipients/">Read article</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=563&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 9 Aug 2018 Gratitude for the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville's commitment to the Catholic Climate DeclarationDear President Peterworth, On behalf of Catholic Climate Covenant’s episcopal liaison, Bishop Richard Pates, and our board, staff, and partners, I thank you for the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, Kentucky’s endorsement of the Catholic Climate Declaration. The Declaration announces your support for the Paris Climate Agreement and affirms our shared commitment in prayer, word and deed to meet its goals for the sake of the one human family and Our Common Home On Monday June 18, the third anniversary of the release of Laudato Si’, Bishop Pates and other Catholic leaders announced on a tele-press conference that nearly 600 institutions had signed the Declaration. The leaders also shared the remarkable faith-based actions they are taking in charity and justice to address climate change. Several media outlets covered the event including Catholic News Service and National Catholic Reporter. Since that time, more Catholic institutions have signed on, expanding to over 600 institutions, including 40 archdioceses and dioceses. We welcome your help in encouraging other Catholic leaders to sign on until September 12 when we will showcase our shared commitment at the Global Climate Action Summit. But this is just the first step. In a few weeks, you will receive survey from us asking of your existing and new climate commitments - to pray, educate, and act – for example in reducing your carbon footprint. We will gather these commitments across the US Catholic community and share them at the Summit. To help in your efforts, we welcome you to explore the diversity of offerings on our website. Programs and services include Catholic Energies, establishing a creation care team, resources such as liturgical aids, prayers, educational resources and advocacy. Finally, in the coming months, we may reach out to some of you to help grow the Church’s work in specific areas, like high school and university student engagement, climate justice, and curriculum development. For now, we express our gratitude to you for your support of the declaration, and feel blessed to have the opportunity to continue partnering with you in the Care for Our Common Home, for the greater glory of God. May God grace you always with many blessings, Jose Jose Aguto Associate Director Catholic Climate Covenant http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=561&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgMon, 2 Jul 2018 UA Louisville 1958 Celebrates Their 60th AnniversaryThe 60th reunion for Ursuline Academy Louisville, Class of 1958, took place on Sunday, June 10 in the Motherhouse on the Ursuline Campus. This special anniversary was organized by committee members Wanda Haas Bell, Joyce Kadler Klusman and Diana Diebold Shuck. Twenty-six graduates attended the liturgy and lunch. While most live in Kentucky, Ruth Parker made the journey from Dawsonville, Georgia to celebrate. The liturgy in the Motherhouse Chapel was presided by Rev. William Fichteman. The first and second readers, petitioner, cross bearer, gift bearers, and eucharistic ministers were: Joyce Kadler Klusman, Joyce Nowacki Reddington, Diana Diebold Shuck, Mary Angela Weise Stevens, Janice Hundley Faller, Stella Kinderman Godbey, Sybil Alt, Joan Green Hans and Elsie Brown Boyd. Lunch followed in the Motherhouse social room. Dessert was a sheet cake with the Ursuline Academy logo digitalized on the icing. Although the coat of arms was edible, there was some hesitation whether or not to slice into it. The hesitation didn’t last long. Memory sharing continued in the library where memorabilia and archival photos were on display. Ursuline Sister Janet Marie (Jodon) Peterworth (UA ’54) had everyone laughing as she went through a list of events, inventions, trends and fun facts that happened during their graduation year in 1958. Cost of Living 1958 • Yearly Inflation Rate USA 2.73% • Average Cost of new house $12,750.00 • Average Monthly Rent $92.00 • Average Yearly Wages $4,600.00 • Cost of a gallon of Gas 25 cents PPOP CultureChina began "Great Leap Forward" modernization program, and an estimated 2 • The Top Song was At The Hop by Danny & The Juniors • The Big Movies included South Pacific, Auntie Mame and Vertigo • Price of a RCA Whirlpool refrigerator, 8 cu ft in 1958: $118.00 • The World Population was ~ 2,943,000,000 • Price of postage stamp is 4 cents • Super Glue was invented in 1958 • The Hula Hoop was invented • And... The word "modem" (first used in 1958) is derived from the words "modulator" and "demodulator" because it performs both tasks in order to send and receive data. • Bruce Lee was a national dance champion, winning the 1958 Cha Cha Championship in Hong Kong. • The current 50 star US flag was designed in 1958 by Robert Heft as a junior high history project and got a B- for it. The grade was later changed to an A after Heft's design was accepted and adopted by the United States Congress in 1959. • Michael Jackson, Prince, and Madonna were all born in the Great Lakes region within 2 months of each other in 1958. • As an experiment, Bank of America mailed 60,000 residents of Fresno, California a small plastic card with a $500 credit line. Bank of America figured if it failed, there'd be no media coverage because it was in Fresno. The experiment was hugely successful and the program became Visa. • The American Express card was introduced in 1958. • Crayola's Midnight Blue was originally named Prussian Blue, the change occurring in 1958 when the company realized most kids did not recognize the old nation of Prussia. • Kitchens were smelling a lot cleaner thanks to the introduction of Mr. Clean in 1958. In 1998 People Magazine called Mr. Clean "one of the sexiest men alive". • Larry King crashed into John F. Kennedy's car in 1958. JFK said he'd forget the whole thing if King promised to vote for him when he ran for president. PMost Popular Christmas GiftsC • Legos, Skateboard, Beat the Clock Game, Crayola Crayons with Built-In Sharpener, Concentration TV Game Home Version, Hula Hoop http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=562&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgMon, 2 Jul 2018 50th anniversary of Ursuline and Bellarmine College merger is focus of year-long celebrationFifty years ago this month, Ursuline College and Bellarmine College merged to form a co-educational college that is now Bellarmine University. The university and the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville have launched a year-long celebration of the merger's anniversary, featuring events celebrating the legacy of Bellarmine's enduring Ursuline bonds. Information about the merger will be displayed on Bellarmine’s campus throughout the coming academic year. The celebration began on Saturday, June 2, when 1968 graduates of Ursuline College — the last class to graduate from the college with that name — along with other alumnae took a tour of the Ursuline Campus as part of Bellarmine's annual reunion weekend. Prior to the tour, the Ursuline Sisters installed an outdoor banner on their campus to commemorate the merger. Ursuline College was a Catholic college for women established by the Ursuline Sisters at 3105 Lexington Road in 1938, with roots going back to the opening of the Sacred Heart Junior College and Normal School in 1921. In 1968, it merged with Bellarmine — a Catholic college for men — after several years of increased coordination between the two colleges. The merged institution was called Bellarmine-Ursuline College for three years, while students who had initially enrolled at either institution completed their studies together on Bellarmine's campus. The name reverted to Bellarmine College in 1971. “The Ursuline Sisters are happy that the fiftieth anniversary of the merger of Ursuline College and Bellarmine College is being commemorated in so many different ways throughout this 'Year of Ursuline,’ said Sister Janet Marie Peterworth, OSU, president of the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville. "I remember 50 years ago. The years leading up to the merger were difficult ones for the Ursulines. We saw our college of many years changing its nature from an important all-woman’s institution to a co-ed institution. And I suppose Bellarmine’s founders felt the same way when their all-male college went co-ed. It is wonderful to know that fifty years later Ursuline College still lives on in the historical memory of Bellarmine University. It is gratifying to see Professor Bob Lockhart’s beautiful statue of Saint Angela Merici on the campus, former Ursuline College president Sister Angelice Seibert’s picture on the wall along with Bellarmine’s presidents, and streets on campus with historic Ursuline names." Today, the Ursuline Campus features the offices of the Ursuline Sisters and their Motherhouse Chapel, along with Sacred Heart Academy, Sacred Heart Model School, Sacred Heart Preschool and Sacred Heart School for the Arts. Brescia Hall, built in 1939 as a science and classroom building for Ursuline College, still stands and is in use by Sacred Heart Schools. "Bellarmine's founding president, Monsignor Alfred Horrigan, once said that mergers involve many problems on many different levels and remarked that this merger was 'the single most difficult thing connected with my years at Bellarmine,'", said Dr. Susan M. Donovan, Bellarmine's president. "While it was surely challenging, we're grateful for the leadership and vision that he and President Seibert — and members of both communities — displayed in successfully negotiating and implementing this merger, which resulted in an exceptional institution of Catholic higher education that continues to emerge into regional and national prominence. The legacy of Ursuline College and Ursuline core values of community, reverence, service and leadership as well as their commitment to social justice and care for creation are continually present in Bellarmine's mission, curriculum and campus life.” A full calendar of events for the year-long celebration will be announced in the fall semester. It will include: • Annsley Frazier Thornton School of Education's Teacher Education Induction Ceremony, featuring remarks by Ursuline Sister Paula Kleine-Kracht, in Bellarmine's Nolen C. Allen Hall (September 14 at 5:30 p.m.) • a tree planting on Bellarmine's campus during the Blessing of the Animals (October 4 at 5 p.m.) • Mass for the Feast of St. Angela Merici at the Ursuline Chapel (January 27 at 3 p.m.) • opportunities for Bellarmine students to spend time with Ursuline sisters • recognition of Ursuline alumnae at a Bellarmine alumni awards dinner and an athletic event Learn more at <a href="https://www.bellarmine.edu/news/news-item/2018/06/14/ursuline-bellarmine-anniversary-celebration/">Read article</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=560&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgFri, 15 Jun 2018 Ursuline Academy Louisville Class of 1958 – 60th Reunion Liturgy and LunchLiturgy & Lunch Sunday, June 10, 2018 3115 Lexington Rd. Louisville, KY 40206 11:15 am – Liturgy in the Motherhouse Chapel (chapel doors open at 10:45 am) 12:15 - Lunch in the Motherhouse Dining Room Group photo ~ Memorabilia display Cost: $25 Ample Parking Handicap accessible Questions? Contact Ellen McKnight at (502) 515-7526 or by email at emcknight@ursulineslou.org http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=557&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSun, 10 Jun 2018 Ursuline Sisters of Louisville Sign Catholic Climate DeclarationThe Ursuline Sisters of Louisville have joined with other U.S. Catholic institutions in formally expressing support for action that addresses climate change. On May 31, 2018, Sister Janet M. Peterworth, President of the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, signed the U.S. Catholic Climate Declaration, which is part of the “Catholics Are Still In” campaign. Governors, mayors, university presidents, and other church leaders have signed this declaration in support of the Paris Agreement to reduce carbon emissions after President Donald J. Trump withdrew the United States from it in June 2017. Sister Peterworth stated that the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville’s official Constitution decrees, “All creation receives the call to holiness…. Between the Ursuline Sister and the rest of creation there exists a sacramental relationship.” Therefore, the Ursuline Sisters support all efforts to live in harmony with creation. The campaign is organized by Catholic Climate Covenant and backed by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, who say that climate change is an “urgent moral issue” and that… “it is about our human stewardship of God’s creation and our responsibility to those who come after us.” The Ursuline Sisters of Louisville have a long history of caring for God’s creation. One of their recent initiatives of the Ursuline Sisters has been to subscribe to the LG&E program called Solar Share. Solar Share will support local solar energy with an array of solar panels along I-64 in the KU service area. This is just one of the many ways the sisters try to be good stewards of our earth. <a href=http://www.catholicclimatecovenant.org/>catholicclimatecovenant</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=559&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgWed, 6 Jun 2018 Congratulations to Sister Regina Bevelacqua for having been a part of Special Olympics for 50 Years and counting!Sister Regina Bevelacqua, founder and director of Saint Mary's Day Center Training for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities in Louisville, took a team of athletes to this year's Special Olympics Kentucky State Summer Games at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond from June 1-3. At the Torch Run, Sister Regina was honored for her fifty years of involvement with Special Olympics and presented with a commemorative photo album. Sister Regina had this to say about her many years of volunteering with Special Olympics: "As a young girl growing up in Star City West Virginia, I used to watch the university boys practice baseball in the field across the street from my home. I learned much about the sport—how to throw different pitches, game rules through observation, and in talking with the players. Little did I know my natural love for sports would develop into a 50-year career as a Special Olympics Coach in track & field, basketball, bowling, softball & boccè ball. When I first read in the Courier-Journal that Kentucky was starting a Special Olympics program, I asked one of my young students, Ray Finck, if he would like to be in track & field with Special Olympics. I told Ray if he could practice not dragging his leg he could become a more competitive player. The very next day, Ray was not dragging his leg! He became a very strong and determined athlete for many years in a variety of sports. I have always realized the value of sports in teaching skills, building confidence and developing a competitive spirit! As a young teacher, I used bowling as a tool for learning math skills which proved to make math fun and successful. Special Olympics has made it possible for people to be a part of a team sport or individual sports and to showcase their skills that otherwise would not be developed. I feel most blessed to have taken an active role in Special Olympics for 50 years. It is with gratitude and admiration that the Fraternal Order of Police’s Torch Run has welcomed us to participate in their efforts to support this great organization. Along with many others, Patsy Meyer has played an important role in planning this event. St. Mary’s student athletes have experienced pride, joy and excitement in walking with the Police Officers, passing the torch and sharing lunch over the many years. The partnership has become one of respect and love." St. Mary's is proud to announce two athletes competing in Boccè at the USA Games in Seattle this year: Cindy Cusick Kathleen Crumbo _______________________ 50 Year Athletes: Ray Finck Susie Bindner Eugene Turner Joan Daunhauer Danny Botth http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=558&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgTue, 5 Jun 2018 Sister Ruth Ann Haunz OSU, manager of the Francis Center Kids Café and her staff receive the Bobby Ellis Award from Dare to Care on March 20thCongratulations to Sister Ruth Ann Haunz OSU, manager of the Francis Center Kids Café and her staff on receiving the Bobby Ellis Award from Dare to Care on March 20th. “This outreach ministry of St. John Paul II Catholic Church serves Kids Café meals to 50 youth from the Buechel and Hikes Point neighborhoods. Driven by amazing adult and youth volunteers and a passion to change lives through nutrition and education, the Francis Center also offers exceptional homework help and educational opportunities in a quiet, safe, and relaxing environment. In addition to its regular weekday programming, the Center offers summer tutoring, ESL classes, a community garden, Artistic Expression classes, health services, counseling, Golden Fitness Senior Exercise, and support groups for those suffering from MS and Parkinson’s. The Francis Center’s team is dedicated to improving health and extending hospitality to their neighbors." (Comments made at the presentation) Sister Ruth Ann is the manager of the Kids Café. She recruits, trains and supports all of the volunteers and works with all of the families of children who participate in Kids Café. She regularly connects with Dare to Care and the USDA. She assists the Executive Director with the other programs Francis Center offers, and does much of the communication and publicity for the Center as well as works with grants and fundraising. From the website of the Francis Center: <a href="https://franciscenter.org/">Read article</a> It is in the Spirit of the Bishop of Rome, Pope Francis, that the Francis Center has been born. The Center is geared toward serving not only the Parishioners of Saint John Paul II, but all those who reside in the Hikes Point and Buechel Communities. Among the various ministries offered at The Francis Center are: Kid’s Café and Summer Tutoring Program Family and Marriage Counseling Health Services Pastoral Care Socialization Community Gardens Most of these ministries are offered without cost to those ministered to, and in the few instances where fees are involved, they are very nominal. The RECORD recently published an article on the Kids Café: <a href="http://therecordnewspaper.org/center-feeds-kids-and-ministers-to-families/">Read article</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=555&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 12 Apr 2018 Ursuline Sister of Louisville Sister Margaret Ann Hagan O.S.U., died at Nazareth Home-Highlands on Friday, March 9, 2018Ursuline Sister of Louisville Sister Margaret Ann Hagan O.S.U., died at Nazareth Home-Highlands on Friday, March 9, 2018. A native of Louisville, she was 71 and had been an Ursuline Sister of Louisville since 1965. Sister Hagan taught high school for 10 years at Holy Rosary Academy, Angela Merici High School and Sacred Heart Academy in Louisville. Following her teaching career, Sister Hagan earned a master’s degree in theological studies at St. Meinrad School of Theology in St. Meinrad, Indiana. She then ministered at St. Meinrad as director of seminarians’ field education and served as associate academic dean in the 1990s. In 2007 she became the first woman to be honored by St. Meinrad as “Distinguished Alumna of the Year.” Sister Hagan also served as pastoral assistant at St. Joseph Church in Louisville, and then at Sacred Heart and St. Joseph parishes in Rock Island, Illinois, in the 1980s. From 2003 to 2006, she was coordinator of the Ursuline Society, a collaborative effort of the nine autonomous Ursuline congregations of the mid-United States. Her service to the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville included director of finance and two terms as a member of the congregation’s leadership team. Her most recent ministries were aiding individuals as a spiritual director and as a retreat director. Sister Hagan graduated from Holy Spirit School and Sacred Heart Academy, held a B.A. from Bellarmine-Ursuline College [now Bellarmine University] and a M.A.T. from the University of Louisville, as well as the master’s degree from St. Meinrad. She is survived by her brother John Hagan (Patricia), sister Charlotte Cashin (Pat), many nieces and nephews, as well as her community of Ursuline Sisters and Associates. Visitation will be at the Ursuline Motherhouse, 3115 Lexington Road, on Monday, March 12, from 3-5 pm and 6-7 pm, followed by a Vigil Service at 7:00 pm. The Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated on Tuesday, March 13, at 11:00 am in the Ursuline Motherhouse Chapel, with burial in St. Michael Cemetery. Expressions of sympathy may be made to the Ursuline Sisters and mailed to the Mission Advancement Office, 3105 Lexington Road, Louisville, KY 40206. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=553&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSat, 10 Mar 2018 In honor of the World Day for Consecrated Life, which is observed in February, Archbishop Joseph Kurtz interviewed our own Sr. Jean Anne Zappa, OSU and Sr. Marie Hannah Seiler, O.P. on the show "Conversations." You may watch the segment here: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/D2ZwWudeX88" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=552&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgFri, 16 Feb 2018 Living in Love—A Reflection from our BlogSister Jo Ann Jansing reflects on Ash Wednesday, Valentine's Day and Agape Love. <a href="https://reflectionsfromtheursulinesistersoflouisvilleblog.wordpress.com/">Read article</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=551&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgWed, 14 Feb 2018 Sister Janet Marie Peterworth receives 2018 Honorary Alumna Award from Sacred Heart AcademySr. Brendan Conlon, who nominated Sr. Janet Marie for the award, said she saw leadership in Sr. Janet Marie where ever they went, including Kermit, WVa, where they worked together for many years. Sr. Janet Marie said she is "passionate about the core value of leadership and sees that in Sacred Heart alums as they are leaders all over the world." Congratulations to Sister Janet Marie! <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/Rpy6A_Eb0CM?ecver=1" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=550&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgMon, 5 Feb 2018 Please join us in honoring the life and ministry of our Sister M. Macrina Stermec O.S.U., who entered eternal life on Thursday, January 25th.Sister M. Macrina Stermec O.S.U., 95, died at Nazareth Home-Clifton on Thursday, January 25, 2018. She had been an Ursuline Sister of Louisville since 1939. Sister Macrina, a native of Conemaugh, Pa., served as a teacher in Kentucky, Maryland, Nebraska and Pennsylvania. In Louisville she taught at St. Martin of Tours (1941-1944), St. Leo (1947-1949), Holy Spirit (1953-1956), Sacred Heart Model (1961-1962) and St. Helen (1962-1963) schools, and was principal at St. Anthony School (1963-1969). She also served as an assistant in the Office of Finance of the Ursuline Sisters from 1986 to 2012. She held a bachelor of education degree from Ursuline College, Louisville, and a master of education degree from Creighton University, Omaha. She is survived by several nieces and nephews, as well as her community of Ursuline Sisters and Associates. Visitation will be at the Ursuline Motherhouse, 3115 Lexington Road, on Sunday, January 28 from 4:00-5:00 pm and 6:00-7:00 pm, followed by a Vigil Service at 7:00 pm. The Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated on Monday, January 29 at 11:00 am in the Ursuline Motherhouse Chapel, with burial in St. Michael Cemetery. Arrangements are under the direction of Bosse Funeral Home. Expressions of sympathy may be made to the Ursuline Sisters and mailed to the Mission Advancement Office, 3105 Lexington Road, Louisville, KY 40206. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=549&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgFri, 26 Jan 2018 “Listening to Our Stories” Event Friday, March 9, 2018 from 1—4 pm Sunday, March 11, 2018 from 2—4 pm FREE and open to the public In 2018, the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville will celebrate our 160th year in Louisville. As part of our celebration, our archivist, Angelica Bullock, submitted for, and won, a mini-grant from National Catholic Sisters Week (www.nationalcatholicsistersweek.org) to assist her in digitizing oral histories conducted by Sr. Concetta Walker from 1976-1982. There are 26 tapes total, which feature interviews of the sisters discussing Ursuline Sisters (alive and deceased) as well as Ursuline history. The sisters were interviewed separately and in groups. The oral histories include: • General info on the sisters (name, age, where they grew up, why they became nuns) • Campus changes (buildings, schools, etc.) • Life after Vatican II • the fire at the motherhouse • the schools (Sacred Heart, etc.) • Historical events (Camp Taylor, etc. ) • early community life • The Sisters’ missions (Mercy infirmary, Ursuline speech clinic) Project: convert oral histories (currently on cassette tapes) to a digital format and put them on the internet, so the community and others will have better access to the stories. Listening Parties: We are inviting our sisters, associates and the public to “listening parties” on these two dates to celebrate National Catholic Sisters Week: Friday, March 9, 2018 from 1—4 pm Sunday, March 11, 2018 from 2—4 pm The parties will take place in the Motherhouse library, and we will also display historic photos. This will allow the sisters and the larger community to come together, listen to Ursuline history, and celebrate the contributions that the sisters have made to our community through their various ministries. It will be a unique look at the community in the years following Vatican II as they explore what those changes brought to their order and the larger Church. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=548&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgTue, 23 Jan 2018 The Ursuline Sisters of Louisville strongly denounce the decision by the Trump administration to terminate Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for more than 200,000 SalvadoransThe Ursuline Sisters of Louisville join the Leadership Conference of Women Religious as together we strongly denounce the decision by the Trump administration to terminate Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for more than 200,000 Salvadorans. El Salvador is the fourth country whose citizens have been stripped of their right to protection by President Trump’s administration. Rescinding TPS from human beings under continuing threat of violence of all types is inconsistent with the values and traditions of this nation and with our belief in the dignity of all persons. The TPS program is designed to protect people from being returned to harm. That is precisely what Salvadorans will face if they are deported. El Salvador is the most violent country in the Western Hemisphere and continues to suffer from endemic poverty, lack of access to quality education, and healthcare. TPS holders are our neighbors and friends. They have been contributing members of our communities for decades. Rescinding TPS protection for citizens of El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Sudan and threatening Hondurans with the same, places us all at risk. Ending their protection will tear families apart, fragment our communities, and disrupt local economies. Catholic sisters will continue to heed the scriptural command to welcome the stranger and care for those in need. We urge the Trump administration to reconsider its decisions and we call on Congress to work in a bipartisan manner to develop legislative solutions to protect vulnerable people. Signed, The 2014-2020 Ursuline Sisters of Louisville Leadership Council: Sister Janet Marie Peterworth, President Sister Agnes Coveney Sister Paula Kleine-Kracht Sister Jo Ann Jansing Ursuline Sisters of Louisville 502-896-3909 3105 Lexington Road Louisville, Kentucky 40206 http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org LCWR is an association of leaders of congregations of Catholic women religious in the United States. The conference has nearly 1300 members, who represent more than 38,800 women religious in the United States. Founded in 1956, LCWR assists its members to collaboratively carry out their service of leadership to further the mission of the Gospel in today’s world. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=547&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgFri, 12 Jan 2018 Reflections on our Closing Liturgy of Our Chapel Centennial on 12/8/17In 1916 Mother Angela Leininger, superior, directed the construction of a convent on Cherokee Drive (now Lexington Road), east of downtown Louisville. The building, which consists of residential wings and a chapel, replaced the original Motherhouse built in the 1860s at the corner of East Chestnut and Shelby streets in Louisville. The center of the new convent, both in location and in the life of the Sisters, was the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception. The cornerstone of the new building was laid on December 8, 1916. Exactly one year to that date, the building was dedicated and the first Mass celebrated in the Chapel. From archival accounts, “the ceremonies were private, the temperature was the coldest, and the snow was the deepest in Kentucky’s history.” Over the years, the Chapel interior and exterior have undergone renovations and restorations to preserve its history, beauty, ambiance and craftsmanship. Work was done in 1944, 1957, 1980 and 1991. Today, the Chapel is in continual use by the Ursuline Sisters for Mass and daily prayer and by Sacred Heart Schools for Mass and other prayer services, and for special campus events. At our closing Mass on Friday, Dec. 8, 2017, President Sister Janet Marie Peterworth remarked, “And so we have come to the end of our year-long centennial celebration for this beautiful and sacred space. Thank you, Archbishop Kurtz for being our presider and homilist. Glad you did not have to walk through knee-deep snow this year. It has been a wonderful year from start to finish. We have had culturally and musically diverse celebrations here. We have entertained hundreds of guests—meeting old and new friends along the way. These celebrations have taken us into new technology…at least new for us…as we have forayed into live-streaming so our sisters and friends off campus can participate in some of the celebrations in real time. Of course, you know that this year did not just happen magically…even though it may seem that way, because it went off so smoothly. There was a planning committee as you might guess and many people were a part of that. I am not going to name everyone who participated less I forget someone or embarrass someone. But I do want to speak in the name of the Ursuline Sisters and say how grateful we are to all who helped to make this year memorable especially our Centennial Event Sponsors and Preservation Donors. And so, this centennial year of the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception is officially closed. May it live on, however, in our hearts and memories.” http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=545&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgFri, 15 Dec 2017 From our blog: Advent, the Angel Gabriel, a dog and God’s promiseSister Paula Kleine-Kracht relfects on Advent, two Gabriels and God's promise of fulfillment in all his creation. <a href="https://reflectionsfromtheursulinesistersoflouisvilleblog.wordpress.com/">Read article</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=546&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgFri, 15 Dec 2017 Sisters in the news for our partnership with Sacred Heart PreschoolSome of our wonderful sisters made the news over Thanksgiving with the story of their partnership with the Sacred Heart Preschool. This partnership has turned into something magical! In the interview, Sacred Heart Preschool Director Lisa Houghlin said, “Parents were starting to ask who is this sister we’re praying for every night at dinner? One of the grandparents told us that one little boy told a friend that he has a sister. The grandmother corrected him and said no, you have a brother. He said no, I have a sister and her name is Sister Macrena.” <a href="http://www.whas11.com/news/local/preschoolers-learn-timeless-lessons-with-unique-partnership/493562517" target="blank">www.whas11.com</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=543&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgFri, 1 Dec 2017 Letter to Paul Ryan from the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville Leadership on a Fair and Moral BudgetNovember 2017 Dear Representative Ryan, We are writing to you as we enter into the season of Thanksgiving; a time for faith, family, friends and gratitude. We, as a nation, have much to be thankful for, but there is much this year that we must mourn as well—loss of life due to mass shootings with no changes in gun laws, unprecedented hurricanes accelerated by climate change, the DACA repeal, and racially motivated violence, to name a few. We are serving as the current Leadership Council of the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville. Teaching Christian living is the corporate ministry of the Ursuline Sisters. This ministry, cutting across socio-economic, racial and national boundaries, assists women, men and children to live more fully and to develop a personal relationship with God. We are writing to you because you are the Leadership of the House and because you are a fellow Catholic. As you know, Jesus spoke to us through the Gospels, and much of what He spoke of was to love our neighbor as ourselves, and in particular to care for the poor and vulnerable. Our Catholic Church has long held Catholic Social Justice and Teaching as key tenets of our faith, which is based in scripture: in the wisdom of the Hebrew prophets and in the person and teaching of Jesus of Nazareth. We are called to denounce injustices when we see them and seek just ways of living with all of our brothers and sisters. The federal budget should be a moral document that reflects the priorities of our nation as a world leader. Our shared Catholic faith teaches us that we are in solidarity with each other— that we belong to a single and interconnected human family. The Trump administration’s proposed budget for 2018 is just the opposite of a moral document. It passes deep cuts that hurt the weakest members of society, while lining the pockets of the wealthiest. Some examples of the injustices in this budget are: • Lowering tax rates for the wealthiest Americans and corporations • Eliminating taxes on capital gains for the wealthiest investors • Reducing job training for at-risk-youth, older workers and those with disabilities • No provisions for paid family sick leave • Decreasing funding for Child Care block grants and SNAP • Plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act • $610 billion in cuts to Medicaid over 10 years • Reduction in mental health and substance abuse funding and grants • Increasing funding for border control and detention centers for immigrants • Increasing predatory programs that arrest undocumented people • Large cuts to refugee resettlement programs • Cutting funding for public housing We thank you for your service to our country. We will pray that God may give you the strength to shape a federal budget that serves all Americans and unites us as one great country. Sincerely, Sister Janet Marie Peterworth (President) Sister Paula Kleine-Kracht Sister Jo Ann Jansing Sister Agnes Coveney http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=544&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgFri, 1 Dec 2017 We have a blog! Reflections from the Ursuline Sisters of LouisvilleFollow our blog: https://reflectionsfromtheursulinesistersoflouisvilleblog.wordpress.com Check out the link below to our latest blog post: Walking with grace <iframe src="https://www.facebook.com/plugins/post.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FUrsulinesLouisville%2Fposts%2F10155799301994906&width=500" width="500" height="621" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowTransparency="true"></iframe> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=542&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgWed, 15 Nov 2017 You are invited to join us as we celebrate the Closing Mass of the Chapel Centennial Year on December 8, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin MaryPresided by: Archbishop of Louisville Most Reverend Joseph E. Kurtz, D.D. Featuring: Our Lady of Lourdes Choir <b>Friday, December 8, 2017 7 pm</b> Doors open at 6:30 pm Chapel of the Immaculate Conception 3115 Lexington Road Louisville, KY 40206 Ample Parking-Handicap Accessible Space is limited-No reserved seating <b>This event will be live streamed-you many watch at the link below starting at 7 pm ET:</b> <a href="http://livestream.com/accounts/14401319"><b>CLICK HERE FOR THE LIVE STREAM</b></a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=541&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgTue, 14 Nov 2017 You are invited to an evening of Sacred Music on the Ursuline Campus as part of our Chapel Centennial Celebration featuring Bellarmine University Schola Canorum and SoloistsDr. S. Timothy Glasscock Choral Director and Music Department Chair <b>Saturday, October 21, 2017 7-8 pm</b> Doors open at 6:30 m Chapel of the Immaculate Conception 3115 Lexington Road Louisville, KY 40206 <b>This event will be live streamed-you many watch at the link below starting at 7 pm ET:</b> <iframe id="ls_embed_1508511782" src="https://livestream.com/accounts/14401319/events/7837759/player?width=640&height=360&enableInfoAndActivity=true&defaultDrawer=&autoPlay=true&mute=false" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen> </iframe> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=540&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgFri, 20 Oct 2017 Sacred Spaces: Louisville’s Inspiring Catholic Church Architecture Sunday, Sept 24, the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville hosted a talk by local architect and historian Steve Wiser. The talk featured the architecture of local Roman Catholic churches from the mid-1800s up to today’s modern sanctuaries. The fifth in a series of events celebrating the Ursuline Motherhouse Chapel’s Centennial year, the talk was well attended with a full house. Wiser explored the physical changes in church design from the 1800s through Vatican II, which included the removal of communion rails, high, formidable altars lowered to make the priest feel more accessible and reoriented toward the congregation, seating plans changed from rigid and rectilinear to a less formal, more social circular or semicircular arrangement. “The call was for ‘full and active participation,’ ” says Sr. Jean Zappa, chapel preservation specialist for the sisters. “And the modern architecture was more about being warm and welcoming, versus the enormity of space that makes those feel smaller in the presence of God.” An interesting piece to the story to the building of the motherhouse and the Ursuline Chapel of the Immaculate Conception is that it occurred at the same time the U.S. had entered World War I and a deadly flu epidemic was beginning to sweep across the country. At the same time the sisters’ energy and attention were involved in the church construction, they also were actively caring for ill and wounded soldiers at Camp Taylor. No blueprints exist for the chapel, and no list of donors or patrons have been found. It remains a bit of a mystery as to how the chapel was funded and built, but the sisters remain forever grateful for this magnificent spiritual home. You can view a PDF of the talk here: <a href='uploads/SacredSpaces.pdf'>Sacred Spaces</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=532&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgMon, 2 Oct 2017 Ursuline Sister Delores (Charles Marie) Kemper dies at age 83 Sister Delores (Charles Marie) Kemper, O.S.U., 83, died on Saturday, September 30, 2017, in Louisville. She had been an Ursuline since 1953. Daughter of the late Mary E. Adams and Raymond C. Kemper, Sr., she graduated from St. George School and Ursuline Academy, held a Bachelor of Elementary Education degree from Ursuline College and a Masters of Arts degree from Spalding University. In 1975 she received Montessori Certification from the American Montessori Society. Sister Delores taught for 19 years in Louisville Catholic schools: Holy Spirit (1955-56), Holy Trinity (1956-1957), St Elizabeth (1957-1960), Our Mother of Sorrows (1960-1962), St. George (1963-1967), Pope John XXIII Consolidated/St Martin and St. Augustine (1967-1971), and St. Joseph (1972-1975) and one year in Sidney, Nebraska (1962-1963). She then was a teacher and administrator at the Ursuline Montessori School from 1975 until 1994. In 1995 she joined the faculty of Kennedy Montessori School (part of the Jefferson County School System) for five years. She also served as a mentor to Montessori interns from Xavier University, Cincinnati, and Louisville area universities. She volunteered at SS Mary & Elizabeth Hospital, Nazareth Home – Clifton, Kids Café Enrichment Program and St. Joseph Home for the Aged. Her sister, Phyllis Kemper Block, and brother, William Kemper preceded her in death. She is survived by her brother, Raymond Charles Kemper Jr. (Mary Helen), and sisters, Mary Rita Kemper Horn (Robert) and Gerry Kemper Gardner (Kenny), sister-in-law Evelyn Kemper, numerous nieces and nephews, as well as her community of Ursuline Sisters and Associates. Visitation will be at the Ursuline Motherhouse, 3115 Lexington Road, on Thursday, October 5, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. and from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m., followed by a Vigil Service at 7p.m. The Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated Friday, October 6, at 11 a.m. in the Motherhouse Chapel with burial in St. Michael Cemetery. Arrangements are under the direction of Bosse Funeral Home. Expressions of sympathy may be made to the Ursuline Sisters and mailed to the Mission Advancement Office, 3105 Lexington Road, Louisville, KY 40206. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=539&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgMon, 2 Oct 2017 Sister Janet Marie Peterworth to attend UNANIMA Board of Directors meeting Sister Janet Marie Peterworth will be attending her first meeting as representative of the Ursuline Charism Family in the United States on the board of directors of UNANIMA International. The Ursuline Charism Family is made up of independent Ursuline Communities and two Roman Union Provinces across the USA. UNANIMA International describes itself as "a non-governmental organization (NGO) advocating on behalf of women and children (particularly those living in poverty), immigrants and refugees, and the environment. Their work takes place primarily at the United Nations headquarters in New York, where we and other members of civil society aim to educate and influence policymakers at the global level. In solidarity, they work for systemic change to achieve a more just world. On the ground, the unique membership of UNANIMA consists of 20 congregations of Roman Catholic sisters whose 20,000 constituents work in over 80 countries. They bring their voices, concerns, and experiences as educators, health care providers, social workers, and development workers to the United Nations." We’re proud to have Janet Marie representing the Ursuline Charism Family at UNANIMA! <http://www.unanima-international.org> <iframe src="https://www.facebook.com/plugins/post.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Funanimaintl%2Fposts%2F1463448737070126&width=500" width="500" height="482" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowTransparency="true"></iframe> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=538&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgFri, 29 Sep 2017 Bourbon Baroque concert a successThe Bourbon Baroque concert held Saturday Sept. 23, one of a series of events commemorating the Centennial of the Motherhouse chapel, was a glorious celebration of music from the 18th century Ursuline manuscript, attended by a standing room only crowd. You may view the concert online at the link below. <iframe id="ls_embed_1506606951" src="https://livestream.com/accounts/14401319/events/7740860/player?width=640&height=360&enableInfoAndActivity=true&defaultDrawer=&autoPlay=true&mute=false" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen> </iframe> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=537&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 28 Sep 2017 Ursuline Sister Evelina Pisaneschi dies at age 89Sister Evelina (Roger) Pisaneschi, O.S.U., 89, died at Nazareth Home-Clifton on Tuesday, September 19, 2017. A native of Cumberland, MD, she entered the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville in 1946. In Louisville Sister Evelina was a teacher at St. Elizabeth School (1948-50), St. Peter Claver School (1950-1952), St. Boniface School (1953-58), Our Lady of Lourdes School (1958-63), Bellarmine-Ursuline College (1968-69) and Sacred Heart Model School (1978-79). She served as principal of: Holy Spirit School (1977-78), St. Therese School (1979-87), and St. John Vianney School (1987-91). She then was Assistant to the Director of Ursuline Campus Services until 2005 after which she volunteered her services at the Ursuline Motherhouse and at Nazareth Home-Clifton. Sister Evelina also served in schools in Evansville, IN; Morgantown, WV, and Pittsburgh. She graduated from Ursuline College, Louisville, held a MA from The Catholic University of America, and did postgraduate work at Spalding University, Louisville, and at Carlow College, Pittsburgh. She is survived by her sisters Janet Pisaneschi of Louisville, KY, and Pat Pisaneschi Killen (Thomas Hopkins) of Cleveland, TN, numerous nieces and nephews, as well as her community of Ursuline Sisters and Associates. The Funeral Liturgy will be celebrated on Tuesday, September 26 at 11 a.m. in the Motherhouse Chapel with burial in St. Michael Cemetery. Arrangements are under the direction of Bosse Funeral Home. Expressions of sympathy may be made to the Ursuline Sisters and mailed to the Mission Advancement Office, 3105 Lexington Road, Louisville, KY 40206. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=536&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgFri, 22 Sep 2017 The Ursuline Sisters of Louisville express our deep sadness and disappointment that President Trump chose to discontinue protection of our 800,000 Dreamers through Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)The Ursuline Sisters of Louisville join with the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) in expressing our deep sadness and disappointment that President Trump chose to discontinue protection of our 800,000 Dreamers through Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA): “DACA is a common sense path to stability for families, communities, and a reaffirmation of American values. Ending DACA will cause irreparable harm to families and communities, and force 800,000 of our young people back into the shadows. In the wake of this unconscionable action by President Trump, we urge Congress to immediately pass the bipartisan Dream Act of 2017. As women of faith we take seriously the gospel call to welcome the stranger and care for those in need. ‘We will continue to advocate for bipartisan legislation that addresses our outdated immigration system,’ said LCWR Executive Director Sister Joan Marie Steadman, CSC. ‘We will continue to stand in solidarity with families, regardless of immigration status, who labor daily to provide safety and security for their children. We will continue to walk with Dreamers and together with people of goodwill, we will work to ensure that the dignity of all people is fully protected.’ Catholic sisters have a long history of accompanying immigrants and refugees. They continue to minister to these aspiring citizens in schools, hospitals, and service agencies along the southern border and across the country. They see the devastating effects of the current immigration system every day. They share the hopes and dreams of these young Americans who represent so much of what is right and good about this country we all call home.” LCWR is an association of leaders of congregations of Catholic women religious in the United States. The conference has nearly 1300 members, who represent more than 38,800 women religious in the United States. Signed, The 2014-2020 Ursuline Sisters of Louisville Leadership Council: Sister Janet Marie Peterworth, President Sister Agnes Coveney Sister Paula Kleine-Kracht Sister Jo Ann Jansing http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=535&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 7 Sep 2017 Ursuline Sisters pledge prayers and tithing for Hurricane Harvey Relief effortsOur hearts go out to our brothers and sisters along the Texas and Louisiana coast who are suffering from the ravages of Hurricane Harvey. We pray for the souls of those who died in the flooding and its aftermath, and for their families who are grieving. We also hold in prayer those who have lost their homes or suffered damage. Prayers continue for the safety of the first responders, rescuers and all those engaged in relief efforts. As our foundress Saint Angela Merici wrote, “For in these troubled times you will find no other refuge than at the feet of Jesus Christ.” May we seek comfort in God’s presence with us as people struggle to find normalcy again in their lives. <b>We pledge, as the community of Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, to send a tithing of all of the donations that we receive on Sept. 14 on the Give for Good Louisville Online Donation Day to Catholic Charities to aid in their Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts.</b> <b>If you wish to donate separately to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, you may mail your check to:</b> Catholic Charities of Louisville, ATTN: Finance Office, 2222 W. Market, Louisville, 40212-1535. Or by website: <a href="https://cclou.org/donate-now/">cclou.org</a> Then SELECT 2017 Hurricane Harvey in the drop-down box http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=534&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgFri, 1 Sep 2017 Bourbon Baroque: An evening of 18th century orchestral music from the Ursuline ManuscriptSaturday, Sept 23, 2017 Doors open at 6:30 pm Performance is from 7-8:15 pm Ursuline Motherhouse Chapel 3115 Lexington Road Free and Open to the Public Bourbon Baroque is the fourth in a series of events celebrating the Ursuline Motherhouse Chapel’s Centennial year. Louisville, Kentucky-based Bourbon Baroque specializes in the historically informed performance of 17th and 18th-century music inspired by the art and culture of the royal House of Bourbon. John Austin Clark and Alice Culin-Ellison are the artistic directors, and there will be a special guest appearance by the Sacred Heart Academy Madrigal Choir. Founded in the summer of 2007 by harpsichordist John Austin Clark and the late baroque violinist Nicolas Fortin, Bourbon Baroque holds collaboration as its mission through music. Mr. Clark is the recipient of the 2017 Young Alumni Achievement Award from his alma mater Louisville Collegiate School in Louisville, Kentucky and a recipient of the Kentucky Governor's School for the Arts Toyota Alumni Fund Grant that he will use to apprentice with harpsichord builder Yves Beaupré in August. Louisville native Alice Culin-Ellison is a versatile historical performer with professional experience in Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, and Romantic era performance. She has appeared as a soloist with the Case Western Reserve University Baroque Orchestra, and will perform Vivaldi’s L’autonno from The Four Seasons in the upcoming 2017-2018 Bourbon Baroque season. She plays on a 2016 Jason Viseltear baroque violin. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=531&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgFri, 25 Aug 2017 Give for Good Louisville: ONE DAY, Sept 14, 2017 Help the Ursulines and their ministries!<b>The Ursuline Sisters have a World of Ministries from Peru to Louisville! The sisters have transformed themselves from the classroom to ministries of influence and outreach—serving in areas such as social justice, parishes, spiritual direction, healthcare, prayer and cross-cultural ministries. Help us make history with the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville by participating in the biggest 24 hours of online giving to benefit their ministries.</b> On <b>Thursday, September 14 from 12:00 am to 11:59 pm</b> go to your laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile phone and click on this link <a href="https://www.giveforgoodlouisville.org/organizations/ursuline-sisters-of-louisville">www.givelocallouisville.org</a> to make a donation. No matter where you live, you can participate. Collectively, your gift adds up and will help the sisters in their ministries of influence and outreach. How good can it get? For every dollar raised for the Ursuline Sisters during Give Local Louisville Day, proportionate match and prize dollars will be contributed to the Ursulines by the Community Foundation of Louisville and their supporting partners. For further details, follow us on <a href="https://www.facebook.com/UrsulinesLouisville">Facebook </a>. Still have questions? Call Kim Bradley, Mission Advancement Coordinator at 502-515-7523 or Ellen McKnight, Mission Advancement Director at 502-515-7526. Be sure to join us online on September 14! http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=533&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgFri, 25 Aug 2017 Pledge to help eradicate the evil of racismThe Ursuline Sisters of Louisville condemn racism in all forms, whether it be the violent acts of the Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Nazis, White Supremacist groups or the daily acts of hate and discrimination that diminish us all. We grieve with the citizens of Charlottesville and all people of goodwill. We mourn with those who have lost loved ones and who live in fear of hate and violence. We lament the racism that continues to afflict our communities and threaten the values that we hold dear. We acknowledge our own complicity in institutional racism. We seek to cleanse our own hearts and pledge to help eradicate this evil. We promise to pray for healing in our country and will continue to use our voice and our energy to build a community where all are one in Christ Jesus. We write this in solidarity with The Leadership Conference of Women Religious, which is an association of congregations of Catholic women religious in the United States. Ursuline Sisters of Louisville Sister Janet Peterworth, President; Sister Agnes Coveney, Vice President; Sister Jo Ann Jansing, Councilor; Sister Paula Kleine-Kracht, Councilor <a href="http://www.courier-journal.com/story/opinion/readers/2017/08/21/empathy-and-reality-obama-hate-ursuline-promise-ricky-jones-letters/585407001/" target="blank">Courier-Journal article</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=530&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgTue, 22 Aug 2017 Irish Heritage Concert Showcases Student TalentThe Sacred Heart Academy (SHA) Reunion Weekend was a celebration of anniversary graduation classes and the Chapel Centennial on Pentecost Sunday. Following the liturgy, the third event in the Chapel Celebration series featured vocalists in grades 9 through 12 from the Bel Canto, A Cappella and Madrigal choirs at SHA along with the Flute and Harp Ensemble from the Sacred Heart School for the Arts. The Irish Heritage Concert was a magical performance of singers and musicians that left alumnae, sisters, friends and families awestruck by their collective talent. The students and directors depart for Ireland on an international debut tour from July 5 – 14 to share Kentucky’s rich Appalachian folk music heritage abroad. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=527&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSun, 4 Jun 2017 Compassionate Message is Rock SolidLouisville Mayor Greg Fischer has designated April 15 – 23 as “Give-a- Day” Week. Acts of service and compassion are crafted and carried out by individuals, businesses, religious, civic and neighborhood groups, as well as corporate employee teams. Projects vary but the overall theme is demonstrating love, hope and kindness through actions. In the past, the sisters have done various projects spreading a word or deed of kindness. This year the sisters at the Motherhouse and Sacred Heart Home channeled their artistic energy and painted rocks with a special word or message. Some of these colorful rocks will be shared with the Sacred Heart Schools on the Ursuline Campus, while others will show up wherever the sisters go… be it the grocery store, a neighbor’s lawn, their doctor’s office, to name a few spots. It is the Ursuline way of sharing a compassionate word with others and hopefully making a difference. To see photos from the event <a href="http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=116">click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=526&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgTue, 4 Apr 2017 Moved by the SpiritIn the second of a series of Chapel Centennial Celebrations planned throughout 2017, the Ursuline Sisters hosted the King Solomon Missionary Baptist Church Choir on Sunday, March 19, for an evening performance of gospel music. Led by Reverend Darrell Martin and Reverend Charles Elliott III, 40 choir members filled the worship space with striking vocals, solos, instrumentals and energetic direction from the choir directors. Dominant vocals and strong harmony with Christian lyrics are the hallmarks of Gospel music, which can be traced to the early 17th century. With roots in the black oral tradition, hymns and sacred songs are typically repeated in a ‘call and response’ fashion. Performing to an audience of sisters, associates, friends and families, the music set feet tapping, bodies swaying and hands outstretched in praise. Hymns and responsorials included: • We Have Come Into This House • I Love You Lord Today • I’ve Got Nothing But The Holy Ghost • Jesus Is Love • Every Praise • I Need You To Survive • Pass Me Not • Thank You Lord • You’ve Been Good To Me At the close of the hour-long performance, the choir members went pew-by-pew mingling with attendees and rejoicing in their kindred spirit. The King Solomon Missionary Baptist Church has been led by Reverend Dr. Charles Elliott Jr., senior pastor and community activist since 1961. The church is located in downtown Louisville. The church choir spreads God’s love through vocals, instrumentals and dance performing at church services and civic functions throughout the year. To see photos from the event <a href="http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=114">click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=525&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 23 Mar 2017 Opening Liturgy Kicks Off Chapel Centennial CelebrationsThe year-long Centennial celebration of the Ursuline Motherhouse Chapel in Louisville, Kentucky, opened with the sounds of a trumpet, hand bells and songs, at the liturgy on January 29. The Louisville Chorus Ensemble and the Bells of St. Mary’s Hand Bell Choir filled the worship space with music. The chilly Sunday morning weather, with 200 people in attendance, was slightly reminiscent of the wintry day the chapel was dedicated 100 years ago on December 8, 1917. Presider Father William Fichteman said, “For 159 years now, the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville have been instruments of God’s mercy. We stand on holy ground because of the prayer and song that have filled this space; also the devotion of homebound Catholics who have watched Mass of the Air originate from this space for the past 20 years; and also the voices of the many children from the Ursuline sponsored schools who pray here.” President Sister Janet Marie Peterworth told those gathered, “A hundred years ago about this time finishing touches were being put on this chapel. I can only imagine the excitement the sisters were experiencing. Now a hundred years later we are honoring their courage to undertake building such a structure. I would like to think that those sisters dreamed of what this chapel would be and how it would touch the lives of so many.” She continued by saying, “This is where since 1917 more than 600 young women knelt to publically commit themselves to a consecrated life of poverty, celibacy, obedience, and teaching Christian Living. This is where the community has gathered countless times to say a final farewell to sisters who have died. Over the years this chapel has been the place where we have come to elect our leadership, celebrate jubilees, and to be sent forth to carry St. Angela’s charism to others.” A responsorial - How Lovely is Thy Dwelling Place – was commissioned by Sister Janet Marie and created by Dr. Timothy Glasscock, Choral Director and Department Chair for the Bellarmine University Music Department. It will be sung at all Motherhouse liturgies during this Centennial year. Those gathered were invited to contribute to the Chapel Preservation Fund to assure the chapel gets immediate upgrades and that it continues to be a source of ministry. In closing, Father Fichteman said, “We are blessed to be able to give thanks for all that has made this ground sacred over the last 100 years. May it continue so for years to come.” <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=109">To see photos from the event, click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=521&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSun, 29 Jan 2017 Coeur d’ Ursuline Reunion Reunites Friends The All-Class Reunion for Ursuline Academy Pittsburgh began on Friday, October 14, with a reception at the Ursuline Support Services, an organization that carries on the social service ministry of the Ursuline Sisters in the metro area. The reunion gathering continued on Saturday, October 15, 2016 with a tour of the former Ursuline Academy on S. Winebiddle where several alumnae walked in familiar and new classroom spaces that have been repurposed by the current tenant, the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh. Then the activities moved onto the West Penn Wintergarden Room in the Bloomfield neighborhood. The reunion preparations and renaming the event Coeur d’ Ursuline (Heart of Ursuline) was led by Sister Rita Joseph Jarrell (1975 – 1981) the last principal of the Academy who transitioned to LACHS (1981 – 1983) as Assistant Principal when the Academy closed. She received event assistance from graduates Linda Neely Batory (’65), Mary Ann Larkin (’70), Karen Miller Tobin (’70), Theresa Dziki DeShantz (’75), Mary Lauren Moesta Little (’79) and Diane Marburger Fischer (’79). The evening offered hospitality, memory sharing, archival photos and an opportunity to keep the connection going, not only with each other, but also with the Ursulines whose influence lives on with each and every alumna. While most reunion attendees came from Pittsburgh or other nearby cities in Pennsylvania, one graduate, Susan Ingold Murphy (’79) traveled from Florida to attend. As the evening wrapped up, the discussion continued for plans for the next time the Coeur d’ Ursuline group might gather. Stay tuned. <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=108">To see photos from the reunion, click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=520&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgFri, 16 Dec 2016 Surprise Visit Delights SistersOn Wednesday, December 7, nine former students from St. Helen’s parish school, who are now in their 60s, visited Sister Denis and Sister Donata at the Motherhouse. Sister Donata said was her best Christmas present ! The group of nine included Tom Walker, Debbie Masterson Rosenberger, Bob Barnes, Mary Clark Spalding, Sandi Swimme Otte, Diane Koppel Porter, Dottie Muenninghoff Ledington, Rich Thompson and Carol Hilbert Roeder. Sister Donata was their first grade teacher and Sister Denis taught them in second grade. Sandi Otte said, “ It's pretty amazing that nine individuals would be so moved by being with the Sisters and sharing memories. We are all riding high.” Mary Spalding said, “One question we asked Sister Donata was how old she was when she taught us? It's hard to imagine how someone only 27 years old managed to keep 48 first graders under control long enough to teach us! I don't think that any of us realized that we were her only class at St. Helen. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=518&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgMon, 12 Dec 2016 Come, Pray with UsThe Ursuline Sisters invite you to join in the celebration of Evensong on the Sunday evenings of Advent. <img src="uploads/Vespers2016.jpg" width="600" height="771" class="imageBox" align="right" /> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=517&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 17 Nov 2016 Ursuline Sisters Honor Peace ActivistLouisville native Cory Lockhart received the Angeline Award from the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville during a liturgy at the Ursuline Motherhouse Chapel in Louisville, KY, on October 22. Friends, family and the Ursuline community filled the church to celebrate this peace activist and her years of outreach across the globe. “Cory is here because she lives the same values that Saint Angela, our foundress, lived those many years ago: a peacemaker, a witness to Christian values, a woman open to the needs of her times, a woman of the Church,” said President Sister Janet Marie Peterworth. Lockhart, a 1991 graduate of Sacred Heart Academy, describes herself as an aspiring peacemaker. It all began when she joined a delegation from Epiphany Parish to El Salvador in 1992. That mission trip moved her to make a life commitment for social justice, with her primary focus today being nonviolent peace activism. “Over 20 years ago, my Salvadoran and Guatemalan friends opened my eyes to realities I hadn’t seen before,” Lockhart told those gathered at the Motherhouse Chapel. “They were the first ones to show me what deeply-lived faith and hope look like in the face of devastation and violence.” Lockhart spent three months in El Salvador and later joined a Witness for Peace delegation to Nicaragua; and another to Guatemala, where she later spent a year as an administrator for a language school for non-native speakers studying Spanish. In 2011, she taught English with the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth in India. Two years later, in 2013, she joined Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT). With CPT, Lockhart has acted as a human rights defender, living with other CPTers for several weeks or months in places where the dehumanization of people by other people is evident. This outreach has taken Lockhart to Iraqi Kurdistan; Hebron, Palestine; and, most recently, she returned from Israel/Palestine, where she served for the first time as a co-leader of a CPT delegation. Homilist Sister Ruth Ann Haunz said Angela Merici found her way and followed Jesus’ actions, and so did Lockhart. “Cory Lockhart found her way in seeking justice, peaceful presence, contemplation, and non-violent action,” she said. “Pope Francis tells us to give some of our God-given breath to the poor. He does not tell us how to do it, just to do it.” Lockhart was also a teacher, first at Walden School, and then at Trinity High School and St. Xavier High School in Louisville, KY. She served as retreat leader and led young men on service trips to Belize, Mississippi and Appalachia. In addition, she guided groups of high school and college students, as well as adults, to Guatemala after months of raising money to cover the costs for each of those four trips. “Through 14 years of classroom teaching, I learned patience and to better meet people where they are, rather than where I think they should be,” Lockhart said. “Through work with Christian Peacemaker Teams, the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative, and Showing Up for Racial Justice, I continue to learn about solidarity, about amplifying voices that too often are stifled or silenced, about living and promoting nonviolence in myself, in this community, and in our world.” Cory is not the first Lockhart to be honored with the Angeline Award. Her older sister, Shannon, was the recipient in 2004. Shannon Lockhart, her husband, two sons, and her parents were in attendance for this year’s award presentation, along with four other past Angeline Award recipients: Margo Thompson Borders (1996), Maria Scharfenberger (1998), Mary Ann Kopp Hubbs (2008), and Carolyn Elizabeth Neely (2014). “Receiving this award is encouragement to keep walking, even when it’s difficult, and a reminder that I am not – none of us are – walking alone, and we’re not meant to,” said Lockhart. Lockhart holds a B.A. degree in Linguistics with a minor in Latin American Studies from Northwestern University, a Masters in Teaching from Bellarmine University, and graduated in 2009 with a M.A. in Spirituality from the joint program of Bellarmine University and Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. She lives in Louisville, KY, where she is on the staff of JustFaith Ministries, a national organization, based in Louisville, that offers programs and resources for building a more just and peaceful world. <a href="http://walkingthewalk.co/blog/">Click here to follow Cory Lockhart’s blog.</a> <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=106">To see photos from the event, click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=516&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgWed, 26 Oct 2016 Save The Date! Ursuline Academy Pittsburgh Reunion Weekend<b>Coeur d’ Ursuline Ursuline Academy Pittsburgh Reunion Weekend October 14 & 15, 2016</b> <i><b>Friday, October 14</b></i> Reception ~ Free 5 pm – 7 pm Ursuline Support Services ~ Good Grief Center 2717 Murray Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15217 <i><b>Saturday, October 15</b></i> <i>Open House ~ Free</i> Ursuline Academy (now Waldorf School) 11:30 am – 12:30 pm 201 S. Winebiddle St. Pittsburgh, PA 15224 <i>Reception and Mass - $35</i> West Penn 1 pm –4 pm Wintergarden Room ~ 1st Floor Followed by Mass 4 pm – 5 pm ~ Auditorium 4800 Friendship Ave., Pittsburgh PA 15224 For questions or more information: email Sr. Rita Joseph Jarrell at rjarrell@ursulineslou.org or call her at (502) 599-1668. More information to come! http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=485&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSat, 15 Oct 2016 Ursuline Academy, Louisville KY – Class of 1956 - 60th ReunionPlease join your classmates at our <b>60th Year Reunion Saturday, October 15, 2016</b> Brescia Hall Bldg. #3 on the Ursuline Campus 3105 Lexington Road Louisville, KY 40206 <b>11 AM</b> Arrival ~ Check-in <b>11:30 AM</b> Prayer Service Brescia Hall Prayer Room – 3rd Floor <b>12:15 PM</b> Group Photo <i>Followed by Lunch ~ Archival Display ~ Memory Sharing ~ Commemorative Gift</i> <b>$35</b> per person <b>RSVP by Monday, September 26</b> to Kim Bradley at (502) 515-7523 or by email at kbradley@ursulineslou.org or <a href="www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/ register_for_event.php">click here to register online.</a> Special thanks to reunion committee members: Joan Echsner ~ Betty Niemann Harrison ~ Sister Jo Ann Jansing http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=512&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSat, 15 Oct 2016 Reunion Reunites Friends through the DecadesThe 60th Reunion for Ursuline Academy Class of 1956 took place on Saturday, October 15, 2016 at Brescia Hall on the Ursuline Campus. This special anniversary was organized by a dedicated committee including: Joan Echsner, Betty Niemann Harrison and Sister Jo Ann Jansing. Twenty UA graduates attended and while most live in Kentucky, two traveled from Ohio and Georgia. A prayer service of reflections and responses began the program followed by lunch and memory sharing. Alums enjoyed scanning through memorabilia and archival photos on display, and then everyone got down to business sharing stories of school days as students at the Academy. A tape was found in the Ursuline archives of their music teacher Sister Bernadine Schene playing the school song on the piano, which led to a rousing sing-a-long of UA’s alma mater. Talk about Deja Vu! Here are a few of the events, inventions, trends and fun facts from the Class of 1956 that got the conversation rolling: • School Colors: Blue & White • Venue for our Prom: K of C Hall • Orchestra that played at our prom: Art Glaser • Commencement Speaker: Rev. Joseph Allgeier • What does CSMC Stand for? Catholic Student Mission Crusade • Who had most #1 musical hits? Elvis Presley • What epic film premiered? "The Ten Commandments" • Popular song "This Land is Your Land" came out - who wrote it? Woody Guthrie • Average cost of a new car was $2,050. Today it is $33,500 • Average cost of a new house was $11,700. Today it is $188,000 • Average Yearly Wage was $4,450.00 • Cost of a Gallon of Gas was 22 cents • Cost of a First Class Stamp was 3 cents • President was Dwight D. Eisenhower and his Vice President was Richard M. Nixon • First Black & White TV hits the Market • IBM released the first computer with a hard drive. It weighed about one ton and measured about 16 square feet and stored about 5 megabytes of data. • Famous couple that wed: Prince Rainier of Monaco & Grace Kelly • Kentucky Derby Winner: Needles • Name of a popular Quiz Show: $64,000 Question • Movie had first airing on TV: The Wizard of Oz • Famous advertising quote: "Takes a Licking and Keeps on Ticking" - Timex watches; "Away go troubles Down the Drain" - Roto-Rooter. Other memories included a discussion around the <b>Student Handbook</b> which set rules such as: <b>Tuition:</b> "A fine of 10 cents is necessary to replace that lost statement." <b>Courtesy:</b> "Rise when a member of the faculty enters or leaves the room. Rise when your teacher speaks to you personally." <b>Tardiness:</b> "Every third mark of tardiness against you will necessitate your remaining after school for one hour." <b>Order:</b> "Silence will be observed in the class rooms, halls, and lavatories before school and between classes.” <b>Home rooms:</b> "Your home room teacher is your best friend and advisor. She can help you untangle all your knotty problems." <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=107">To see photos from the reunion, click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=519&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSat, 15 Oct 2016 Keeping the Band in Beat for 25 YearsSister Georgia Jean Kruml recalls the day when she was plucked out of the school dining room by music teacher Sister Vincentia Yarnall, at St. Patrick’s Academy in Sidney, NE, to play percussion, an instrument with which she had no prior experience. The school orchestra needed a drummer ASAP and Sister thought sophomore student Georgia Jean was a good candidate to fill the vacancy in the school orchestra and band because she played piano and had a sense of rhythm. Georgia Jean Kruml learned to play the drums in one hour. Some might say it was a “miracle” but she thinks it was just her natural musical ability that landed her the job and a <i>forever love</i> of percussion. Sister Georgia Jean, who lives at the Motherhouse Convent in Louisville, KY, keeps the beat going as a member of the Holy Name Band, which was founded in 1939. Playing drums since 1950, she joined the Holy Name Band in 1991 and has played the bass drum with them ever since. The Band plays concerts for nursing home residents and to audiences at community events in the Louisville metro area, as well as cities on the outskirts. The musical repertoire is a varied as the band member’s ages, which range from the teens to the 80s. They play music from the Big Band era to popular songs in modern times. From practices to performances, 30 to 60 people get together about 50 times a year with a schedule that runs from March through the holidays. Sister Georgia Jean said, “No one is paid to play and it is a time commitment, but everyone just loves the camaraderie and the joy that comes with playing music.” This Ursuline plans keep the beat for years to come. <b>The Holy Name Band will perform at the Ursuline Arts Center for the first time on Monday, October 17, at 7:30 pm. The concert is free and open to the public.</b> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=515&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 6 Oct 2016 ‘Give Local Louisville’ Countdown Has Begun!<img src="uploads/GLL-2016.jpg" width="640" height="198"> <b>The Ursuline Motherhouse Chapel Celebrates a “Century” in 2017! Help us kick off a milestone year for the Sisters by participating in the biggest 24 hours of online giving to benefit the Chapel Centennial events.</b> On <b>Thursday, September 15 from 12:00 am to 11:59 pm</b> go to your laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile phone and click on this link <a href="https://givelocallouisville.org/npo/ursuline-sisters-of-louisville">www.givelocallouisville.org</a> to make a donation. No matter where you live, you can participate. Collectively, your gift adds up and will help underwrite the Chapel Centennial events! How good can it get?? For every dollar raised for the Ursuline Sisters during Give Local Louisville Day, proportionate match and prize dollars will be contributed to the Ursulines by the Community Foundation of Louisville and their supporting partners. For further details, follow us on <a href="https://www.facebook.com/UrsulinesLouisville">Facebook </a>. Still have questions? Call Kim Bradley, Mission Advancement Coordinator at 502-515-7523 or Ellen McKnight, Mission Advancement Director at 502-515-7526. Be sure to join us online on September 15! http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=507&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 15 Sep 2016 Service Leadership Program is Repeat SuccessFor the second year in a row, two students from the University of Notre Dame were invited to live at the Motherhouse in Louisville, while participating in the Summer Service Learning Program (SSLP), an externship to earn college credit hours. Sophomores Marissa Browne and Megan Reilly spent eight weeks at several non-profits to earn three credit hours for a theology course called “Kinship on the Margins.” While in Louisville their activities included: working with children at summer camp enrichment programs, accompanying them on field trips, assisting them with classroom studies and playing games with social justice themes. Some of the places where Marissa and Megan volunteered were: Nativity Academy, Cabbage Patch Settlement House, and the American Printing House for the Blind and the Falls of the Ohio Science Center. Nearing the end of their stay, they brought the sisters together in the Motherhouse library to watch a Power Point they created to recap their summer experiences. After thanking the sisters for their hospitality they said working with and for, as well as being with and for the children and organizations, reframed their definition of service. Their involvement was summed up with these reflections: • A deeper understanding of the complexities of education while working with kids whose home environment and support system can create difficult living situations • Identifying different types of service relationships • The gift of meaningful mutual connections Sister Paula Kleine-Kracht thanked the students for coming to Louisville and their generous use of time and talent. She credited Nativity Academy principal Megan Whelan, herself a Notre Dame graduate, for getting the Ursulines involved. The university offers SSLP as an opportunity to students from all over the country to visit cities, do a variety of volunteer services in return for credit hours and immeasurable experiences. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=514&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgFri, 9 Sep 2016 Islamic Center Visit Enlightens GroupOne of the directives of the Ursuline Sisters’ 2014 Chapter is to “foster cultural awareness.” A visit to the Islamic Center in Louisville put this directive into action during Community Days. Sisters, associates and co-workers boarded a bus for a short ride from the Motherhouse to the River Road Mosque, where the group was met by Imam Mohammed Iqbal. Upon arrival and in the tradition of cleanliness, shoes were removed or covered with footies, as everyone took a seat in the prayer room. What followed was a 2-hour discussion and Q & A between the group and the Imam, who explained Islam as a peaceful and prayer-filled faith life for the Muslim Community. With daily headlines of terroristic activity carried out in the name of Islam, the prophet Muhammad, and the Quran (the central religious text of Islam), it was a chance for the group to get the facts about Islamic beliefs first hand. The tour and talk was an insightful experience to promote increased cultural sensitivity and discover our differences can peacefully co-exist. <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=105">To see photos from the event, click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=513&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 8 Sep 2016 Garage Mechanic Retires After 33 YearsLooking around the garage that he’s called home for over three decades on the Ursuline Campus, David Dues thumbed through a grease stained notebook of phone numbers and suppliers -people he still needed to call before hanging up his wrenches and ratchets as his August 1st retirement date approached. A fact not lost on two Ursuline Sisters, who pulled their cars into the garage one last time to be checked out! Over 33 years, David has been responsible for maintaining a fleet of cars and several vans for the sisters. Rick Raderer, director of Campus Services and David’s supervisor, said that David’s retirement means that for the first time in 50 years a member of the Dues family would not be on campus. His father’s first cousins, Sister Georgeline and Sister Amelia Dues were blood sisters, as well as religious sisters. His aunt, Sister Adelaide Fackler, was president of the Ursuline Sisters from 1968 to 1976. All three were in ministry on the Ursuline Campus for many years. The history of the garage started with Joe Dues, David’s father. He cared for the vehicles from 1970 until 1978, after which, a few mechanics in between Joe and David did routine car maintenance. In 1983, David was asked to fix a car’s alternator and ended up staying on as a full-time garage mechanic for the next 33 years. As David leaned back in his chair in the garage office-workspace, he reflected on what he was looking forward to the most and what he would miss the most. Spending more time with his family was what he was looking forward to and made his retirement decision easier. He’ll now have time to attend his two grandchildren’s field hockey, basketball and lacrosse games and travel with his wife, Marge. David said what he would miss the most was daily conversations with the sisters as he chauffeured them to doctors’ and other appointments. He said we had a saying, “What’s said in the van, stays in the van” and laughed. At a reception of sisters, associates and employees prior to his “official” last day, David was honored with cake, stories and best wishes. Ursuline President, Sister Janet Marie Peterworth talked about the meaning of retirement and told David he now had time to, “Do what you want, when you want and as much as you want.” She talked about the challenges of finding balance between aging bodies and active minds, something all newly retired people have to come to terms with. We think David has his retirement plans perfectly timed and tuned. <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=104">To see photos from the event, click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=511&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgMon, 22 Aug 2016 Associate Call Announces New DirectorBay Baltes replaced Theresa Butler, who recently retired, as the Associate Call Director on August 8, 2016. As she acclimates to her new position she says: I am very pleased to join the Ursuline Associate Community as the new Director of the Associate Call. I know that Theresa Butler will be a hard act to follow! I came to this position after retiring in January 2016 from a 25+ year career as a human resources professional in the Louisville, KY. I’m a cradle Catholic who grew up in Marion County, KY. I attended a boarding school, Mount St. Joseph Academy, run by the Ursuline Sisters in Daviess County. After graduating from high school there, I attended Spalding University where I received a B.A. and the University of Louisville where I graduated with an M.A. both in American History. My husband and I are active members of St. William’s Parish in Louisville. I look forward to finding a way to effectively serve and assist the group in our exploration of Angela’s charism of “a contemplative love of God and a resulting openness and eagerness to serve the needs of others.” I humbly ask for both your prayers and your practical assistance as I embark on this new journey. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=510&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 18 Aug 2016 Theresa Butler Retires as Associate Call DirectorTheresa Butler reflects on the past five years as the first lay director of the Associate Call program, as her August 1st retirement date approaches. She says, “The past five years have been some of my most enriching and rewarding years. I became an Ursuline Associate in 2001 and since the time I signed my initial associate covenant I have served both as a volunteer and, in past five years, the Director of the Louisville Usuline Associate Call. I leave the position of Director of the Ursuline Call to have more time to spend with my family. I was blessed to be named the first Associate to assume the position of the Director of the Louisville Ursuline Associate Call. It has been both a challenging and rewarding five years. Challenging for we, as associates, are entering into a future that will be very different from our past. The theme for the 2016 North American Convocation sums up the challenge to us all very well for we are indeed being called to “a radical response in the evolving world: re-imaging Angela’s Charism.” The flip side to the challenge is excitement for this is an exciting time to be an Ursuline Associate. The past five years have been rewarding for me personally. They provided me with an opportunity to know and work with some amazing, incredible individuals, both professed sisters and associates. The wisdom and vision of the professed sisters always amazes me and the openness of the associates to living the charism of Angela and the Ursuline Community is heartwarming. As I leave the position of Director of the Ursuline Associate Call I look forward to remaining active as an associate and, hopefully, having an opportunity to continue taking an active part of moving into the future.” http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=509&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgTue, 16 Aug 2016 The Ursuline Sisters gathered for their annual week of Assembly, or "Community Days" July 23-28, 2017The Theme for this year's Assembly was "Reimagining Our Future," and butterflies were present as symbols of transformation. Sunday began with an Associates Mass and luncheon and commissioning of new members. Monday and Tuesday were business days for the sisters and a time of dialogue and discovery. We had several guest speakers: Keith Knapp spoke on Elder Care, and Dr. Cindy Crabtree discussed plans that the Sacred Heart Schools are considering. Mary Haynes, CEO of Nazareth Home Inc. and Administrator of Nazareth Home-Highlands talked about future plans for the facility. On Wednesday, Ms. Jeanne Connolly, led the day for the sisters and associates. The title of her presentation is Imagining Flourishing Community: Associate-Religious Journey toward Interdependence for the Sake of the World. Thursday was a day of celebrating our Jubilarians at Mass, and an afternoon missioning service for all sisters, associates and employees. It was a wonderful week of fellowship and celebration. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=529&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgTue, 16 Aug 2016 Letter Asks Candidates for Civil Discourse[Silver Spring, MD] More than 5650 Catholic Sisters signed a letter asking the US presidential candidates “to engage in political dialogue that reflects the principles and values upon which this nation was founded.” Written by the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), the letter asks that the candidates refrain from rhetoric that stokes the fires of fear and engage in constructive dialogue during this campaign season. LCWR, an association of the leaders of congregations of Catholic women religious in the United States, has about 1350 members, who represent nearly 80 percent of the approximately 49,000 women religious in the United States. The 5671 signers of the letter are Catholic sisters from across the country who serve persons in need through education, healthcare, and other pastoral and social services. Copies of the letter will be delivered to presidential candidates Secretary Hillary Clinton, Mr. Donald Trump, Governor Gary Johnson, Dr. Jill Stein, their running mates and party chairs on August 8. “Unfortunately, it seems in this particular political season commitment to political discourse that preserves the dignity of the human person and promotes the common good is in short supply,” said Sister Joan Marie Steadman, CSC, executive director of LCWR. “This is why LCWR is calling for civility in our discourse and decency in our political interaction.” The letter to the presidential candidates reads as follows: "On behalf of the 5671 Catholic Sisters across the United States who have signed this letter, we ask you to join us in calling for civility in our discourse and decency in our political interaction that promotes the common good, reaches out to others, engages in constructive dialogue, and seeks together the way forward. We ask you to join us in promising to engage in political dialogue that reflects the principles and values upon which this nation was founded. "In his September 24, 2015 address to the U.S. Congress, Pope Francis reminded all who seek to serve that, “You are called to defend and preserve the dignity of your fellow citizens in the tireless and demanding pursuit of the common good, for this is the chief aim of all politics.” "Unfortunately, we live in a time when our politics is too often marked by self-interest and demeaning rhetoric. We seem to be caught in a political system paralyzed by ideological extremism and hyper-partisanship. Those on all sides of the growing political divide too often appeal to our basest instincts and stoke the fires of fear that tear at the fabric of our nation. We cannot let the voices of hatred and fear carry the day. "We need courageous leaders willing to speak the truth. We simply ask that all who seek to lead refrain from language that disrespects, dehumanizes, or demonizes another. We pray that all who seek to influence public opinion will be mindful of the common good and respectful of the dignity of each and every person. "Citizens of this pluralistic nation form a diverse polity characterized by a wide variety of beliefs, experiences, and interests. Our differences have the potential to challenge all of us to abandon easy certainty and seek a fuller truth. The problem is not our differences. It is how those disagreements are handled that spells the difference between building the common good and destroying the bonds that bind us. "We urge you to join us in pledging to engage in careful listening and honest dialogue that honors the dignity of those with whom we disagree and treats all with the respect that is their God-given right. Please join us in promising to seek the common good, to desire only good for all others, and to offer our own truth with equal measures of conviction and humility. "We know that you offer yourself in service of the people of the United States at great cost to yourself and your family. We promise you our prayers in the weeks and months ahead. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=508&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgFri, 5 Aug 2016 Recent Convocation Produces Ursuline Pledge to ‘Build Community’ In light of increased tension in communities throughout the United States, Ursuline congregations, gathered for their triennial convocation in Louisville, KY, released a statement offering to more vigorously live the words of their foundress St. Angela Merici: “Build community wherever we go.” (Writings of St. Angela, Fifth Counsel) Hosted by the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, the 2016 North American Ursuline Convocation was held July 7-10 under the banner, “A Radical Response in the Evolving World: Re-Imagining Angela’s Charism.” Each congregation promises to share the statement and to carry out its call to action in ways unique to their communities. The statement issued reads: “The North American Ursuline Sisters, Associates and Collaborators at our meeting in Louisville are shocked and saddened by the continuing violence in our country. We call for respect for each individual person. Our differences are not a cause for violence among us, but an opportunity for dialogue and finding solutions in this challenging era. Our foundress, St. Angela Merici, calls us to: • “Live in harmony, united in one heart and one will.” 9th Counsel • “Be bound together by the bonds of charity, respecting one another, helping one another, supporting one another.” 9th Counsel • “Build community wherever we go”. 5th Counsel "We pledge to live the call of non-violence and compassion through our prayer, our thoughts, words and deeds, and to participate in dialogue and actions in our local areas which will contribute to reconciliation and understanding.” The Ursulines hope to promote and facilitate dialogue between involved groups in their communities. On July 7, opening day, friends embraced and new memories were made, including that of the Galt House Hotel’s evacuation due to smoke in one of its eateries. Convocation co-chairpersons, the dynamic duo of Louisville Ursuline Sisters Paula Kleine-Kracht and Jean Anne Zappa, kicked off the event after months of preparation. Participants came from 20 Ursuline communities and 33 Ursuline-affiliated schools in North America and Canada. Members of an Ursuline Congregation in Mexico were also present at the convocation. All total, 176 people registered for the event. Sister Janet Marie Peterworth, president of the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, announced an enthusiastic “Bienvenida!” to officially welcome those gathered in her hometown. “It’s certainly a privilege to have you here.” Sister Janet Marie shared tidbits of interesting facts about Louisville, which is ranked as one of the top 10 Compassionate Cities from across the United States. Besides being the city in which Mother Salesia Reitmeier arrived in 1858 to serve German immigrants, Louisville is home to many other famous folks and plenty of sights and events, Sister Janet Marie explained. “Just remember that you’re in a very famous place.” Sister Janet Marie shared Mayor Greg Fischer’s proclamation that July 7-9 would be known in Louisville as “Ursuline Convocation Week.” She also introduced a video message from Archbishop of Louisville Joseph Kurtz, who was in Rome at the time of the convocation. Archbishop Kurtz said, “May these days draw you more deeply into the Christian life. May you come to encounter the Lord Jesus himself who will renew you in your efforts to re-invigorate your charism and your service not only to one another but to the church and to the world itself.” All gathered in the Daisy Room for the opening liturgy where participants built a “Holy Fire” stoked by the recitation of each congregation’s mission statement and by the candles of its members. Sister Ellen Doyle, Ursuline of Brown County, served as facilitator for the event. The convocation’s keynote speakers included Dr. Sandra M. Schneiders, IHM, who spoke on embracing the radical response of consecrated religious life, and Father Mike Crosby, OFM, who spoke on the mystical and prophetic call to religious life as a follower of St. Angela Merici. Many breakout sessions were offered, including a roundtable discussion on the future of associate programs facilitated by Louisville Ursuline Associates Theresa Butler and Donna Helm. A handful of Ursuline Sisters of Louisville and colleagues, local and from afar, held a variety of breakout sessions. Many individuals within and beyond Louisville contributed to the successful gathering, which included moving and uplifting liturgies planned by the Liturgy Committee .“Outstanding were the times we prayed together,” Sister Paula commented, recognizing the committee’s work. Convocation Committees included: Liturgy Committee: Ruth Ann Haunz (chair), Clara Fehringer, Rita Ann Wigginton and Rita Dressman. Linda Miller. Ambiance Committee: Mary Kay Garvin, Nanci Riddle, Doug Adams-Arman Social Media Committee: Lisa Marie Belz, Therese Ann Rich Vendors: Dorothy Kundracik Breakout Session Speakers: Clara Zahradnik, Pam Mueller Hospitality: Sister Jean Anne Zappa, Hugh Smith, Dorothy Kundracik, Louisville Ursulines Sisters and Associates Art Work and Communication with Ursulines Education Network: Jill Hallahan Sponsorship Procurement: Susan Mary Rathbun and Jean Anne Zappa Evaluation: Mary Cabrini Durkin, Norma Raupple Program Design: Jennifer McGee Logo Design: Agatha Fitzgerald Event Planner: Michael Kleine-Kracht of Destination Louisville http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=506&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgMon, 11 Jul 2016 Ursuline College Class of 1966 Campus TourIn coordination with Bellarmine University’s Alumni Reunion Weekend, the Ursuline Sisters invite 1966 Ursuline College alumnae for a special, walking tour down memory lane on the Ursuline Campus. <b>When: Saturday, June 11, 2016 Where: Brescia Hall Bldg. #3 3105 Lexington Road Ursuline Campus Louisville, KY 40206 Time: 10 am to 12 noon</b> The walking tour led by classmate and Ursuline Sister Julia Davis (UC ’66) and Alumnae Relations/Mission Advancement Director, Ellen McKnight will start at Brescia Hall at 10 a.m. and conclude at 12 noon. Parking is available in the lot directly across from Brescia Hall. Points of interest will include: Brescia Hall, Auditorium/Theater and the Motherhouse Chapel; the new location of Blessed Mother statue first installed at Marian Hall dormitory on April 25, 1956; and college memorabilia displays of photos, programs, newsletters and brochures in the Motherhouse library. To RSVP, contact Ellen McKnight at 502.515.7526 or by email at emcknight@ursulineslou.org. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=488&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSat, 11 Jun 2016 Ursuline College 1966 Alumnae Take a Trip Down Memory LaneA group of 1966 Ursuline College graduates took a walking tour of the Ursuline Campus to visit places where they had been as students, as part of Bellarmine University’s annual Alumni Reunion Weekend. Led by classmate and Ursuline Sister Julia Davis and Alumnae Relations Director Ellen McKnight, their June 11 Saturday morning tour began at Brescia Hall, site of their former classrooms; then proceeded to the theater, where they had taken the stage in numerous recitals and plays; and ended with a visit to the Ursuline Motherhouse library to see a nostalgic display of photos, newspapers and programs coordinated by Sr. Martha (Trinitas) Jacob, Archivist and Ursuline College Faculty from 1961 to 1968. Although they saw building updates and repurposing of grounds and facilities, their memories remained in another time and place when they enjoyed student life on the Ursuline Campus. It was a full weekend of activities and re-connections. <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=103">To see photos from the event, click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=505&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSat, 11 Jun 2016 Remembering Father John ButlerFather John J. Butler, 88, died on Tuesday, June 7, 2016, at Sacred Heart Home in Louisville. A native of Louisville, he graduated from Christ the King parish school in 1942. He attended high school and college at St. Mary’s Seminary College, St. Mary’s, KY, graduating in 1950. Continuing his seminary formation at St. Meinrad, St. Meinrad, IN, he was ordained to the priesthood in 1954 at the Cathedral of the Assumption by Archbishop John A. Floersh and celebrated his first Mass at Christ the King Church. Father Butler held a B.A. degree from St. Mary’s Seminary College and M.A. degrees in Education and English from Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH. Fr. Butler taught for 43 years before retiring at the age of 70 in 1997. His teaching ministry included St. Thomas Seminary, Trinity High School and Sacred Heart Academy. In 1970, while teaching at Trinity High School and then Sacred Heart Academy, he moved to the Ursuline Campus where he assumed the duties of chaplain for the Ursuline Motherhouse for nearly 42 years. He officially retired as the Ursuline Motherhouse chaplain in 2012. He is survived by his brother, William Butler of San Fernando, CA, and numerous nieces and nephews. Visitation will be at the Ursuline Motherhouse, 3115 Lexington Road, on Monday, June 13, from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. The Funeral Liturgy will be celebrated on Tuesday, June 14, at 11 a.m. in the Motherhouse Chapel with burial in Calvary Cemetery. Arrangements are under the direction of Bosse Funeral Home. Expressions of sympathy may be made to the Ursuline Sisters and mailed to the Mission Advancement Office, 3105 Lexington Road, Louisville, KY 40206 or by clicking the "Make a Donation" button to the left. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=504&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgWed, 8 Jun 2016 Ursulines Join in Effort to End Gun ViolenceEleven Ursuline Sisters and Associates participated in the Hands Across Louisville event on Saturday, May 21. Event organizers invited the public to be “one in a million” by joining hands along Broadway Avenue from 2-3 p.m., as part of a larger event that ran from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and included spotlighting local talented individuals. “We want to stamp out the violence, especially the gun violence that has robbed us of seeing all people as human beings and not just the negative side that is so often highlighted,” according to the organization’s website <a href="http://www.handsacrosslouisville.com">(www. http://www.handsacrosslouisville.com/). </a> Hands Across Louisville is a faith-based, diverse group of individuals seeking to make their community a better and safer place to live, work and play. On Saturday the Ursulines lined up along the southside of Broadway between 10th and 11th streets with members of other faith communities. The two main purposes of the peaceful witness were (1) to promote gun safety and protest gun violence, and (2) to promote all the good things happening in the West End of Louisville, according to Ursuline Leadership. <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=102">To see photos from the event, click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=503&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgMon, 23 May 2016 Sisters Recognized for ‘Optimal Aging’Aging well is important to the Ursuline Sisters. Recently, two sisters received recognition for it on May 10 from the University of Louisville’s Institute for Sustainable Health and Optimal Aging. Sister Brendan Conlon was honored with the award for “Overall Female.” Sister Martha Buser was acknowledged as a nominee in the same category. Both attended the awards luncheon at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. WAVE 3 news anchor Dawne Gee served as the emcee. There were many other award categories, such as Female/Male Veteran, Couple Award, Industry Female/Male, U of L Spirit Award and a Years of Experience/Wisdom Award, all of which require nominees to be 85 or older. They must also show how they make the most of their later years and that they continue to love life. Sister Brendan commented, “It was inspiring to see so many people, even older than I, who are so positive in their outlook on life. That positive attitude seemed to be a common denominator of the group. That, and a sense of humor.” The two sisters were joined at the event by fellow Ursulines: Sisters Jo Ann Jansing, Marilyn Mueller, Judith Rice, Rita Joseph Jarrell, Jean Anne Zappa and Delores Kemper. Congratulations, Sister Brendan and Sister Martha! <a href="http://www.optimalaginginstitute.org/">To learn more about the University of Louisville’s Institute for Sustainable Health and Optimal Aging, click here.</a> <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=101">To see photos from the event, click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=502&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgMon, 16 May 2016 Sr. Janet Marie Joins 870 Other Women Religious in Rome, ItalyCare of the planet, world issues, religious life, solidarity as we would like to live it—these themes represent topics for discussion at the 2016 Plenary Assembly in Rome, Italy, for leaders of congregations of religious sisters. The meeting is orchestrated by the International Union Superior Generals, which provides an international forum where leaders of religious congregations can share experiences, exchange information and mentor one another in their role as leaders. Sister Janet Marie Peterworth, current president, is representing the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville. The XX Plenary Assembly is an important ecclesial event for female religious life. Guests representing a variety of continental and national conferences of Religious, are also present. Their participation will help foster international and global collaboration among male and female religious. Under the theme of “Weaving Global Solidarity for Life,” attendees paused to remember important moments in the history of UISG, which came into existence in 1965. They are also reviewing the organization’s strategic plan. Sister Janet Marie commented on the cultural diversity of those present. “There are 11 languages being translated at all times,” she explained. “The translation booths line one whole wall of a very big ballroom.” Besides hearing different languages, attire is also diverse. “There is every manner of religious dress as well as regular simple street dress.” According to Sister Janet Marie, women religious who have attended the meeting before have noticed an increase in the number of sisters from Africa and India. “It speaks to where the vocation growth is.” In a press release, Sister Carmen Sammut, MSOLA, the UISG President, shared, “We hope to come out of the assembly full of enthusiasm for our vocation, knowing that we are never alone for wherever we are, we form part of one big family with the same objectives, that of weaving a better life for all. Indeed ‘that they may have life, and have it to the full.’ (John 10,10)” http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=501&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgWed, 11 May 2016 Beloved Sister and ‘Best Kickball Pitcher’ RetiresSister Maria Goretti Lovett will be retiring at the end of this school year after 45 years of teaching at St. Joseph School in Columbia, SC. Associate Diane Rudick provided the following link to a segment aired by the local TV station, WLTX. You will enjoy watching it. We send love and prayers to Maria as she evolves into a new way of ministering and thank Diane for thinking of us. <a href="http://www.wltx.com/life/sister-maria-retires-after-45-years/173033088">To see the video, click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=500&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgMon, 9 May 2016 Environmental Stewardship Blooms Early on the Ursuline CampusOn Wednesday, April 20, 2016, Mrs. Hubbs and Mrs. Hoover’s Level 1 students at Sacred Heart Model School (SHMS), Louisville, KY, participated in a campus beautification project. Led by stewardship parents, Celia Catlett, Melanie Smith, and Kate Ratliff, the children planted 120 purple petunias and white impatiens around the base of the Ursuline Academy arch next to the Motherhouse Chapel. When asked about the choice of location and project idea, Celia Catlett explained, “Mother John Baptist helped us find the perfect spot! We were looking for a place that would have good visual impact, but also a place where the children might see and enjoy their contribution. This project was done as part of SHMS’s annual stewardship theme – ‘The Environment.’ It also fit nicely with the school theme of ‘Holy Ground,’ which we have tried to reinforce throughout the year. We have focused on many different aspects of our role in protecting the environment this year, but our focus for April was on Earth Day and how protecting and beautifying the earth starts with what is right in front of us.” <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=100">To see photos from the garden, click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=499&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgWed, 4 May 2016 Louisville Ursulines Host NAULC MeetingRepresentatives of Ursuline congregations from across North America convened April 12-14 on the Lexington Road campus in Louisville, KY. The North American Ursuline Leadership Conference (NAULC) tackled issues of business as well as spent time enkindling friendships. “It was a grace-filled time for all of us and the beautiful weather was a blessing for all,” described Sister Janet Marie Peterworth, president of the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville. Ursuline Sister Ellen Doyle facilitated a day of reflective decisions. There were 27 sisters present, representing Ursulines from Brown County, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Louisville, Mt. St. Joseph, Prelate (Canada), Roman Union (Central and Eastern Provinces), Toledo, Youngstown and the Company of St. Ursula in the United States. Sister Janet Marie issued words of appreciation to staff and resident sisters of the Motherhouse who were on hand to address needs that arose. “We know that the Ursuline Motherhouse sisters and staff are always welcoming and we thank them for being the face of our Louisville Ursuline hospitality in such a gracious way.” During their time together, Sister Ellen mixed in moments of inspiration, including the following poem by e.e. cummings: in time of daffodils (who know the goal of living is to grow) forgetting why, remember how in time of lilacs who proclaim the aim of waking is to dream, remember so (forgetting seem) in time of roses (who amaze our now and here with paradise) forgetting if, remember yes in time of all sweet things beyond whatever mind may comprehend, remember seek (forgetting find) and in a mystery to be (when time from time shall set us free) forgetting me, remember me e.e. cummings http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=498&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 21 Apr 2016 Dying with Dignity Has a New AddressOn July 25, 1926, the old St. Joseph parish convent on Adams Street in Louisville’s Butchertown neighborhood was ready for occupancy. Over the years, the building in Butchertown was a convent for the Ursuline Sisters who staffed the school, a kindergarten and a pre-school as part of the parish complex. Fast forward 90 years and the building has transformed once again to the Hildegarde House, a place offering quality end-of-life care for those without a home of their own or anyone to care for them. A little known fact is that unless you have a home address, Hospice (Hosparus) services are unattainable; another need that living and being cared for at Hildegarde House tackles for the homeless seeking shelter and medical attention in their final days. Thanks to the vision of Executive Director Karen Cassidy, a former palliative care nurse practitioner, after a year of extensive building renovation, an open house and dedication was held on Sunday, April 3, 2016. The program, followed by a house tour and hospitality, started with an interfaith blessing and ribbon cutting ceremony observed by over 200 people. Those gathered celebrated this ministry in action and walked through the front doors for a peek at the finished look, both inside and out. Renovation was overseen by Mark Clore/Clore Construction, his subcontractors, 350 volunteers and numerous supporters who gave 2,000 hours of volunteer time leading up to the dedication. Months of sweat equity, financial and in-kind goods and services helped to create beautifully furnished bedrooms, a prayer room, kitchen, pantry, dining room, laundry and storage area plus a backyard patio and landscaping of the grounds. The home will initially serve three clients with the expectation that 50 people will be served in the first year of operation. Staffing, fundraising, volunteer recruitment and a Phase II second floor renovation are just a few of the next steps to ensure need meets demand and no one is turned away when seeking a place to die with dignity surrounded by care and compassion. <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=99">To see photos from the opening, click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=497&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgFri, 15 Apr 2016 Afghanistan Refugee Family Settles In Louisville, KY after a 20-Year Wait!Through the efforts of Catholic Charities Refugee Resettlement ministry and sponsorship from the Ursuline Sisters, a family of eight arrived in Louisville from Pakistan on Friday, April 1 to begin their new life in the United States. Arifa, along with her seven children, one son and six daughters ages 9 to 22, were enthusiastically greeted at the airport then transported to refurbished apartments. It's been a long journey for the Ibrahimi family, whose application to obtain refugee status started in 1996. About six million Afghan refugees fleeing civil war and violence have fled to Pakistan and Iran, making Afghanistan, the largest refugee-producing country in the world, a title it has held for 32 years. The relocation project initiated through the Ursuline’s Social Concerns Committee was organized and directed by Sr. Ruth Ann Haunz. It took months from notification to preparation to ready a place for the family to live. Cleaning, shopping, pick-up and delivery of furniture, donations of household items and cash, and applying the finishing touches were services performed by numerous Ursuline Sisters, Associates, employees, family and friends. Volunteer opportunities continue as the family acclimates to their new surroundings. If interested, please contact Sister Ruth Ann Haunz by email at rahaunz@bellsouth.net or by phone at (502) 777-6656. <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=98">To see photos, click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=496&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 7 Apr 2016 Foundation Honors Sister Paula and Other Alumni of Louisville’s Catholic SchoolsThe Catholic Education Foundation of Louisville, KY, spotlights the impact Catholic schools have on civic and corporate communities each year by recognizing significant leaders who are alumni at its “Salute to Catholic Alumni” event. Sister Paula Kleine-Kracht received recognition along with alumni from other area schools. During the March 16 event, Sister Paula addressed the audience. “I thank all those many individuals who are and were part of the programs with which I have been involved and thank the Catholic Education Foundation for working so hard to make Catholic education a reality for every child and every family in our Archdiocese.” Ursuline Sister Paula joined other honorees that included: Dr. Donald T. Donovan, Stephen C. James, Donald J. Kelly, Patricia A. Parks, Reverend G. Nicholas Rice, John S. Turner, Steven E. Trager and Kathleen M. Willenbrink. Sister Paula graduated from St. Therese Grade School, Sacred Heart Academy and Bellarmine-Ursuline College, all of Louisville. She studied further at the University of Notre Dame (South Bend, IN) and the University of Chicago (Chicago, IL). She has taught math and has served as principal at area high schools. Her educational background was a great resource when she, along with Father Tim Hogan of Louisville and benefactor Nick King, began Nativity Academy of St. Boniface (Louisville). Nativity Academy is a Catholic middle school program for children from low-income families. Her past accomplishments include recognition as an outstanding alumna of Sacred Heart Academy (2001) and receiving the Secondary Education Award from the Archdiocese of Louisville (2001). “Sister Paula Kleine-Kracht lives the Catholic faith by her actions,” said Nannette Mershon, who is Alumni Director of Sacred Heart Schools and has worked with Sister Paula for over 20 years. “Her work has touched countless lives through her hand in Catholic education. She is a blessing to the City of Louisville.” <b><i>Address by Sister Paula Kleine-Kracht at the “Salute to Catholic Alumni” Event</i></b> <i>(In the audience were Cardinal Timothy Dolan of the Archdiocese of New York, Archbishop Joseph Kurtz of Louisville and Rich Lechleiter, president of the Catholic Education Foundation)</i> Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop Kurtz, Rich, and members of the selection committee, thank you for selecting me for this honor. When Rich called me last November, two things immediately came to my mind—all the people who were and are part of the programs for which I am being honored and the fact that I probably would have about two minutes to say “thank you.” Very honestly, I do not consider myself a grateful person by nature. Saying “thank you” is never the first thing that comes to my mind. So Rich’s call caused me to reflect again on the question which helps me experience gratitude—“why?” Why did I experience all the people and events that have been part of my life? Why have I had all the privileges that I have had? The answer I always come to and probably most of you come to is: It is all God’s gift and God’s blessing. I didn’t deserve them. I didn’t earn them, but they are generously given—so I can only be grateful. And hopefully, we also realize that God given gifts and blessings are given to every person and they exist in all of creation. The only way to respond to this realization is trying to help others see their individual giftedness and their self-worth—the God-life within. I thank all those many individuals who are and were part of the programs with which I have been involved and thank the Catholic Education Foundation for working so hard to make Catholic education a reality for every child and every family in our Archdiocese. I am also aware of a comment by Rich that tonight I represent the thousands of women and men who as vowed religious worked in and built our Catholic school system. I feel sure that each of them knew themselves as graced and saw themselves as seeking to provide that same special gift to each person they taught and encountered. Many of us present this evening are the proof of their success. While today, people bemoan the loss of sisters and brothers working in the Catholic schools, I witness so many lay members of our Church teaching and leading our Catholic schools and providing that same important attitude. To those of you present tonight, I say “thank you” for all you do and bring to Catholic education. You are graced and you are gifted with God’s life. Thank you. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=495&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 31 Mar 2016 Sister Recognized for Helping the Show Go On at Indiana High SchoolSister Dolorita Lutsie received the Ray Day Award in March after 26 years of outstanding dedication and service to the performing arts department at Our Lady of Providence Junior-Senior High School in Clarksville, IN. Sister Dolorita served as ticket manager and assistant to the house manager for 15 years until she retired. She continued on to assist the house manager for a combined total of 26 years of service. The award is named after Ray Day, who began the theatrical group called Providence Players. Ray was an art teacher at the school for more than 35 years and has remained involved with the school. The award named in his honor was inaugurated in 2006. Congratulations, Sister Dolorita! http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=494&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgMon, 21 Mar 2016 World Day of Prayer Event Focuses on CubaUrsuline sisters and friends participated in a Louisville event on March 4 in conjunction with the World Day of Prayer. The gathering took place at the Third Lutheran Church and was organized by women from Cuba, which was the country chosen by participants to learn about and pray for during the past year. The event’s theme was “Receive Children, Receive Me.” “The depth of prayers, the moving songs and the CD presentation of Cuba were very enlightening,” wrote Sister Lee Kirchner, who attended the event with Sisters Annunciata Muth and Yuli Oncihuay. Ursuline friends Sue Portman Fitzgerald and Maria Scharfenberger also were present. The event brought together 11 different churches or denominations. Sisters Annunciata and Yuli served as receptionists. Sister Lee and five other women read testimonials. The program ended with an appealing selection of Cuban dishes attractively prepared. Sister Lee welcomes others who may want to participate in future World Days of Prayer. “It would be an uplifting activity for our community to assume in the future.” http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=493&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgWed, 16 Mar 2016 Dishing Up Peruvian Fun and FoodSister Yuli Oncihuay is from Peru and will be living in the Motherhouse for an extended period of time. She is a Montessori teacher from Peru’s Saint Angela Merici School, and felt at home recently sitting with children on the floor of Sacred Heart Preschool and sharing items from her native country. Accompanied by Sister Cabrini Hatley, Sister Yuli visited many preschool classrooms and the two sisters ended each presentation singing a song with the children. Sister Yuli has also visited the Motherhouse kitchen. With Ed Robinson of the Motherhouse Kitchen staff by her side, Sister Yuli created one of her specialties, Arroz Con Pollo (Chicken and Rice). We’re sure the sisters enjoyed this international culinary experience created by Sister Yuli as a reminder of her home. Bienvenida, Sister Yuli! <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=96">To see photos of Sr. Yuli's visit, click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=492&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgTue, 8 Mar 2016 St. Joseph Catholic Orphan Society Recognizes Sister Loretta Guenther for her Continued SupportUrsuline Sister Loretta Guenther was honored at the annual meeting Feb. 2 of the St. Joseph Catholic Orphan Society. Sister Loretta was a house parent at St. Joseph Children’s Home for 36 years, and joined the Society when it came into existence during that time. “I was like a mother, like a father, like a priest,” she said of her time as a house parent to little and big boys and girls. “When they asked questions I had to be there for them.” Being a nun often lessened children’s anxieties and their questions allowed her to share her faith. She recalled one “little fella” whose mother had recently left him. “He said, ‘Will you take me home with you? My mother doesn’t want me.’ I said, ‘I don’t have to take you home. I’m going to be here with you tomorrow if God wants me to be.’” The boy didn’t know who God was and Sister Loretta explained that God was Creator and that his son, Jesus, loved him. “He loves me?” the boy asked. “Sure, honey,” replied the sister. Years later, the boy shared with Sister Loretta, “My mother didn’t want me but you did.” Moments like those have warmed the heart of Sister Loretta, whose time as a house parent was chronicled in the book, Love’s Home: The Works and Wonders of St. Joseph Children’s Home 1849-2002, by author Glenn Rutherford. Glenn wrote, “Sister Guenther was from a large family--she was one of 11 children—so she was accustomed to the bustle of young people, and the need to guide and comfort them.” Sister Loretta, herself, also spoke of her ministry in the book, recalling how she worked as cook for a time. (“I made chili, made hamburgers in the skillet and that really spoiled the kids. They loved hamburgers made that way.”) She remembered Sister Annette Rutledge, a “fixture” at St. Joseph. “I can’t remember the year, but Sister Annette asked me to take over the big boys and I was a little concerned about that. And I remember praying, ‘Lord, if you would, please give me the guidance I’ll need to do this job.’” She lived at the Home to give the children a sense of stability. “Sometimes we were the only constant thing in their lives,” Sister Loretta said in Rutherford’s book. These days Sister Loretta, who is 84, participates in special events at St. Joseph, where she enjoys visiting with workers and volunteers. She supports the Society’s mission, which is to aid in providing a home for 300 children each year. She received a rosary from the Society for her continued support of St. Joseph, a special place that always brings a smile to one of its motherly sisters. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=491&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 3 Mar 2016 Tell a Sister ‘Thank you’ During National Catholic Sister Week, March 8-14In elementary school they taught you how to read, to write and to perform in the school band or play (and sometimes, unbeknownst to others, they fed you a bowl of cereal before school because there wasn’t much in the pantry at home). In high school, they introduced you to Shakespeare, balancing equations and Calculus, and they played and coached basketball, field hockey and volleyball out of love for the game. In life, they have fed your faith and inspired you to look out for others and to make the world a better place. Now, it’s your turn to say ‘Thank you’ to the Catholic sisters for their gifts of ministry. Take a moment during National Catholic Sisters Week (March 8-14) to say thank you to an Ursuline Sister. Please address your envelope as follows: Sister’s Name Ursuline Sisters of Louisville 3105 Lexington Road Louisville, KY 40206 National Catholic Sisters Week is supported by a $3.3 million grant from the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, and is headquartered at St. Catherine University in St. Paul, MN. The weeklong project is held annually in conjunction with National Women’s History Month. An extension of National Catholic Sisters Week is “SisterStory.” Throughout the year, NCSW collects stories sent by individuals about their experiences with women religious. “Our intention is to demystify religious life – the vows of poverty, celibacy and obedience, the experience of living in community, the desire to belong totally to God – by sharing the stories of Catholic sisters,” the website explains. Read and view other people’s stories or consider sharing your own at: https://www.sisterstory.org/. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=489&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgTue, 1 Mar 2016 Archdiocesan Mass Honors JubilariansArchdiocesan Mass Honors Jubilarians Sisters Brendan Conlon, Rosella McCormick, Evelina Pisaneschi and Millie Mae Rueff joined other religious women and men at St. Gabriel Church on Feb. 7 to celebrate jubilee anniversaries at a special Mass. Archbishop Joseph Kurtz presided at the celebratory liturgy. Other Ursuline jubilarians this year, who were not able to attend the event, are Sisters Dorothy Frankrone, Loretta Krajewski, Rose Ann Muller and Martha Staarman. The mass came at the conclusion of the Year of Consecrated Life. Archbishop Kurtz thanked the individuals before him for being willing to commit their lives to doing God’s work. “I’m sure that today you are bringing with you all the memories and commitment you’ve made over the years,” he said. “Think of how those commitments have filled up this church over time.” During the liturgy, jubilarians renewed their vows and all were treated to refreshments and fellowship to end the event. If you’d like to send a congratulatory card or note, please address it to the sister at Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, 3105 Lexington Road, Louisville, KY, 40206. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=487&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 25 Feb 2016 Ursuline Sister, Associate Recognized at Alumnae EventThe Alumnae Association of Sacred Heart Academy recently honored two from the Ursuline Community. Sister Rita Joseph Jarrell (Class of ’62) received the association’s highest honor, the Alumna of the Year Award, for her enriching contribution to the community. Among other areas of ministry, Sister Rita Joseph has a long history of assisting cancer survivors, acts as Area and State Trainer for the Reach and Recovery Program, and is a chaplain at Hosparus. The Alumnae Association also recognized Ursuline Associate Theresa Butler (Class of ’57) among its Heart Award recipients in recognition of her ministry. Theresa works as Associate Call Director, sits on the Ursulines’ Social Justice Committee and is active at St. Williams Church (Louisville). Please read the following for details about the awards and their recipients. Alumna of the Year: This award of highest honor is given to an alumna who has contributed significantly to her community and enriched the lives of those around her. As a graduate of Sacred Heart Academy, her outstanding accomplishments bring distinction to the school and the strong foundation it fosters in young women. Sr. Rita Joseph Jarrell, OSU Class of 1962 Over the last 32 years, Sister Rita Joseph has given endless hours to assist cancers survivors with the American Cancer Society and Kentucky Cancer Society. In addition to acting as Area and State Trainer for the Reach to Recovery program, she continues to serve as a Volunteer Visitor, often taking on difficult visits that require a special touch. Sr. Rita helped organize a group of Reach to Recovery volunteers to serve as a steering committee for the program. Many of the standards developed from this committee are now a part of the program nationwide. She is a true advocate for survivorship issues. She was a member for several years on the Survivorship Committee for the Kentucky Comprehensive Cancer Control coalition. She is a vocal advocacy volunteer, attending Lobby Days and Celebration on the Hill in Washington, D.C. and serving as Advocacy Chair for her Relay for Life event. At the same time, she volunteers to teach others with chronic illnesses how to improve their well-being through Live Well Workshops, an evidence-based curriculum developed by Stanford University and taught all over the world. After serving as a successful principal and educator through her years, Sr. Rita went through the rigorous training of clinical pastoral education and achieved board certification by the National Association of Catholic Chaplains. Her current ministry as chaplain for Hosparus provides compassionate care and accompaniment for her patients and families during their difficult end of life journey. Sr. Rita’s witness of self-less giving and use of her energy for the sake of anyone in need is an inspiration to all who cross her path. Truly, she is a Valkyrie- A strong woman with a loving and brave heart for all. Heart Award Heart Awards are given to graduates or persons who have contributed in a significant way to the SHA community or their community or nation at large. Theresa Butler Class of 1957 Theresa Butler Class was among the original members of the St. William community that was reborn in the late sixties to implement the teachings of the Vatican II. Through the years, she continued to be an active member, serving as Chair of the Worship Committee, the Service Committee, the Parish Council and for many years, Chair of the Peace and Justice Committee. In the 1980’s when people in Central America needed a safe place to escape the violence in their countries, Theresa was one of the leaders of a community-wide effort to provide sanctuary for them. More recently, she has been active on the committee that nourishes the relationship St. William has with a parish in Esquipulas, Nicaragua. She has traveled there to help grow both the relationship and the programs that assist families to receive medical care and adequate nutrition. In her professional life, Theresa was on the faculty at the University of Louisville (UofL). She became Director of the Dental Hygiene Program and was elected by her coworkers to the Faculty Senate and later was elected chairperson of that body. She also worked on the Commission on the Status of Women that sought to help women advance in their work life. After leaving UofL, Theresa has worked as the Director of the Associates for the Ursuline Sisters. She feels it is very important for people who are not called to a consecrated life to have the opportunity for spiritual growth and community support. She is constantly looking for ways to determine the needs of the young, the disabled, the elderly and the broken and how the Associates can meet those needs. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=486&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgWed, 24 Feb 2016 Ursuline Sisters’ Ministry in Smoketown Changed LivesBeginning in 1865, Louisville’s Oldest African American Community, Smoketown, benefitted from the presence and teaching ministry of the Ursuline Sisters. Forty-eight Sisters taught at St. Peter Claver School from 1908 to 1967, where 42% of the neighborhood residents were members of the parish. It was the second African American church and elementary school in Louisville, KY. On Sunday, January 17, 2016 a photo tribute to 150 years of the historic neighborhood was on display at Wayside Expressions Gallery. Ursuline Associate and Founder of the Pride and Heritage Committee, Ruby Hyde, worked for months to put together a visual timeline of photos and printed materials. Former residents, students, Ursuline Sisters, friends, family and dignitaries perused the exhibition during the afternoon opening and reception. Ruby said, “Life lessons and education were the core curricula for boys and girls attending St. Peter Claver. Today many of the former students are civic and business leaders. The Ursulines put so much time into our education and were mentors to many families in the neighborhood. The priests and sisters gave us a solid spiritual foundation.” In particular, Ruby noted the influence of Fr. Simon and Ursuline Sr. Inez Stauble. <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=95">To see photos from the event, click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=482&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 28 Jan 2016 Celebrations of Song and Soup Mark St. Angela's Feast Day, Year of Mercy 2016Ursuline Sisters and Associates, teachers, students and co-workers participated in events across the Ursuline Campus to honor the legacy of foundress St. Angela Merici, a woman of great faith and a pioneer of teaching Christian living. Among events recognizing the important day, children from Sacred Heart Preschool performed the song “Holy Ground” in the Motherhouse Chapel prior to daily mass at 11:15 a.m. <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UY-cbnjmdp8&feature=youtu.be">(Listen and watch the performance here.)</a> Fr. Mark Spalding presided over a school-wide mass at Sacred Heart Academy, and USAE co-workers enjoyed a soup lunch in Brescia Hall, named after the birthplace of the saint who was known for her wisdom and the gifts of hospitality and discernment. One of the capstone events of the day began at 5 p.m. when sisters and associates gathered across Lexington Road at White Hall for a light supper of soup and sandwiches. By 6:30 p.m., they were outside of the chapel, at which time Sister Janet Marie Peterworth, president of the Ursulines of Louisville, blessed the newly painted red chapel doors in recognition of the Year of Mercy, called for by Pope Francis. At 7 p.m., the congregation sang Vespers to mark the jubilee year. They prayed Psalm 103 (“The Lord is Kind and Merciful.”), listened to an excerpt from the Holy Father’s homily called “The Embrace of God’s Mercy,” prayed intercessions and the Our Father and then departed, singing “The Circle of Mercy” by Jeannette Goglia, RSM. To mark the day, sisters distributed a special prayer card with the following prayer: “God, you are a God of mystery who loves all of your creation. Keep our hearts sensitive and compassionate toward those who are undervalued by others. Give us the wisdom to put ourselves in their place, to identify with their struggles, and to bring the warm heart of Angela Merici to all who inhabit our earth. May we be your tender arm of compassion and your gentle voice of acceptance and unconditional love. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.” http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=483&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 28 Jan 2016 Louisville Newspaper Spotlights St. Mary's Center Program"It's a beautiful site to see." Those are the words spoken by Ursuline Sister Regina Marie Bevelacqua when describing students constructing the Papa John's pizza boxes at St. Mary's Center in Louisville, KY. Louisville's Courier-Journal Newspaper recently spotlighted the box-making efforts of students in a printed news story and video. <a href="http://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/local/2016/01/14/st-marys-group-papa-johns-think-outside-box/78748304/">Follow this link to read and listen to the story.</a> Sister Regina and Ursuline Associate Mary Jo Payne co-founded St. Mary's Center in 1993. The center serves about 150 adults and operates to meet each individual's social, educational, recreational and spiritual needs. Papa John's Pizza is one business among others that have made the dreams of many into a reality. Sister Regina said, "This whole place is a community effort." http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=480&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgTue, 19 Jan 2016 Motherhouse Fire: Remembering the ‘Wild Day’ 40 Years AgoOn the morning of January 11, 1976, an electrical fire erupted in the upper floors of the Motherhouse’s West Wing. Sister M. Salesia McFall discovered the fire on the third floor just as the sisters had gone to breakfast. Sister Patti Ann Thompson was carrying breakfast trays to rooms of sisters who couldn’t walk. She quickly realized the need to evacuate and sounded the alert to others including Sister Mary Celine Hellman, who asked if she’d have time to finish breakfast first. “I looked out the window and could see flames,” Sister Patti Ann recalled. “I told her that the food was already cold.” Details of this event are noted in Under His Mighty Power, a book by Sister Helen Margaret Schweri chronicling the history of the Ursulines of Louisville. Fire fighters were on the scene within minutes, and they confined the flames to one wing of the large complex. Aid came from Metropolitan Social Services, the Salvation Army, Medic Inc. of Jeffersonville and Professional Ambulance Service, Inc., which provided free ambulances for sisters throughout the day. Benefactors and city officials also wrote letters offering assistance. “Virtually simultaneously with the sounds of sirens was the rush of telephone calls, offering help, from almost everywhere that the Ursulines were known.” Uprooted by the fire, Ursuline Sisters initially stayed with the Sisters of Mercy and Sisters of the Good Shepherd; one sister was at the Nazareth Motherhouse in Bardstown. They also stayed in parish convents. Later, all Ursulines resided in the Sisters of Charity’s new Nazareth Building on Newburg Road until the Motherhouse was reconstructed and another building was re-purposed as an infirmary and renamed Marian Home. The love and care others expressed in the fire’s aftermath “warmed every Ursuline heart,” Sister Helen wrote. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=479&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgMon, 11 Jan 2016 Trip to Commemorate 50 Years in Peru Shows Fruits of Ursulines’ Efforts and Grateful HeartsThe love that the people of Callao and San Miguel, Peru, have for the Ursulines of Louisville was enthusiastically on display amid celebrations and gatherings during recent trips by a handful of sisters. <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=94">To see photos from the trip, click here.</a> <b>Callao, Peru</b> The milestone sparking the trip to South America was the 50th anniversary of the Santa Angela School in Callao. Student-teacher performances, a play and a parade were among the many encounters the sisters experienced as part of a sincere demonstration of the community’s gratitude and love. The contingency of Ursuline Sisters from Louisville and Toledo, OH, as well as Ursuline friends Maria Scharfenberger and her daughter Fernanda, traveled to the country in October where three Louisville Ursulines and one from Toledo continue to minister. The sisters traveling to visit with Ursuline Sisters Kathy Neely, Sue Scharfenberger and Yuli Oncihuay (all of Louisville) and Toledo Ursuline Sister Carol Reamer included Sisters Janet Marie Peterworth, Agnes Coveney, Lee Kirchner and Martha Staarman. They began their journey in Callao, a village outside of Lima, where festivities included a showcase of song and dance performed by school children, a play about St. Angela Merici and a parade followed by a picnic luncheon. Ursuline President Sister Janet Marie said of the experience, “As Peter said to Jesus, ‘Lord, it is good for us to be here.’” A meeting and party with Ursuline Associates of Callao was also a highlight of the first leg of the trip. “So many said what Angela meant to them and how the Ursulines have influenced them and taught them how to be better and prayerful women leaders,” Sister Janet Marie shared in an email message to those back home. “After dinner there was ‘mucho’ dancing and laughing.” <b>San Miguel</b> While a few of the travelers to Peru returned to the States, others continued on to San Miguel where Sister Kathy directs a rehabilitation center for those with physical challenges. Sister Agnes commented on this leg of the trip. “In the days there, we met and spoke with many of the Catechists, the Associates, the Communidad Angelina, as well as the priests and parishioners who helped build up the faith and life of San Miguel and other mountain towns and villages. The people expressed deep gratitude to Sister Kathy for her presence and ministry there now and for all of the Ursuline Sisters who have lived and worked in San Miguel over the years.” Upon the return of all travelers to the United States, Sister Lee expressed a deep appreciation for the opportunity to visit a country where she has roots, as she was one of the first Ursuline Sisters of Louisville to Peru, along with Sister Martha Staarman. From Sister Lee: “This thank you has been in my heart since I have returned from ‘my home away from home’ trip to Peru. Your affirming wishes and prayers added to the peaceful, inspiring and grateful time shared with hundreds of our Peruvian families. The following is a squinting glimpse of the happiness and blessings full of gratitude. <b>G</b>…God, our faithful, living presence forever with us in our daily lives. <b>R</b>…Remembering 50 years of walking, praying and struggling together. <b>A</b>…Angela, special angels and many other amigas, amigos united in love. <b>C</b>…Celebrations with song, dance and unending hugs. <b>I</b>…Interchanging stories of the beginnings and the nows. <b>A</b>…Always, always dreaming and moving onward together in our mission. <b>S</b>…Sisters OSU-sacred bond, my blood family, and our Peruvian families I am so grateful for your presence in my life.” Sister Lee At mass in San Miguel, the pastor of the local church delivered a homily on the impact of the Ursulines in the area. Below are the words of Father Juan Ruiz Peño. (Homily, Mass of Thanksgiving for the 50 years of the Ursulines in Peru. Text: Luke 10, 17-24) Good evening, brothers and sisters. I want to share some reflections with you in this mass of Thanksgiving for the 50 years of life, of dedication and witness of the Ursuline Sisters here in our country. They have been celebrating with diverse activities for the 50 years in Carmen de la Legua, Callao, with the Christian Community and with the school Saint Angela Merici that they founded. According to what we have talked about, they have been days very intense especially of thanksgiving and celebration. Our parish and our people of San Miguel unite with them in their celebration; and we have wanted to unite with them in a small but significant tribute of recognition and gratitude to the Ursuline Sisters, our sisters and friends. I have some ideas and reflections that I share with all of you with joy. 1. Gratitude I BELIEVE THAT THE FIRST SENTIMENT THAT FLOWERS FROM OUR HEARTS IS THAT OF GRATITUDE. Gratitude to God from whom we receive all of life, gratitude to the family, the friends, the loved ones, and the people of God. Gratitude comforts the spirit and makes the heart happy. We do not stop thanking God because our projects are blessed by God and are part of his projects of love toward us and to all who open the doors of their lives to walk together in life. Thanks for leaving part of your life, of your dreams and of your talents with our people. Thank you for your witness of religious life to God and to others. I am convinced of the great good that religious life does in the towns of our country. Our Pope Francis reminds us in saying that religious life is the felt and eloquent witness of the nearness of the kindness of our God, of his love, of his great presence for all of us, especially for the sick, the afflicted, and all those who need love. 2. The Mission I think and I believe it, that the mission of the Ursuline Sisters has been and continues to be very important in Peru, in Callao, and also here in our town with the presence recently of Sister Kathy. I am convinced that no mission of Evangelization, like that of the priests, of the Sister Catechists and of the Ursuline Sisters is disconnected from the great loving project of God for his people. Besides, it is God who accompanies us always, as he led the history of his people, taking them from slavery, toward the conquest of freedom. God never abandons us in the effort to overcome situations of poverty and slavery in which sometimes we find ourselves and not only that, but besides strengthens us to accomplish it. The mission of the Ursuline Sisters in our country and in the school has been to plant and plant again, a beautiful task but difficult and sometimes not understood, and tiring also. Following their celebrations by Internet, a beautiful sign located at the front of their school in Callao caught my attention. It said: “50 years planting values in the hearts of our people.” What a beautiful theme, truly! This makes me remember the labor of our farmers, who dedicate their lives to preparing the earth, planting seeds, with the hope of a good harvest. They not only are dedicated in placing the seed in the ground, but in addition, water and care for what is planted, giving fertilizer and now and then taking out the weeds. All of this work, difficult and hard for sure, they do with much passion and dedication and above all with the hope that God will give a recompense for their effort. This is the life of missionaries: this is and has been the life of the Ursuline Sisters, who dedicated themselves to planting the love of God in our hearts; leaving it to God that the harvest would be productive and beneficial. 3. THERE IS MORE JOY IN GIVING THAN IN RECEIVING: (AND I FINISH THIS THIRD IDEA SO AS NOT TO TIRE YOU TOO MUCH.) This is a phrase well known to all of us: there is more joy in giving than in receiving” . . . a phrase that POPE Francis, who we love very much, has repeated many times. He reminded us of this recently in his visit to the United States. Hopefully, in remembering it tonight, we all leave convinced of the great satisfaction that it produces in us if we practice it. The task and mission of all of us is to give and serve as the example of Jesus, our friend and companion on the journey. Giving and receiving without hoping for anything in return, without hoping for applause or recognition. It is giving of oneself of all that we are, our lives, our time, and our talents. It does not consist in giving things, not even little moments of our time, nor even of giving gifts. It is giving of oneself, and in that self-giving, giving life completely, and even more, if we give with joy. Dear brothers and sisters, I believe that this has been the life of the Ursuline Sisters in our country and in our town of San Miguel and for that we are very grateful. It must also be our own lives, that of giving of ourselves. Let’s not be afraid of giving always. Let’s not look for applause or compensation. Besides, in this giving of life for others, it is much more about what one receives from others, always and whenever one gives of oneself. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=478&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgTue, 15 Dec 2015 At Home and in El Salvador, Ursulines Pray for El Salvadoran MartyrsAmid the sobering reality of terror in our present day, Ursuline Sisters, Associates and others from the surrounding community gathered on December 2 for a prayer service to remember the tragic events that unfolded 35 years ago when four church women were brutally murdered in El Salvador. Ursuline President Janet Marie Peterworth marked the tragic day in El Salvador. Sister Margaret Ann Hagan, presider at the Louisville event, began the service, saying, “Where does one begin on a night like this? El Salvador? The World Trade Center? Paris? San Bernardino? What followed her words was a stirring service and tribute to Cleveland Ursuline Sister Dorothy Kazel, lay missioner Jean Donovan, and Maryknoll Sisters Maura Clarke and Ita Ford. On Dec. 2, 1980, the four women were kidnapped, raped and murdered by El Salvadoran soldiers. The government targeted religious for their work with the poor, work they saw as in league with the rebels they labeled as communists. Archbishop Oscar Romero, six Jesuit priests, along with their housekeeper and her daughter, were also martyred during the tumultuous time and remembered for their courageous witness in defense of the basic human rights they espoused for the poor who lived in a country where 2 percent of the population controlled 60 percent of the land. The prayer service recognized the 12,000 people of El Salvador, mainly Indian peasants, who were murdered in 1980 with U.S. supported weapons and aid. Reliable church sources attribute most of the deaths and all of the torture to government-controlled security forces. The 12-year civil war saw citizens deliberately targeted and terrorized, with thousands kidnapped and killed without a trace. The United Nations estimates 75,000 people were killed. The prayer service included poetry, scripture, reflection, songs such as “The Lord Hears the Cry of the Poor,” as well as a call to be “presente” in the world with the same courage, love and “guts to live for something really worthwhile,” as the martyrs did. Before concluding, the congregation participated in a Litany of Acceptance during which those present pledged to open their hearts, face their fears, educate themselves, stand with people who suffer, speak out against oppression and live in solidarity with the poor. Also on December 2, as the Louisville congregation prepared for and participated in the prayer service, Ursuline President Sister Janet Marie Peterworth was in El Salvador walking in the footsteps of the martyred church women. In an email describing a memorial mass for the victims she wrote, "We arrived at the site of the murder and walked in procession in silence onto the property. There is a white cross monument. We put our roses around the base. By the time I got there the chapel was full. It is a simple but beautiful place, and it was crowded with El Salvadoran people from base communities from all over. They came in pickup trucks, on buses, and on foot. They love the missionaries and are determined to keep their memory alive. The government officials say, 'It has been 35 years, let's forget it and move on.' The poor will not let that happen." <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=93">To see photos from the event, click here.</a> <i>(Sister Julia Davis contributed to this story.)</i> <b>El Salvador</b> by Robert Scullin, SJ Let it be no more Than just a passing storm That hides the sun That makes me run for cover From a reign of terror. I will recover All the frightened In these mountains I will hide them from the guns. Let it be no more The fearful quiet At the end of day Let it be no more The terror of the night. The bloody search The dollars sent for weapons. Peasant, bishop, victims. That stills my voice from singing Love songs for the missing. I will recover All their music In these mountains I will teach the hills their song. Humble people vanish I will recover All their features In these mountains I will shape them with my song. Let it be no more The horror beyond words Of bloodied limbs And severed heads that stare in anguish. I will recover All their stories In these mountains I will give the hills their names. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=477&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgMon, 7 Dec 2015 Ursuline Sisters Honored for Staffing School at St. Joseph Parish's 150th AnniversaryOn Sunday, November 15, 2015, the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, Franciscan Friars of Cincinnati, Sisters of Mercy and Diocesan priests were honored at the Unity Mass and Brunch celebrating the 150th anniversary of St. Joseph Parish in Louisville, KY. The theme of the celebration was “Reflect, Rejoice, Renew.” On this anniversary date, the church was filled with songs and readings in both English and Spanish. Father David G. Sánchez, pastor and the first ordained Hispanic priest in the Archdiocese of Louisville, acknowledged the significant contributions of the religious groups in establishing, serving and supporting the parish for more than a century. He playfully slapped his wrist and, looking at the Ursuline Sisters, thanked them for their patience as teachers. He said the religious brought joy, values and traditions to the parish. Ursuline Sisters served St. Joseph school and parish from 1867 until 1984, with the exception of four years, 1872 – 1874 (the Sisters of Loretto staffed the school) and 1975-1977. A display of photographs, programs and memorabilia were viewed by over 300 people who attended the mass and brunch. <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=92">To see photos from the event, click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=476&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgTue, 17 Nov 2015 Sisters Recognized for Forming Lives of Excellence in South CarolinaCardinal Newman High School in Columbia, SC, honored outstanding alumni and benefactors at a special Mass and brunch at the school on October 25. Family and friends of the honorees joined together at Mass and then shared a brunch served by Cardinal Newman students. The principal, Jacqueline Kasprowski, read a short biography of each honoree and then presented each with a trophy. The individual then spoke as to what his or her education at the school had done for them. Several mentioned the influence of the Ursuline Sisters who taught them. Sister Maria Goretti Lovett, who currently teaches first grade at St. Joseph Catholic School in Columbia, expressed her surprise at receiving recognition for what she just does each day! Sister Paula Kleine-Kracht accepted the award for Sister Vera Gardner, who was inducted into the John Henry Newman Society for her dedication to Catholic education. (See the remembrance about Sister Vera below.) Other sisters in attendance included: Leadership Councilor Sister Paula Kleine-Kracht, who officially represented the Ursuline Sisters; Sister Julienne Guy, (Both are former faculty members of CNHS); Sister Donata Kokot, former teacher in Columbia Catholic schools; and Sister Martha Jacob. <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=91">To see photos from the event, click here.</a> <b>A History of the Ursulines’ Ministry in South Carolina</b> Sister Martha Jacob, archivist for the Ursulines, explained the history of the Ursulines in South Carolina. The first Ursulines to South Carolina came from Black Rock, Ireland, in 1834. Another religious congregation was also there and the bishop at the time “did not see a need” for two religious communities and dismissed the Ursulines. In 1858, Bishop Patrick Lynch brought the Ursulines to Columbia. His sister, Mother Baptista, was the first superior of the group, Sister Martha explained. The sisters opened a boarding school for girls in 1858 but by the 1930s the number of sisters was down to 13 and the school, called Ursuline High School, lost its accreditation. In 1938, these sisters merged with the Ursulines of Louisville. Sisters from Louisville then traveled to teach in Columbia. In 1957 the property of Ursuline High School was transferred to the Diocese of Charleston and the name was changed to Catholic High School of Columbia, and then changed in 1961 to Cardinal Newman High School. In 1989 the school took on grades 7 and 8 and dropped “high” from its name. In January 2016 the school is scheduled to move into its new building. (Sister Martha Jacob contributed to this story.) <b>Remembering Sister Vera Gardner</b> <i>Courtesy of the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville Archives</i> “I’m leaving here physically, but there’s a part of me that will always be here. There’s no doubt about it,” said Sister Vera Gardner 30 years ago, as she said goodbye for the first time to Cardinal Newman High School. Sister arrived at Cardinal Newman High School in 1965 and subsequently served as teacher, acting principal, assistant principal and head guidance counselor. In 1985, she left Columbia to study at the Washington Theological Union in D.C., and returned in 1992 to serve as a guidance counselor and as an administrative assistant to then Principal Harold Bayerl. Sister Vera remained at Cardinal Newman until 1998, when she said goodbye for the second time and returned to the Ursuline Motherhouse in Louisville, KY. Students and faculty wrote that she affected the lives of many. Students noted that she encouraged them to tap their academic potential, and that she was always kind and understanding. Colleagues spoke of her support and encouragement. Sister said of the Cardinal Newman community, “My duties often require the cooperation of teachers as well as students. I don’t recall a time when that cooperation was not there.” Sister Vera was born in Louisville, KY, in 1922 and entered the Ursuline Sisters in 1941. She was given the religious name, Sister Evangelista, but returned to her baptismal name when that was an option in the 1960s. Her preparation for a ministry in education included a BS from Ursuline College in Louisville, and an MA from Xavier University in Cincinnati, and additional study at Duquesne, Marquette, Notre Dame, Spalding and Catholic universities, and even courses at the University of South Carolina. She began teaching at Saint Boniface parish school in Evansville, IN, in 1943, and taught in parish schools in Jackson, MS; Morgantown, WV; Louisville and Pittsburgh, PA, before arriving in Columbia. She also served as a pastoral assistant at Holy Spirit Parish in Jamestown, KY, and as the coordinator at Marian Home, the nursing facility of the Ursuline Sisters. Sister Vera passed away on January 7, 2010, in Louisville, KY. An endowment at USC in honor of Sister Vera was established in 1996 to fund university scholarships for Cardinal Newman graduates. The Cardinal Newman community was richly blessed by the 26 years of dedication, service and love of Sister Vera Gardner. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=475&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgMon, 16 Nov 2015 100 Women Religious Travel to El Salvador to Seek Justice for Murdered Missionaries Louisville, KY, November 12, 2015: On November 28, 2015, Sister Janet Marie Peterworth, president of the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, will be among a delegation of 100 women religious and community leaders who will travel to El Salvador to mark the 35th anniversary of the martyrdom of four U.S. missionaries who were assassinated by the Salvadoran military for their advocacy on behalf of refugees and the poor. It was on December 2, 1980, that Maryknoll Sisters Ita Ford and Maura Clarke, Ursuline Sister Dorothy Kazel, and lay volunteer Jean Donovan were martyred while working with the most vulnerable Salvadoran communities, especially children orphaned by the violence of the war. After 35 years, justice remains to be obtained for the murders of the four women and the thousands of Salvadorans killed during the war. The delegation will include a pilgrimage to the martyrdom site of the four churchwomen to hear first-hand testimonies by people who knew them as well as meetings with grassroots movement leaders, human rights defenders, and mothers of the disappeared. The delegation will also explore root causes of migration to the U.S. and the current challenges impoverished communities face, including increasing violence. “I will be representing Region VI of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious on this delegation,” said Sister Peterworth. “It is especially significant that I am going on this pilgrimage because one of the martyred sisters - Sister Dorothy Kazel - is an Ursuline Sister from Cleveland, OH. While we are not of the same Ursuline congregation, we do share the charism of St. Angela Merici, and I feel as though I knew Dorothy. It is a privilege to be a part of this delegation and to learn more about oppression in this area. When I return, I hope to be able to share my experience with others so they will know more about the present situation in El Salvador.” There will be a prayer service on Wednesday, December 2, at 7:00 p.m. in the Ursuline Motherhouse Chapel (3115 Lexington Road). All are invited to attend. Also making the journey is Jose Artiga, executive director of SHARE El Salvador, a 35-year-old organization which strengthens solidarity with and among the Salvadoran people in El Salvador and in the U.S. “We want to remember Ita, Maura, Dorothy and Jean alive in the struggle of women. We carry their spirits forward by supporting women’s vegetable gardens, education for girls, human rights advocates, and women running for political office. This delegation is a special opportunity to remind ourselves of the champions who are leading their communities toward a future of justice.” Many remember the service and sacrifices of the martyred sisters, including LCWR President Marcia Allen, CSJ, who will travel with the delegation. “It will be a privilege to walk the land they walked and to remember yet again the gift they were to the people of El Salvador—the people with whom they shared God’s love.” The delegation will be in El Salvador from November 28 to December 5, 2015. Historical Background Thirty-five years ago on December 2, 1980, Maryknoll Sisters Ita Ford and Maura Clarke, Ursuline sister Dorothy Kazel, and lay volunteer Jean Donovan were martyred in El Salvador where they were living and working with the most vulnerable Salvadoran communities, especially children orphaned by the violence of the war. In the aftermath of their death, hundreds of women religious and lay women volunteered to take their place accompanying the people of El Salvador. Over the last three decades, women religious have stood with the people of El Salvador through war, natural disaster, and social and economic crises. Their congregations continue to provide material aid for the reconstruction of El Salvador, to support women’s projects around the country, and to fight for immigrant rights throughout the region and in the United States. _______________________________________ SHARE El Salvador: SHARE is a 35-year-old organization which strengthens solidarity with and among the Salvadoran people in El Salvador and the U.S. in the struggle for economic sustainability, justice, and human and civil rights. SHARE’s work includes binational projects and programming in El Salvador and the U.S. guided by core values of: women’s empowerment, citizen participation, leadership development and environmental sustainability. LCWR: The Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) is an association of the leaders of congregations of Catholic women religious in the United States. The conference has nearly 1400 members, who represent more than 80 percent of the 51,600 women religious in the United States. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=474&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 12 Nov 2015 Presentation Delves into Pope’s Second Encyclical on CreationAmid mounting evidence of man’s negative impact on the environment, Ursuline Sisters, Associates and friends gathered in the Motherhouse Library for a presentation about Pope Francis’ second encyclical called Laudato Si’ (Praise Be to You – On the Care for Our Common Home). Fr. Jim Flynn, a priest for the Archdiocese of Louisville, facilitated the event in mid-October, which included a Power Point presentation and discussion. Fr. Jim touched on points expressed in the letter by the Holy Father, who characterized his reflection as both joyful and troubling: “The entire material universe speaks of God’s love, his boundless affection for us. Soil, water, mountains; everything is, as it were, a caress of God.” (Laudato Si) People must act responsibly, the Holy Father writes. “All of us can cooperate as instruments of God for the care of creation.” The encyclical quotes a portion of St. Francis of Assisi’s well-known poem, “Canticle of Brother Sun and Sister Moon,” and was shared at the event. <i>Praised be You my Lord with all Your creatures, especially Sir Brother Sun, Who is the day through whom You give us light. And he is beautiful and radiant with great splendour, Of You Most High, he bears the likeness. Praised be You, my Lord, through Sister Moon and the stars, In the heavens you have made them bright, precious and fair. Praised be You, my Lord, through Brothers Wind and Air, And fair and stormy, all weather's moods, by which You cherish all that You have made. -St. Francis of Assisi</i> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=473&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgTue, 10 Nov 2015 Spirits Warmed at Annual Cluster GatheringTwenty-three Ursuline Sisters and Associates of Louisville joined other sisters and associates from Brown County, Cincinnati and Toledo for the annual Cluster Gathering at Butler State Park in Carrollton, KY. Following a synopsis of the history of the Ursulines from St. Angela Merici to the present by Cabrini Durkin, representatives of the four high schools sponsored by the participating communities gave presentations about their schools. Missy McLaughlin, Amy Olson and Pat Wathen spoke about Sacred Heart Academy and the Charism class that began last year. “It truly warmed the heart to see and hear how each of these schools has imbibed the Angeline spirit into their academics,” Ursulines of Louisville President Sister Janet Marie Peterworth remarked about the October 3 event. “The legacy of Ursuline education is in good hands!” While the weather outside was overcast, the atmosphere among those gathered for the cluster was anything but cold and dreary. <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=90">To see photos from the event, click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=472&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 5 Nov 2015 WLKY Features Ursulines in Story on Women ReligiousOn <b>Monday, November 2, at 11 p.m.</b>, WLKY aired a news story on the changing role and lifestyle of women religious in recent years. The story features the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville. WLKY investigative reporter Jennifer Baileys and WLKY cameraman Scott Eckhardt visited the Ursuline Campus this fall for the story initiated by Jennifer. She interviewed Ursuline President Sister Janet Marie Peterworth, who celebrates 60 years as an Ursuline this year, and Sister Katherine Corbett, the newest member of the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville. Sister Katherine professed perpetual vows as a member of the Louisville Ursulines on November 17, 2013. The news story includes footage inside the Motherhouse as well as from the sisters’ participation in the construction of the “Wake Up the World” Habitat House in recognition of the Year of Consecrated Life. <a href="http://www.wlky.com/news/the-number-of-nuns-is-declining-nationwide/36223214">Here's a link to the story in case you missed it. </a> <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=89">To see a few behind the scenes photos, click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=471&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 29 Oct 2015 2015 SHA Scholars HonoredMembers of the Ursuline Leadership Council attended the annual scholars brunch this fall where they were on hand to acknowledge the newest scholar and past Ursuline scholars from Sacred heart Academy. Since 1991, the Ursuline Sisters have awarded an academic and leadership scholarship to an incoming freshman at Sacred Heart Academy. The newest scholar is freshman Rose Diffey. The students pictured here with members of the Leadership Council have a history of academic excellence, show leadership potential, have shared their gifts and talents with others. A partial tuition scholarship is renewable each year until graduation if scholars continue to meet the criteria and apply for renewal. <i>From left to right, senior Clare Blim, junior Elizabeth Vernon, Sister Janet Marie Peterworth, Sister Paula Kleine-Kracht, Sister Agnes Coveney, freshman Rose Diffey and sophomore Megan Bishop. </i> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=470&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgWed, 28 Oct 2015 Ursulines' Journey from Germany Worth the ReadAround 200 people who were of German descent (or claimed to be) attended the official kick-off of the book <b>Germans in Louisville</b> on Sunday, October 18, at 2:30 pm at the German-American Club. The event was co-sponsored by the German-American Club and Sister Cities of Louisville Book editors Bob and Vicky Ullrich spoke about the exhaustive research and contributions of the chapters’ authors who made publication possible. A PowerPoint presentation went chapter by chapter covering topics from newspapers, orphanages, manufacturing, beer gardens and breweries, singing societies, hotels, bakeries, diaries, funeral homes to neighborhoods. He thanked the authors, many of whom were seated at a table waiting to sign sold copies of the book. Did you know in 1787, a man named Kaye, of Pennsylvania Dutch origin, built the first brick house in Louisville, Kentucky? Germans were one of Louisville’s oldest immigrant groups. Ursuline Archivist Sister Martha Jacob wrote chapter five on the Ursuline Sisters and Catholic Schools, which traced the Ursulines arrival from Straubing, Bavaria (now Germany) to Louisville in 1858 to teach German immigrant children at St. Martin School. The book, available in paperback, is a fascinating read and available for $21.99 + tax at Books-A-Million, Carmichaels, Barnes & Noble, Tiny Bookstore at Yesternook vintage gallery and on-line at Amazon. Proceeds from book sales will benefit Immigrant & Refugee Relief Services. <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=88">To see photos from the event, click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=469&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 22 Oct 2015 Ursuline Academy ~ Pittsburgh ~ 2016 Reunion Planning<i>The Coeur d’ Ursuline invites you to an</i> ALUMNAE DINNER MEETING TO PLAN THE 2016 URSULINE ACADEMY PITTSBURGH REUNION <i><b>Date:</b></i> Saturday, October 17, 2015 <i><b>Mass (Optional):</b></i> 4 PM – Saint Maria Goretti Church, 300 Edmond Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15224 <i><b>Dinner Meeting:</b></i> 5 PM -7PM – Pleasure Bar Restaurant, 4729 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15224 <i><b>Buffet Menu: </b></i> Wedding Soup, Meat Lasagna, Fried Scrod, Green Beans Almondine, and Linguine with Broccoli <i><b>Cost:</b></i> $26 (Includes tax and gratuity) –Payment due the evening of the dinner. <b>For registration:</b> email Mary Ann Larkin no later than <b>September 1, 2015</b> - malirish2@gmail.com <b>For information:</b> email Sr. Rita Joseph– rjarrell@ursulineslou.org Agenda and details will be sent to those who register for the planning session. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=440&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSat, 17 Oct 2015 Ursulines Go to WashingtonNETWORK (a Catholic movement for justice and peace) had a lobbying day in Washington, D.C., on September 28 to bring issues to members of Congress that Pope Francis had highlighted in his time in the U.S. NETWORK asked for volunteers from across the country to participate and Sisters Jean Anne Zappa and Lynn Jarrell volunteered to join a four-person delegation representing Kentucky. Sister Jean Anne made a short presentation at a rally in front of the Capitol that was sponsored by NETWORK. The group then visited lawmakers. About 30 sisters attended. In her address, Sister Jean Anne shared insights from her experience as mission advancement coordinator at Shively Area Ministries. She relayed how SAM clients are suffering under budget cuts that affect food stamps and financial assistance with utilities. Sister Jean Anne then joined the other sisters as they took their cause to the offices of lawmakers. “We asked that human needs programs must be restored in the budget and that the earned income tax credits helping the working poor should be made permanent.” Sister Lynn also valued the opportunity to present information to staffs of Kentucky’s two senators and two representatives. Other highlights for her included walking the halls of the Capitol, conversing with other women religious and being mentored by Sister Richelle Friedman, a member of the Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Dubuque, IA, who is director of the Coalition for Human Needs. “She was an inspiration and a source of invaluable knowledge,” Sister Lynn said of Sister Richelle, who has been lobbying for 28 years in Washington, DC. Sister Richelle accompanied Sisters Jean Anne and Lynn to the lawmakers’ offices. “It was a privilege to be part of the experience,” Sister Jean Anne commented. Sister Lynn continues to ponder the trip. “What a need there is for the senators and representatives to hear about the poor who do not have the means or voice to speak in an influential way about what they need,” she said. “I am grateful there are individuals at NETWORK and the Coalition for Human Needs who are committed to bringing to the elected officers the moral obligation our country has to pay attention to providing for those with limited resources.” Sister Lynn added that she is convinced of the value of sending letters and making phone calls to voice her positions on particular topics being debated in Congress. She was grateful for the work of the Coalition for Human Needs and for NETWORK, which paid for the two Ursulines to participate. “I am a different person from being blessed with this experience. While I have both studied and worked in Washington, DC, previously for a total of eight years, I have never lobbied before. The experience continues to be fully in my consciousness now many days later.” <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=87">To see photos from their time in Washington, click here.</a>. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=468&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 15 Oct 2015 “Let the Good Times Roll!” And they did at the 50th Reunion for UA Class of 1965The 50th Reunion for Ursuline Academy Class of 1965 kicked off on Friday, September 18, at a local Louisville favorite – Check’s Café in Germantown. A group of alums met in a private, upstairs dining room and ordered dinner at this popular neighborhood restaurant established when these gals were just toddlers. The next day, Saturday, September 19, 2015, 42 alums brought the party to Brescia Hall on the Ursuline Campus to celebrate 50 years since their graduation. This special anniversary was in the planning phase for over a year. The reunion wouldn’t have happened had it not been for a dedicated and energized committee of Jackie Price Carrico, Phyllis Schevetto Conrey, Suzanne Smith Gustafson, Rose Marie “Rosie” Renneisen Jones, Jacqueline Byron Mudd, Susie Burns Ragle and Darlene Cunningham Wilcoxson. Yearbook photos were scanned for the name tags, taking the guess work out of the “who’s who” upon arrival. While most of the reunion attendees live in Kentucky, several from outside the state made the trip. They came from California, Indiana, Florida, Mississippi, Missouri and Washington. After the initial meet and greet, hugs, shrieks of joy and warm embraces, the group gathered for a photo in the prayer room followed by a blessing of the meal prepared by the Ursuline Motherhouse chef and his staff. The lunch buffet menu was loaded potato soup, club and chicken salad sandwiches, roasted seasonal vegetables, a fresh green salad, brownies, lemon bars, cookies and beverages. In a moment of reflection, 10 classmates who had passed away since graduation were remembered and their names listed on a bookmark. Darlene Cunningham Wilcoxson began the trip down memory lane with a discussion about things that happened in 1965. She began by saying, “Dear Old Father Time has added a little (or in some cases) at lot of gray to our hair, flabby arms, wrinkles, and it seems a new ache or pain to deal with every morning. But, I look out here and I see a bunch of giddy teenagers gathered in the lunch room at Ursuline. “Some of you have maintained the friendships made during high school, but I would guess most of the friendships made drifted apart over the years. Reunions are about reconnecting with old friends. I encourage all of you to reconnect with your old friends and stay connected. Don't let today be the last time you interact with each other.” Rose Marie “ Rosie” Renneisen Jones took the mic and mentioned a few memorable highlights from 1961 through 1965. They were: • Sept. 8, 1961 – first day of school at UA, Angela Mueller had the top score on the high school placement test and received a 1 year scholarship. Tuition that year was $90 • Little sisters were drawn by the Seniors on Sept. 25, 1961, and initiation was Sept. 30, 1961. We needed to know the Alma Mater, carry a large stuffed animal, and wear green clothing and green bow in our hair • October 15, 1962, was sophomore Poetry Day • Sister Dolorine was the new athletic director. The basketball team’s new name was the Titans • May 10, 1962, at 8:15 as the Freshman Physical Fitness Program was held at St. George’s gym, and Apr. 27, 1963, was the Sophomore Physical Fitness Program • Nov. 11, 1963 - Mrs. Steinlage and the Drill Team were in the Veterans Parade • Dec. 20, 1963 - Christmas Party • Feb. 8 1964 - the Junior Valentine Dance, theme - Here’s My Heart. The Queen was Pam Masterson and her court was Carolyn Ford, Crystal Maddox and Phyllis Schevetto • March 19, 1964 - One Act Junior Plays • Joyce Baynes was the St. X Sweetheart • December 26, 1964 - Christmas Dance, Wonderland by Night. Judy Gay was the Queen. Tickets were $3.00 • Tuition for our senior year was $150 • Yearbooks were $6.00 and if you waited until Christmas vacation was over the price was $7.00. The Yearbook Queen was Gayle Kuhn • March 27, 1965 - WHAS salutes the Merician Staff • We purchased our senior rings. My bill from Balfour said it was $23. We received them on Dec. 7, 1964, at 10 a.m., and Father Charles Dearing was the speaker (He is Zella’s uncle.) • Carolyn Quickert was the only Senior taking Sister Carol’s charm class • March 1965 - Zella Dearing was the Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow • May 19, 1965 - the Piano Recital featuring Barbara Lega, Debbie Fagan, Peggy Prestigiacomo, Helen Stayton and Gayle Kuhn • May 26, 1965 - The Junior/Senior Banquet • May 14, 1965 - Our Senior Prom was held at the Kentucky Hotel, Terrace Room, “Moonlight and Roses.” A ticket was $8.00 • May 28, 1965 - The last day of school. We had Mass, Awards, lunch, and the May Procession. Barbara Lega crowned Our Lady as the Queen of May. Valedictorian Barbara was the scholastic leader of the class. Joyce Manion was the Salutorian • May 31, 1965 - We graduated from Ursuline Academy at 8 p.m. in Memorial Auditorium • Question: Did you know Angela Mueller has a piece of George Harrison’s (The Beatles) sweatshirt and a lock of his hair? • Question for Joyce Manion: What is smaller than a bread box, three colors, has an A in it, and you can use it, wear it and it is nice to look at? From the Sprite. Most everyone joined in to share stories about the school, the sisters, events and each other. A special note was made of past reunions: <b>10 year reunion</b> - April 19, 1975, at the Breckenridge Lane - 52 attended <b>20 year reunion</b> - Sept. 14, 1985, at the Ramada Inn East - 51 attended <b>25 year reunion</b> - Sept. 9, 1990, at the Executive Inn West - 39 attended <b>30 year reunion</b> - Oct. 22, 1995, at the Holiday Inn Hurstbourne - 30 attended <b>40 year reunion</b> - Oct. 2005, at the Lone Star Steakhouse - 22 attended <b>50 year reunion</b> - Sept. 19, 2015, at Brescia Hall, Ursuline Campus - 42 attended There were displays of photos, yearbooks, programs, awards, certificates and an assortment of memorabilia. As everyone said good-bye, the sentiment expressed was that a 55th reunion should be in the works. After all, 2020 will be here before we know it! <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=86">To see photos from the reunion, click here.</a>. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=467&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgWed, 14 Oct 2015 60th Anniversary Brings UA Class of 1955 Together AgainTwenty-seven graduates from the UA Class of 1955 celebrated 60 years of friendship on Saturday, September 12, 2015, at Brescia Hall on the Ursuline Campus in Louisville, KY. This special anniversary was in the planning phase for over a year by a dedicated committee of three. Susie Hofmann Moriarty, Mary Smyth Parlanti and Bev Longest Simons wanted to make sure another year wouldn’t slip by without reconnecting. Their efforts paid off. While most of the reunion attendees lived in Kentucky, two made the trip from out-of-state. One came from Florida and the other from North Carolina. After the initial meet and greet, a liturgy celebration took place in the Brescia Hall prayer room, presided by Fr. John Moriarty, Susie Hofmann Moriarty’s son. Several alums were involved in the liturgy through readings, leading songs, intercessions, as gift bearers and Eucharistic ministers. In memory, 25 deceased classmates were listed in the liturgy program and had their names read aloud for moments of reflection. After mass, Ursuline President Sister Janet Marie “Jodon” Peterworth (UA ’54) welcomed everyone, spoke about the value of an Ursuline education and recalled events that happened and products that were developed during their high school years. A group photo was taken, followed by a buffet lunch prepared by the Ursuline Motherhouse chef and his staff. The menu was loaded potato soup, club and chicken salad wraps, roasted seasonal vegetables, fruit salad, brownies, cookies, mini-muffins and beverages. There were displays of photos, yearbooks and an assortment of memorabilia. The hours flew and the memories flowed. Amid the laughter and hugs, everyone hoped it wouldn’t be too long before another get together could be arranged. <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=85">To see photos from the reunion, click here.</a>. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=466&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgTue, 13 Oct 2015 Meeting Addresses How to Preserve, Protect AppalachiaSisters Brendan Conlon and Janet Marie Peterworth, president of the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, attended the annual gathering of the Catholic Committee of Appalachia in September. Since 1970, CCA members have sought to support people of faith working for social, economic and ecological justice in the region. “Simply put, the chief aim of CCA is to ensure that the way of life of the people of Appalachia can survive,” said Sister Brendan, who added that the annual meeting allowed members to discuss one of the area’s top concerns, which is mountaintop removal, as well as the impact of last year’s chemical spill into the Elk River near Charleston, WV. The spill’s aftermath left 300,000 people without potable water. It also harmed the area’s ground water and highlighted the need to safeguard clean drinking water, Sister Brendan explained. Other areas addressed by CCA include labor, private prison development, sustainable lifestyles and communities, poverty, health, racism and climate change. The organization distributes pastoral messages from Appalachian bishops, promotes Catholic social teaching in the region, and collaborates with dioceses and parishes in work for social and environmental justice. For more information about CCA, visit their website at www.ccappal.org. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=464&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgWed, 7 Oct 2015 How Best to Move a 1,900 Pound Statue? With Prayer and Patience The marble statue of the Blessed Mother was first installed on April 25, 1956, at Marian Hall, the dormitory of the former Ursuline College. The statue remained in place at Marian Hall and then at the renamed nursing facility, Marian Home, for 58 years. When Marian Home was eco-deconstructed in 2012, the statue was carefully hoisted from the front of the building, transported by crane and placed in storage for safekeeping and refurbishing, until a prominent place on the Ursuline Campus was designated for its relocation. In August 2015, the new location was determined and the 1,900 lb. statue was on the move again. It took a team of people, a crane and prayers for her safe journey to a prominent and permanent place at Sacred Heart Academy behind their new chapel. <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=84">To view photos of the statue through history, click here.</a>. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=465&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgWed, 7 Oct 2015 Pre-schoolers’ Sprouting Curiosity Watered by Visit to Motherhouse Garden“Can I pick a bean? Can I pick a tomato? Why do you have a sunflower in the garden?” These were questions addressed to Sister Janet Marie Peterworth, president of the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, when children from Sacred Heart Preschool recently enjoyed a stroll around the Motherhouse Garden, curious about what they saw and if they could harvest its produce. Guiding the interaction was Sister Janet Marie, who helped to plant the garden in early April. As the children saw tomatoes, cabbage, green beans, kale and bell peppers, Sister Janet Marie explained, how plants, like people, need water to grow. And sometimes, she added, we share the garden with other creatures whether we want to or not. “Other things get in your garden and eat food before it is ready,” she told the pre-schoolers. “Farmers must watch their crops very carefully so bugs or rabbits or squirrels don’t get the food before human beings do.” As for things getting into the garden like the sunflowers, the children would have to ask Sister Judith Rice how that came to be. <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=83">To view photos from the event, click here.</a>. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=463&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgFri, 2 Oct 2015 Bienvenido, Pope Francis!Bienvenido, Pope Francis, We greet you and welcome you to the United States on behalf of the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville! We are a group of 74 women who follow the footsteps of St. Angela Merici of Brescia, Italy, via Straubing, Germany. Our foremothers answered the call to work with the German immigrant population in Louisville, KY, in 1858. It was a time in our country not unlike today. Immigrants were seen as suspect and not welcome. Catholic immigrants especially had a difficult time of it. So, it was an act of courage for the three Ursulines from Germany to settle in Louisville and establish schools in this new land. Over the years since 1858, the Ursulines of Louisville have continued to be courageous in establishing schools and in being pioneers in the education of women. We appreciate the fact that you have noted the important role that women play in our society today and have played in society throughout the centuries. We are heartened that you have begun to open more doors for women to play greater roles in the Vatican and in various ministries in the Church. We applaud you for your stand on global warming and on your courage to speak out on behalf of the poor. Both of these areas are important to the Ursulines of Louisville. We want to work with you in any way that we can to save our planet from complete destruction and to listen to the cries of the poor and to alleviate their suffering. Our prayers will be with you as you speak truth to power in the United States Congress, at the White House, and at the United Nations. May the Holy Spirit inspire you, St. Ignatius give you courage, and St. Francis keep you humble and unassuming. Vaya con Dios, Holy Father, The Leadership Circle of the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=462&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgTue, 22 Sep 2015 Ursuline Academy ~ Louisville ~ Class of 1965 ~ Save the Date!Ursuline Academy ~ Louisville Class of 1965 ~ 50th Reunion Celebration <b>Saturday, September 19, 2015 10:30 am – 3 pm </b> Lunch at Brescia Hall, Bldg. #3 Ursuline Campus 3105 Lexington, Rd., Louisville, KY 40206 $35 Lunch ~ $15 Group Photo Memorabilia Display ~ Alumnae Gift http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=439&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSat, 19 Sep 2015 ‘GiveLocalLouisville’ Countdown Has Begun!<img src="uploads/web - horizontal.jpg" width="640" height="256"> <b>October 1 may be just another day to you, but it will be HUGE for the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville!</b> On October 1, the biggest 24 hours of online giving to benefit the sisters is coming and, with your help, they will be able to tap into your collective generosity, no matter where you live, in order to make a substantial impact for their ministries. This online giving event will take place from 12:00 am to 11:59 pm at <a href="https://givelocallouisville.org//#npo/ursuline-society---academy-of-education">www.givelocallouisville.org</a>. Every dollar raised during the event will be augmented through proportionate match and prize dollars contributed by the Community Foundation of Louisville and their supporting partners. For further details, continue to visit this page or <a href="http://www.facebook.com/UrsulinesLouisville">follow us on Facebook</a>. Be sure to join us online on October 1! http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=453&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 17 Sep 2015 Prayers for Peace Event Prompts Remembrances and Prayers for AllThe Ursuline Sisters welcomed the surrounding community into the Motherhouse Chapel for moments of prayer on September 11, recalling in a special way the tragic loss of life and heroic actions on that date in 2001. Young and old gathered throughout the day for silent prayer, for Mass, for praying the Rosary, and for a silent Holy Hour. Sister Janet Marie Peterworth, president of the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, presented the homily during the Liturgy, reflecting, “Today we remember to pray again for those lost and those grieving and, yes, for those who used airplanes as weapons against us that day and changed our lives. For Jesus tells us, “You have heard it said love your neighbor and hate your enemy, but I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your God in heaven.” Below is Sister Janet Marie’s complete homily. <b><i>Homily: September 11, 2015</i></b> Do you remember? I remember. Do you know where you were? I know exactly. Can you recall your feelings? I can. I am not talking about the day you made your first vows or the day you got married or your first day on a new job or in a new ministry. No, I am talking about Sept 11, 2001. I am talking about that beautiful day of bright sun and azure blue skies. I am talking about the day the United States first realized in a new and real way that it was vulnerable. The first day that it realized that while it was a super power, it was not loved and respected everywhere in the world. It was the day that we all knew that structures of glass and steel reaching far into the skies, just like a ship of opulence and beauty racing full speed ahead into the night, could be penetrated and brought down in a matter of minutes. It was also the day we saw the bigness of the human spirit, the day we saw hundreds helping one another, some trained professionals, others ordinary people doing extraordinary things for their neighbors. Do you remember? Today we are here to remember all of those things. This day has been set aside just so we don't forget. But forget what? The tragedy of that day … No, I say it is set aside so we don’t forget that it is possible for nations to beat their spears into pruning hooks. It is possible that nations will not take up swords against one another. It is possible that nations will not train for war anymore. This day is set aside to give us hope that everyone will sit under their own vine and their own fig tree and no one will make them afraid. And that all nations can walk side by side in the name of their gods. This is the day to listen to what our God will say ... Our God promises peace to the people and will not let them return to folly. Our God says justice and peace shall kiss and that God will give what is good. This day is a day for us to remember to forgive as hard as that might be - a day to remember to pray for our enemies who felt that the only way they could be heard was to take the lives of more than 3,000 innocent people and destroy our symbols of wealth and war. After Sept 11, 2001, nothing has been the same in the life of our country and in our personal lives. That day left us outraged, afraid and saddened. Prayers for those killed and for their families came readily to our tongue that day, while prayers for those who did this stuck in our throats. Today we remember to pray again for those lost and those grieving and, yes, for those who used airplanes as weapons against us that day and changed our lives. For Jesus tells us, “You have heard it said love your neighbor and hate your enemy, but I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your God in heaven.” And this day of remembering strife among nations, a day of remembering greatness and hope, and this day of remembering forgiveness and prayer reminds me of some of the words of John Lennon’s famous song … “Imagine.” The second verse says: <i>“Imagine there’s no countries, it isn’t hard to do, nothing to kill or die for, and no religion, too. Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us and the world will be as one.”</i> If we could <b>imagine</b> this, then we would not have to <b>remember</b> days like Sept 11, 2001. To view photos from the event, <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=82">click here.</a>. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=459&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 17 Sep 2015 Year of Consecrated Life Vespers ServiceA vespers prayer service on September 13 brought together representatives from 25 religious congregations serving in the Louisville Archdiocese and completed a series of events as part of the “Wake Up the World – Year of Consecrated Life.” Pope Francis declared in 2013 that a Year of Consecrated Life would be celebrated around the world starting on Nov. 30, 2014, the first Sunday of Advent, and ending on World Day for Consecrated Life, Feb. 2, 2016. Two other organized events in the Louisville Archdiocese were tours of area religious communities and the building of a Habitat House with funds and volunteers from local congregations. Archbishop Joseph Kurtz presided at the prayer service, after which all were invited to the undercroft for light refreshments and to view displays about each congregation. Religious communities in attendance were: Xaverian Brothers, USA (CFX) Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI) Passionist Community, Holy Cross Province (CP) Congregation of the Priests of Mercy (CPM) Congregation of the Resurrection (CR) Sister Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM) Little Sisters of the Poor (LSP) Order of Cistercians, Trappistines (OSCO) Order of Cistercians, Trappists (OSCO) Discalced Carmelites (OCD) Conventual Franciscan Community, Our Lady of Consolation Province (OFM Conv) Dominican Sisters of Peace (OP) Sisters of St. Dominic, Adrian, Michigan (OP) Dominican Community, St. Joseph Province (OP) Augustinian Sisters, Servants of Jesus and Mary, Malta (OSA) Sisters of St. Francis of Penance and Christian Charity (OSF) Ursuline Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, Congregation of Paris (OSU) Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, South Central Community (RSM) Sisters of the Americas, West Midwest Community (RSM) Sisters of Charity of Nazareth (SCN) Sisters of Loretto at the Foot of the Cross (SL) Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, Cincinnati, Ohio (SNDdeN) Sisters of Providence, St. Mary of the Woods, Indiana (SP) http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=461&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 17 Sep 2015 Somali Family Receives Keys at Home’s DedicationA mother and her eight children now have a new home thanks to the efforts of the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville and 23 other religious congregations in the Louisville Archdiocese that pooled their resources to cover the cost and help with construction of a Habitat House in observance of the Year of Consecrated Life. Bisharo Hussein, the mother of 8 children, received the keys to their new Habitat home on Saturday, September 12, as part of the house dedication held at 2:30 PM and attended by some of the 200 volunteers that helped construct the house. Speaking on behalf of the religious congregations, Sister Janet Marie Peterworth, president of the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, told the family that the project, nicknamed “Wake Up the World,” has been “a privilege and a blessing.” “We hope that you and your family will be safe in it and that you’ll grow as a family. That’s a real blessing for us.” Sister Janet Marie also presented the family with an aloe plant for their kitchen, instructing them on the plant’s healing power. “Accept this plant as a blessing for your home and your family. As this plant grows may it remind you of your happiness and growth as you settle into your new home.” Marianne Butler, District 15 Metro Council member, was on hand for the dedication and remarked how happy she was to be present at the event. She explained that the previous weekend she had attended the kick-off to the refurbishment of Americana Apartments, where many newly arriving refugee families often are placed. Seeing the house is the next step, she said. “We’re thrilled to have the whole family and welcome you to the community.” She also expressed her appreciation to those who constructed the house, noting that she was Ursuline-educated in grade school and taught by the Benedictines in high school. “It’s wonderful to see you.” Events of hospitality, service and spirituality have been planned during the year to mark this special time for religious communities. The Habitat House building project highlights the service component of consecrated life. To view photos from the event, <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=81">click here.</a>. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=458&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgTue, 15 Sep 2015 Ursuline Academy ~ Louisville ~ Class of 1955 ~ Save The Date!Ursuline Academy ~ Louisville Class of 1955 ~ 60th Reunion Celebration <b>Saturday, September 12, 2015 11 am – 3 pm</b> Mass & Lunch at Brescia Hall, Bldg. #3 Ursuline Campus 3105 Lexington, Rd., Louisville, KY 40206 $35 Lunch ~ $15 Group Photo Memorabilia Display ~ Alumnae Gift http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=438&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSat, 12 Sep 2015 Sister Rita Joseph Jarrell Garners State-Wide Praise for ‘Psychological First Aid’When tragedy happens, Sister Rita Joseph Jarrell is trained to respond as part of Kentucky’s Region 6 Stress Management Team. She received a certificate of appreciation from Governor Steve Beshear and the Cabinet for Health and Family Services for her almost 10 years of volunteer work with the Crisis Response Team. “I go to where tragedies occur and walk with people,” Sister Rita Joseph shared. “I go around and talk with neighbors. Police love us because we’re neutral.” She discovered this volunteer opportunity while taking classes to support her work as a chaplain with Hosparus Hospice of Louisville. Her spirituality is what drew a member of the Crisis Response Team to ask her about joining the group of people who drop everything to provide support to communities when tragedy strikes. She was surprised to receive the award during an August meeting. “I nearly fainted,” said Sister Rita Joseph, who finds that the work is rewarding and a good fit for her personally. She explained, “It’s psychological first aid.” http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=457&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgFri, 4 Sep 2015 Archbishop ‘Deeply Grateful’ for Congregation’s 145 Years of Ministry After 145 years of consecutive presence, the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville ended their ministry in Western Maryland when Sister Rosanna Dorn, the last Ursuline in the area, returned to Louisville this past summer. The Ursuline Sisters arrived in Western Maryland in 1870, just 12 years after coming to Kentucky, to staff SS. Peter and Paul parish school in Cumberland. They went on to teach in schools and minister in parishes in Frostburg and Mount Savage. In a letter to Louisville President Sister Janet Marie Peterworth, Archbishop William E. Lori of Baltimore wrote, “…I cannot adequately thank you or your sisters but please know how keenly aware I am of the debt we owe your community. And thank you for forming associates who will carry forward the spirit of St. Angela Merici.” The Ursuline Sisters leave behind a vibrant group of Ursuline Associates who bid farewell to Sister Dorn at a Communion Service followed by a potluck luncheon at SS. Peter and Paul Parish. Sister Dorn is now in residence at Mercy Sacred Heart in Louisville. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=456&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgTue, 1 Sep 2015 Campus Trolley Tour Caps ‘Compassionate’ Town MeetingOn August 26, the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville hosted representatives of organizations chartered with Compassionate Louisville. During their annual Community Days held in July, the Ursuline Sisters and Associates signed the Compassionate Louisville Charter. The city-wide campaign promotes compassionate acts focused on “we, not me,” a sentiment described by Model School student Max Stengel during a trolley ride of the campus offered to those who attended the morning meeting. Max served as a spokesperson for his school as did other students from the Sacred Heart Preschool and Sacred Heart Academy, which were stops on the tour that included the Sacred Heart School for the Arts and the Motherhouse Chapel. Top administrators from each of these Sacred Heart Schools also addressed those on the trolley. Sister Janet Marie Peterworth, president of the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, hosted the morning breakfast and guided the trolley tour, explaining the history of buildings and their current uses. At the meeting in Brescia Hall, which preceded the trolley ride, she explained to attendees who Angela Merici was and how the Ursuline Sisters came to Louisville. She also introduced the fourth vow taken by the Ursulines-- beyond the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience—which is to teach Christian Living. This fourth vow is “interpreted broadly,” said Sister Janet Marie, noting later the many compassionate acts the sisters perform throughout the city and far beyond it. Vanessa Hurst, creative director for Compassionate Louisville, complimented the Ursulines for their many good deeds, saying, “Their compassion doesn’t stop on Lexington Road but bubbles out into the community.” To view photos from the event, <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=80">click here.</a>. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=455&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 27 Aug 2015 Visiting Notre Dame Students Pair Service with School BreakOver the summer, the Ursuline Motherhouse became home to University of Notre Dame undergraduate students, Hannah Butler and Taylor Kelly. Both were invited to stay at the Motherhouse while they volunteered at Nativity Academy and Cabbage Patch in Louisville. Notre Dame graduate Sister Paula Kleine-Kracht helped to coordinate the service and events in which Hannah and Taylor participated, saying that the students were “exceptionally mature and inventive.” “They were delightful to be with and very generous in their willingness to help and to be involved,” Sister Paula said. “They were also very resourceful in learning Louisville and seeing the sights.” Hannah and Taylor expressed their appreciation for the experience. Hoping to pursue future work in education, Taylor remarked, “It’s been wonderful to live with the sisters and to hear their stories of how they have dedicated their lives in service, especially to education, and then to go out and model that in their community.” Hannah, an accounting major, described the “nice welcome” they received and being at home with the sisters. “They’ve been so kind. I don’t know who I’ll ever pay them for this. We made a lot of new relationships with the sisters, memories that I will treasure and never forget.” Taylor remarked on Sister Paula’s involvement with Nativity Academy, adding that she could “see how far (the students) have come.” Sister Paula expects that both of the young women will do “great things” in the future. “I am so pleased that we, the Louisville Ursulines, had an opportunity to be connected with them.” http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=454&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgFri, 21 Aug 2015 Marker by Motherhouse Reminds All to Be Peace MakersSomething new now sprouts amid the green space behind the Ursuline Sisters’ Motherhouse: a Peace Pole, one of tens of thousands located in 180 countries proclaiming, “May peace prevail on Earth.” These words are written in different languages on the pole that was blessed by sisters and associates on July 27 during Community Days. “This little plot shows that we are in solidarity with people throughout the world,” commented Sister Janet Marie Peterworth, president of the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville. “When we walk by and see the flag and the peace pole, they raise our consciousness and the call to be peace makers.” Sister Janet Marie further explained, "The languages chosen for the pole, other than English, are Spanish, to connect us with our mission in Peru, French, to remind us that our Ursuline community is part of the Congregation of Paris, and German, to recognize our original mother foundation in Straubing Bavaria." The Peace Pole Project is a mission of The World Peace Prayer Society, which encourages public awareness of peace by building an international peace network among individuals and organizations in all fields, including education, science, culture and the arts to stimulate the global trend toward a culture of peace. Peace Poles are planted or displayed to "plant" a positive thought in the minds and consciousness of the global community. Some noteworthy sites with Peace Poles include: the Pyramids of El Giza, Egypt, the Magnetic North Pole in Canada, the Allenby Bridge between Israel and Jordan, Mt. Fuji, Japan and at the United Nations in New York. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=452&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgMon, 17 Aug 2015 Sacred Heart Schools Francesconi Award of Integrity bestowed on Sister Judith Rice Louisville, KY (August 10, 2015) – At the annual Sacred Heart Schools faculty/staff Commissioning Service, Sr. Judith Rice was awarded the 12th annual Sacred Heart Schools Francesconi Award of Integrity. Sr. Judith has given more than 45 years of service to the schools. The Francesconi Award of Integrity was established in May of 2003 by the Sacred Heart Schools Board of Trustees at the end of Charlie Francesconi’s tenure as president. It is given annually to one employee who has contributed significantly to the school and/or Louisville community and enriches the lives of those around him/her by living the mission of Sacred Heart Schools. The recipient’s integrity is demonstrated through daily interaction with others, and brings distinction not only to his/her campus entity, but to the entire Sacred Heart Schools community. One of her nominators said, “I can think of no one who deserves recognition more. In her dedicated service to Sacred Heart Academy, to Sacred Heart Schools and to the larger community, Sr. Judith is a tireless advocate for the equal treatment of all, no matter their station in life.” Another nominator said, “She spreads the mission of St. Angela.” Sr. Judith recently stepped down from her current role as director of Mission Effectiveness at Sacred Heart Schools. She will remain on campus, serving as an archivist for Sacred Heart Schools and volunteering in the Sacred Heart Schools Alumni Office. Previous ministries include: teacher and personnel director at Angela Merici High School (Louisville, KY); teacher, assistant principal/dean of studies at Sacred Heart Academy (Louisville, KY); councilor/leadership of the Ursuline Sisters (Louisville, KY); director of Mission Effectiveness at Sacred Heart Schools (Louisville, KY). http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=450&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgWed, 12 Aug 2015 Ursuline Academy Louisville - Class of 1944 ~ 71st ReunionSix graduates from the UA Class of 1944 celebrated 71 years of friendship and memories on Sunday, August 9, 2015 at the Ursuline Motherhouse in Louisville, KY. The reunion started with mass in the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception with a welcome from President, Sister Janet Marie Peterworth (UA ’54), who spoke about the joy of an Ursuline education. She mentioned former Ursuline Sisters who had taught or administered when they attended UA, which triggered much nostalgia as evident from the head nodding and smiles. This anniversary event took an energized and dedicated committee to get things planned in just a little over three months. Led by Mary Catherine Breckel Carver, several of the regular lunch group decided another year shouldn’t pass without getting together as a class. Although the mailing list was small (28 viable addresses) 6 alums attended. All live in Louisville with the exception of Charlotte Logsdon Moseley who traveled the distance from California to see her classmates. While in town her family gave her a surprise 90th birthday party. Besides Charlotte, alums who attended were Mary Keisler Bourke, Mary Catherine Breckel Carver, Virginia Ice Dillman, Margaret Day Graf and Mary Cecelia Reker Mayer. Virginia Brewer Baker had intended to come but was sidelined with a bad cold. She was sorely missed. A group photo was taken in the Motherhouse Community Room followed by lunch in the sisters’ dining room. Motherhouse Sous Chef and kitchen staff prepared home style pork roast, roasted mixed vegetables, mashed potatoes and gravy, broccoli and cauliflower with cheese sauce, and chocolate brownies. Joining in the conversation at their lunch table was classmate and Ursuline Sister Isabel Lehmenkuler, who entered the congregation in 1945 after graduating from UA and celebrated her 70th Jubilee this year. After lunch, the alums headed back to the Community Room to look over past reunion photos, school newspapers and other memorabilia. Sister Janet Marie took a seat with them to reminisce on products, inventions, songs, and what was happening in the world when they graduated high school in 1944. The conversation and laughter flowed until everyone left mid-afternoon with a hug and promise to stay in contact. The reunion for the Class of 1944 was a truly “special” anniversary celebration. Many years may have passed since graduation, but their memories seemed like only yesterday. To view photos from the reunion, <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=79">click here.</a>. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=451&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSun, 9 Aug 2015 Community Days Events Give All a Boost in the Spirit and Call to MissionEach year, people near and far who comprise, in one way or another, the community of the Ursulines of Louisville gather to reflect, acknowledge, plan for the future, celebrate and praise God. Following are highlights from the week’s liturgies and events. <b>Sunday, July 26, 2015 Benefactors Liturgy and Brunch</b> Ursuline Sisters, Associates and co-workers hosted a Sunday liturgy and brunch to express their appreciation to benefactors who generously support and share in St. Angela Merici’s vision of service in the evolving world. <b>Monday, July 27, 2015 Blessing of the Peace Pole</b> “May peace prevail on the earth.” These words are written in different languages on a peace pole that was erected in the Ursuline garden to show the congregation’s solidarity with other peacemakers around the world. The peace pole was blessed in a simple ceremony followed by a fun night of bingo and a Catholic trivia contest. <b>Tuesday, July 28, 2015 Compassionate Louisville Partner</b> The Ursuline Sisters signed a charter agreement with Compassionate Louisville, a movement aimed at increasing compassion worldwide. <b>Wednesday, July 29, 2015 Associate Workshop/Covenant Signing</b> Sister Kate Kuenstler, a member of Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ and a canon lawyer, led a workshop on the relationship between religious sisters and associates, and challenging all to pay attention to the Spirit’s movement into the future. In the afternoon, the Ursuline Community welcomed six new associates. They are Genevieve Churchill, Sandra LeFebyre, Emily Mosby and Becki O’Bryan--Companion Associate Ruby Hyde; Melinda O’Daniel--Companion Sister Julia Davis; and Diane Spicer--Companion Associate Linda Ratchford. <b>Thursday, July 30, 2015 Jubilarian Liturgy</b> Jubilarians were honored for their fidelity and a combined 535 years of ministry. They are: Sister Pat (Mercian) Lowman--75 years; Sisters Isabel Lehmenkuler and Annunciata Muth—70 years; Sisters Regina Bevelacqua and Janet Marie Peterworth—60 years; Sisters Margaret Ann (Christina) Hagan, Ruth Ann (Mary Carla) Haunz, Paula (Paul Mary) Kleine-Kracht and Rita Ann (Mary Lisa) Wigginton—50 years. <b>Thursday, July 30, 2015 Missioning Ceremonies at Motherhouse and Mercy Sacred Heart</b> Ursuline Sisters, Associates and co-workers re-affirmed their commitment to following in the footsteps of foundress, St. Angela Merici. Sister Janet Marie challenged all to be energized by the Spirit and to “care a lot.” She quoted Dr. Seuss, saying, “If you don’t care a lot, nothing’s going to get better, it’s not.” Missioning ended with the blessing of all present and the community singing “The Dancing Heart.” To view photos from all the events, <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=78">click here.</a>. <b>Homily by Sister Ruth Ann Haunz from the 2015 Jubilarian Mass (July 30)</b> For the past few weeks we heard passages at the weekday liturgy from the book of Exodus. We heard vivid description of the journey of the Israelites – from their departure (escape) from Egypt to their march toward the Promised Land. The lead character, Moses, was, at first, a reluctant leader. He gave good reasons why he should not accept the role, the call, to lead the Israelites, out of Egypt to the Promised Land. But somehow he heard and recognized the voice of God in the burning bush. With some reluctance and, I imagine, anxiety he moved forward to the next stage of his life. Does this sound a little familiar? CALL & RELUCTANCE ? For many of us here, we too heard a call from God and perhaps found ourselves initially reluctant to move into the next stage of our life. Our ideas of the conditions and demands of the journey were at times wondrous, unrealistic, surprising; but not unlike the Israelites, we found the courage to say yes and embarked on the unknown. At times we thought we knew all about the choice, and then God would surprise us. For the Israelites there were many miracles along the way-- parting of the Red Sea, food from heaven (Manna), Moses’ leadership to name a few. The Israelites were not always faithful or perfect. They had disagreements with each other and with Moses, they retreated to worshipping of idols, they complained about their discomforts; we do not do any of these things!?? . But they stayed on the journey and heard the voice of God in each other and in their heart. I suspect that we too have experiences of miracles on our life’s journey: maybe success and love of a ministry assignment that we did not choose and did not want, developing relationships in a multi-generational community, touching God in amazing ways in the depths of our hearts. With reflection, we can name many more. Like the Israelites, we are fed in unexpected ways through retreats, the energies of Vatican II, contemplative prayer, educational opportunities, this Ursuline Community family. Yes, we heard the voice of God spoken in multiple different ways through many different people. We bumped into grace and gift again and again along the way. With this background let us move to the Exodus reading for today. Have you ever read or listened to a passage from the bible and heard something that sounded new and unique and then wondered : when did someone add this to this bible? I am sure I read or studied this book of Exodus in the Bible. Why do I not remember this passage? This is what happened to me, again, when I began to prepare for today even though I know that the canon of the bible was determined over 500 years ago. The Exodus reading gives us a rather clear description of Moses’ construction of the tent that would both house and protect the Ark and be a meeting place. I found that it took the four previous chapters from Exodus to describe the very exact and copious details that went into designing and executing the construction of the walls and interior of the TENT. The writer of Exodus says that everyone in the Community “contributed as their heart suggested and the spirit prompted”. This TENT was no simple camping gear as we might imagine today. The TENT was an elaborate construction made with the richest fabric/weavings using vibrant dyes of red, purple and violet; precious carved stone pedestals; jewels of every size and color; high quality wood-acacia; gold and bronze. Again the writer of Exodus reminds us that God gave the Israelites the skills to execute the fine work and craftsmanship. The designed was created “just as the Lord commanded”. Moses’ Israelites (God’s Israelites) seemed to be acutely aware of and listening to the prompting (exhorting) of God; aware in every stroke of design to make this glorious TENT. There are so many specific details in Exodus that it would delight a quality controller with OCD. The bottom line -- it was God’s work and the Israelites were instruments of God’s work. They listened to God’s voice. No unlike our journey ? These skilled craftsmen of the Israelites made pre-constructed sections or parts of the TENT and brought them to Moses to assemble as we heard in the passage read today. It begins with “Moses did exactly as the Lord commanded. “ AGAIN we hear the repeated phrase. Moses acknowledges God’s presence in the TENT, their meeting place and housing of the Ark; and then this band of escapees, the Israelite community continue on their way to the promised land! Moses is charged with paying attention to the weather in order to know when to travel and when to stay put. When it was cloudy and foggy they stayed and when the clouds lifted they moved. Their journey was made in stages, and as scripture and tradition says -over 40 years- which probably means a long time. I wonder if we might reflect on our own life in the Ursuline Community in stages, and for many of us a long time: 75, 70, 60, 50 years. Recall the times we traveled-- times when life appeared to be cleared and we moved forward. Recall the times we heard or struggled to hear the command of God, the times we recognized and shared our God-given gifts as our heart suggested and the Spirit prompted—always knowing on some level that God is with us! Both individually and in the Community God is encouraging, inspiring, and perhaps nudging. We contributed what we have, our gifts, to the building of the Kingdom. I imagine the Israelite escapees, pilgrims were not unlike us— living in the here and now kingdom and seeking the kingdom of the promised land. The object of their seeking is both real and illusive. Matthew’s Gospel gives us several images of the sought-after kingdom that shed light on the desire of the heart. The kingdom is like: A pearl of great price, worthy of leaving everything to claim it Have we found and claimed our pearl? A woman making bread, using leaven that effects growth Have we not desired to be leaven-yeast- and lift up the world? A mustard seed that houses potential for great growth Are we not aware of ongoing potential for growth/change? A dragnet that hauls every kind of creature into God’s presence Creatures so very different yet so much alike-- all heading in the same direction None of the images, not even the composite, can reveal a complete picture of our life with God, our life in ministry. The images can tickle our imagination, feed our desire and – like the wandering pilgrims accompanying Moses and the motley crew of disciples following Jesus, keep us moving from one stage of our journey in the present on to the next, open to whatever may be next. For us Jubilarians, we are celebrating a touchstone date on our journey. And just as the Israelites were in the desert, we are invited to contribute to the present as the “heart suggests and the spirit prompts”. We have enjoyed the treasure of the kingdom, and are grateful; we long for the kingdom in the now and to come. Today’s Gospel ends with Jesus asking the disciples if they understand the parable stories and they reply with a rather empathic yes. I wonder if that emphatic YES was bluster or truth . I think I would have said “sorta”, a little; but it is growing on me, in stages. We can trust as the Israelites did, the presence of God with us; we can relish with the disciples, Jesus’ instruction in the parables, and we can claim the name we gave ourselves, “gospel Women disciples”, as we strive to live this name. We remember that we are still on the journey enriched by our individual and collective past, energized by the possibilities of the spirit’s prompting and our hearts’ suggestions, and welcoming God’s call each and every day of our life. As we treasure the pearl, put yeast in our bread, tend the mustard seeds, and sort the fish according to their gifts, perhaps we sorta understand what we are doing as we continue in stages on our journey as Gospel Women Disciples. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=449&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgMon, 3 Aug 2015 Ursulines Thank Benefactors for Sharing in and Supporting Their VisionUrsuline Sisters, Associates and co-workers hosted a Sunday liturgy and brunch on July 26, 2015 to express their appreciation to benefactors who generously support and share in St. Angela Merici’s vision of service in the evolving world. The day’s readings centered on Jesus’ miracle of the loaves and two fish. In her homily, Sister Janet Marie Peterworth, president of the Ursulines of Louisville, addressed how the apostles stood perplexed and practically empty-handed before a crowd needing to eat. “But the scripture tells us that Jesus knew what he was going to do. You might say that Jesus had a vision of what he wanted to happen,” Sister Janet Marie assured. “He wanted to feed hungry people. He wanted to show the 5000 people compassion.” While Scripture does not go into detail on how Jesus fed the multitudes, it describes how, within each of us, something “catches fire in us” when there is a vision. Sister Janet Marie thanked those present for sharing in the Ursulines’ vision. “We have taken your gifts and stretched them to make them reach to places where you yourself could not go because of family or other obligations,” she explained. “We thank you for that.” She continued, “It is no secret that there are fewer vowed Ursuline Sisters now, and yet just last year the Ursuline Sisters called themselves to live and share that Ursuline Charism that calls us to an openness and eagerness to serve.….but this time we added that we would share it in a world that is evolving. And as with any evolution….with any change, we do not know what the end will look like. But it is important for you, our friends and benefactors, to know that the vision is still there…..and we still need you to help us announce our vision and to invite others into our mission and vision.” She referenced theologian Henry Nouwen, explaining that vision brings together needs and resources. “Just as Jesus could not have fed and cleaned up after 5000 without the help of others, the Ursulines cannot advance their vision without friends like you to help. And we thank you, not only for being with us in the past, but also for hanging in there with us in the present, and walking with us into the future.” Father Don Springman presided at the liturgy. Leila Vaghei served as cantor accompanied by Sisters Paula Kleine-Kracht (organ) and Sarah Stauble (piano). Following the liturgy, all were invited to view numerous displays explaining current ministries of the sisters and associates. Benefactors also received handmade gifts of soap, crafted by Sister Margaret Ann Hagan, and greeting cards, created by Sister Mary Lee Hansen. Chef Scott Schamel and the kitchen staff prepared a scrumptious brunch that included Cinnamon Peach French Toast Casserole, Western Scrambled Eggs, bacon, breakfast potatoes and other items. The dining room filled with people and conversation. “The Ursuline nuns are the thing,” said Benefactor Ann Nauert, who was all smiles. Joe Besendorf, brother of deceased Sister Rosamond Besendorf recalled serving as an altar boy in his youth during the liturgies for the sisters, remembering one particular liturgy when his sister took her final vows. “At that time the rest of the family couldn’t come. I was the only one because I was an altar server,” he said. “We’d visit the third Sunday of every month from 3-4 (in the afternoon). The bell would ring and then we’d all leave.” Benefactor Vonda Norris spent time with her childhood friend, Sister Julia Davis. They’re friendship runs deep as they’ve known each other since both were 7 years old. “As a former Ursuline, I know all the good work they do (in the community), she said. “The Ursuline charism is lived throughout the city. As a former Ursuline I could never repay them for what they gave me.” Deacon Bob Markert, an Ursuline benefactor, has crafted stained glass windows for campus buildings. “These Ursulines, every one of them, wear Jesus’ shoes. They’re all filled with the Spirit and reaching out. They are the most compassionate group of people I know.” To view photos from this event, <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=77">click here.</a>. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=448&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgFri, 31 Jul 2015 Improving Economic Structures Topic of Pope Francis 102Economist and international lecturer Sister Amata Miller, IHM, gave a history lesson on the United States’ economy, as well as suggestions for its improvement, to close to 100 people on July 25 during “Pope Francis 102: Challenging Our Economic System.” Sister Amata has worked as the education coordinator and economic advisor at NETWORK, a national Catholic social justice lobby, and has written and lectured extensively. She earned a doctorate in economics from the University of California at Berkley. Former CFO of her religious community, she drove home many points, one being that Pope Francis is not against capitalism but is opposed to markets whose sole aim is to make money at the expense of the wellbeing of others. Participants asked many thoughtful questions of Sister Amata, who left listeners with concrete actions to address income inequality that included educating oneself on issues, contacting legislators and remaining grounded in one’s faith. “The crowd was eager to be there and to be engaged with Sister Amata,” said Ginny Schaeffer, director of the Angela Merici Center for Spirituality, which co-sponsored the Ursuline Campus event with the Social Concerns Committee of the Ursuline Sisters and Associates. “The presentation was informative, challenging, educational, succinct and hopeful.” To see photos from the event, <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=76">click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=447&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgTue, 28 Jul 2015 Sister’s ‘Loving Care’ of Fellow Ursulines Recognized On July 12 in McAuley Hall at Mercy Sacred Heart, fellow sisters and friends took time to honor Sister Patricia (Patti) Ann Thompson for her vocation within a vocation–her steadfast care of infirmed and elderly sisters. “Sister Patricia Ann was the caring, comforting person that our sisters at Marian Home--and sisters’ friends and family members--turned to with confidence knowing that she knew what was best for them,” commented Leadership Councilor Sister Jo Ann Jansing. “She continued to be that person at Mercy Sacred Heart. She has been at the bedside of each sister who has gone to God over the past 50 years. All of us are indebted to her.” Many were on hand for light refreshments as they paid tribute to their sister and friend. Sister Janet Marie Peterworth, president of the Ursuline Sisters, shared, “We thank her for all of the selfless, loving care she has given to our sisters at Marian Home and at Mercy Sacred Heart, and wish her many blessings in her well-deserved retirement years.” To see photos from the event, <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=75">click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=446&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgMon, 20 Jul 2015 St. Francis de Sales School in Morgantown, WV, Marks 100 YearsFourteen Ursuline Sisters and Associate Kemn Dodds were guests at the Centennial Celebration of St. Francis de Sales School in Morgantown, WV, on June 27. Activities included lunch and a tour of the present, 10-year old school building (Pre-school through 8th grade), and an evening reception, followed by dinner and a program at the Lakeview Golf Resort and Spa. At both gatherings former students of the sisters were eager to connect again with their teachers. Sister M. Carmel Price, the founding principal of St. Francis High School (1937) was inducted into the St. Francis Achievement Hall of Fame. Sister Janet Marie Peterworth, president of the Ursuline Sisters, received the award, and spoke of the common history of the school and the Ursuline Sisters. (The congregation of Ursuline Sisters was inducted into the Achievement Hall at the first all-class reunion in 2014.) Four Ursuline Sisters of Louisville had traveled to Morgantown in 1915 to open the parish school. Sisters continued to minister in Morgantown until 1994. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=445&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 9 Jul 2015 Panelists Offer Ways to Support New Energy AlternativesOver 50 Ursuline Sisters, Associates and guests from other congregations and parishes were present June 13 for the panel discussion entitled, “A New Energy Vision: The Time Is Now.” Sponsored by the Social Concerns Committee and held in the Motherhouse library, the event included a PowerPoint presentation accompanied by presenters with firsthand knowledge of the problems that the processes of mountaintop removal mining and fracking create for the planet and for the health of its inhabitants. Those gathered were challenged to educate themselves and others and to become familiar with, and join or support, organizations that are working toward putting an end to these environmentally destructive methods. Panelists included Susan Classen, COL, director Cedars of Peace; Sister Claire McGowan, OP; Sister Maureen O'Connell, SL; and Deb Pekny, who, along with her husband, has opposed the building of a pipeline carrying natural gas liquids that would run a half mile from their residence. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=444&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgTue, 30 Jun 2015 “Wake Up The World” Habitat House Walls went up, the roof was installed and nails were pounded on May 28-30 at the “Raise the Roof” Habitat House building event where 200 volunteers — sisters, brothers, religious order priests and some lay people with ties to the religious communities – gathered to help with the effort. The Habitat house, named “Wake Up the World,” is in observance of the Year of Consecrated Life and is being sponsored by the 24 religious communities serving in the Archdiocese of Louisville. “One of the things that the pope asked during this Year of Consecrated Life is that religious across the world have a summer of service where they work side by side with their colleagues,” said Ursulines of Louisville President Sister Janet Marie Peterworth during the dedication ceremony on May 30. “From Rome to Louisville here on Hazelwood Court, we’ve seen the ripple effect.” The house will be home to Bisharo Hussein, a Somali mother of eight. More than $45,000 has been raised by 17 religious communities to fund the project. Sister Janet Marie has coordinated fundraising for the project. Groups of 12 volunteers will work Saturdays throughout the summer to prepare the house to be move-in ready by August 29, the projected completion date. Food for the volunteers, prayers and many blessings are helping to move construction along. To see photos from the first day of construction, <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=74">click here.</a>. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=443&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgMon, 22 Jun 2015 Leadership from Ursuline Congregations GatherMembers of the North American Ursuline Leadership arrived in Louisville on May 5, 2015, for a three-day meeting. Ursuline Sisters from Saskatoon (Canada), Cleveland, Youngstown, Toledo, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Brown County, Owensboro and Louisville gathered to share news from their individual congregations and to dream together about a future of deepened relationships and collaboration fueled by their Angeline charism. Meetings were held in the library and the sisters joined the Motherhouse sisters for daily Eucharistic liturgy and for meals. On Wednesday evening, Sister Janet Marie Peterworth arranged for the group to visit and tour the Habitat for Humanity Center in the Portland neighborhood. They put together three walls (nails and all), and wrote messages on the fourth wall of what will be the shed of the Wake up the World Habitat house that is being built by the religious congregations of the Louisville Archdiocese. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=442&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgFri, 29 May 2015 Pondering the Cosmos Sister Margaret Ann Hagan describes the Ursulines’ spring enrichment day held April 18 at the Motherhouse in Louisville. The Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, in our 2014 Chapter, claimed our call to be Gospel women disciples. Energized by the spirit, we committed ourselves to live and share the Ursuline charism in this evolving world. Our goals for these six years are: To implement congregational life planning; to foster cultural sensitivity and to promote cosmic awareness. Needless to say, these goals are a challenge. To begin the process of fostering cosmic awareness, on Saturday April 18, we had a “Spring Enrichment Day” for sisters and associates. About 60 people were in attendance. It was a full day beginning with singing “The Heavens Are Telling the Glory of God” and closing the day with “How Great Thou Art.” A significant aspect of the day was our time of prayer and faith sharing in small groups. Sister Jean Anne Zappa shared her reflections and experiences of having studied the scriptures and the writings of the early Church Fathers. She spoke from her heart of her experience of coming to know the presence of God within her and she being in the presence of God. “It really isn’t new. It is a matter of reframing the concept of the being in the presence of God.” A focal point of the day was watching a film, “The Journey of the Universe,” written and narrated by Brian Swimme. The movie is profound and deeply moving. It is beautiful and mind-blowing. It is awe-inspiring. Following lunch, we had some time for quiet payer and shared prayer at our tables. Following the small group sharing, we had sharing in the large group. Sister Jo Ann Jansing facilitated the small group sharing and Sister Paula Kleine-Kracht led the large group discussion and brought the day to a close with prayer. Sister Margaret Ann Hagan moderated the day and tickled our sweet tooth with appropriate treats for the day: Milky Way and Starburst candies. The committee to promote cosmic awareness is comprised of Sisters Jo Ann, Paula, Margaret Ann, Jean Anne and Judith Rice. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=441&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 28 May 2015 Bellarmine Students Visit Ursuline Campus for Prayer ServiceThe Ursuline Sisters and Associates invited Bellarmine University students to morning prayers on April 23, days before exams were set to begin. On the feast day of Saint George, students gathered with sisters, associates and co-workers as all sang, listened to Scripture, recited Psalm 99 and joined their prayers with the day's intercessions. Associate Barb Mercer was the cantor and Associate Donna Helm organized and presided at the prayer service. Sister Janet Marie Peterworth, president of the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, provided a reflection. (See below) Following the service, students mingled with others gathered before leaving with goodie bags of nutritious food to help them in their studies. Michael Bowden, a junior majoring in theology and physics, attended the service. He is a convert to Catholicism, and shared a little about his own faith journey, recalling how he fell in love with Catholicism because "you're never short on things to learn." His study of physics melds well into a faith in God who can be compared to a musician "singing the world into existence." To see photos from the morning prayer service, <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=73">click here.</a> Sister Janet Marie's Reflection: There is a place in Omaha, NB called “Fr. Flannagan’s Boys Town” and in front of that place is a famous statue of an older boy carrying a younger boy on his back piggy back style. That statue was cast to bring to life an old story that is told like this. There was an old man walking along a dirt road and he came upon a young boy carrying a little boy on his back. The old man asked, “Where are you going?” The older boy said, “We are going to school.” The old man noticed that the little boy was clearly lame and not able to walk. He said “Do you carry him every day to school in such a way?” “Yes”, the boy replied, “I do.” “That is a heavy burden for you to carry,” said the older man. “He ain’t a burden, and he ain’t heavy” said the boy, “he’s my brother.” I think that is what John is trying to tell us in the reading we just heard. The commands or teachings of Jesus are not heavy for us who call ourselves Christian because we do them out of love. It is not easy to follow Jesus’ teachings…..love your neighbor as yourself…..forgive 7 times 70 times…..Give your cloak as well as your tunic…..don’t cast stones until you are completely clean yourself…..feed my lambs, feed my sheep…..turn the other cheek…..visit the imprisoned…..cloth the naked…..help the sick and poor lying at your gate…..these are not easy things because they are counter-cultural. Following Jesus, if we do it well, is not easy….., but, it ain’t no burden and it ain’t heavy because we do it out of love. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=436&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 7 May 2015 Sweet Kindness Shared with Louisville’s Homeless on Give-A-DayUrsuline Sisters and Associates responded to Mayor Greg Fischer’s invitation to “Give-A-Day” of compassion by providing cookies to women and men served through St. Vincent de Paul’s Open Hand Kitchen. During the week of April 20, the sisters and associates baked cookies and then gathered on Thursday, April 23, to bag the sweet treats. Each bag was labeled with this prayer: “The Lord bless you and keep you! The Lord let his face shine upon you and be gracious to you! The Lord look upon you kindly and give you peace.” Numbers 6: 24-25 As sisters, associates and co-workers bagged and counted cookies, they swapped stories and later shared when asked what their favorite type of cookie is. Chocolate chip was the stand-out winner, and, to be exact, the preferred chocolate chip cookies are those baked by Associate Call Director Theresa Butler, who revealed that her culinary secret revolves around the amount of chocolate chips used in her recipe. Sisters and associates passed out the goody bags during their regularly scheduled Sunday serving time at the Open Hand Kitchen. Sister Rita Dressman, organizer of the outreach, said that the bags were well received. She also expressed her appreciation to everyone who brought in cookies and helped to bag and serve them. To see photos from Give-A-Day cookie preparation, <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=72">click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=435&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgMon, 4 May 2015 Ursulines Attend Downtown Human Trafficking Prayer VigilHolding signs reading, “Trafficking is slavery” and “Human trafficking: second largest criminal industry in the world,” Ursuline Sisters and Associates joined dozens of others downtown on April 28 for a prayer vigil and peaceful demonstration to raise awareness of human trafficking. Friend to the Ursulines and a human trafficking survivor, Margeaux Gray attended the event with her guide dog June Bug. Answering questions posed by reporters, Margeaux shared her story of being trafficked for sex by an adult the family trusted. She was a child who also took ballet, swimming and piano lessons like many of her peers. Beside Margeaux were others committed to the issue. They have organized PATH or People Against the Trafficking of Humans, a local coalition of those working to end this social evil. PATH has evolved in the last three years out of an initial gathering of women religious who saw the need to address human trafficking. Ursuline Sisters and Associates attending the vigil were Theresa Butler, Barbara Mercer and Rosetta Fackler, and Sisters Jo Ann Jansing, Agnes Coveney, Paula Kleine-Kracht, Martha Jacob, Macrina Stermec and Rita Ann Wigginton. For more on PATH and to read about Margeaux’s story, visit this link: http://www.whas11.com/story/news/local/2015/04/28/vigil-held-for-human-trafficking-awareness/26544063/ To see photos from the vigil, <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=70">click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=434&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 30 Apr 2015 Hospitality Builds Friendship between Ursuline and Vietnamese SistersThe Ursuline Motherhouse on Lexington Road served as a temporary home to 20 sisters, natives of Vietnam, who gathered from April 7 to 11 for the Leadership Conference of Vietnamese Women Religious in America. The sisters represented 13 congregations serving across the United States. “They come together once a year, and usually have a speaker give presentations on anything from medical insurance to spiritual topics. They try to help each other get acclimated to the U.S.” This was their 24th annual meeting, and in the past they have gathered in places like Los Angeles, Houston, New Orleans and Philadelphia. “They serve as leaders in their communities, and are here to serve a variety of Vietnamese communities throughout the United States.” While their native language and culture are different, a familiar reality resonated with the Ursulines who hosted the Vietnamese sisters. “They came to serve their own people, which is why Mother Salesia Reitmeier came here from Bavaria in 1858: to serve the German people. Theirs is a similar reason—they came to support their people.” Once he learned of the facilities available through the Ursuline Sisters and received permission, Father Anthony Chinh Ngo of St. John Vianney Church in Louisville invited the Vietnamese sisters to stay on the Ursuline Campus. Father Anthony became familiar with the available housing at the Motherhouse through Dominican Sister of Peace, Mai-Dung Nguyen, who currently resides at the Ursuline Motherhouse while conducting scientific research at the University of Louisville. “Father Anthony was excited,” Sister Martha said. “We housed 20 sisters and they used the social room for meals and our library for presentations and discussions.” Some of the sisters stayed on the floor where Sister Martha has her room. “They were as quiet as mice, rising early to pray the Divine Office and returning to their rooms late in the evenings, after a day of meetings and socialization.” “Their knowledge of English varied. Mostly, they are involved in education or in parishes.” One evening, St. John Vianney parish was the location of a Mass and an evening meal and socialization with the parishioners. On Thursday, Louisville’s Archbishop Joseph Kurtz joined the Vietnamese and Ursuline Sisters at the Motherhouse for Mass and lunch. Lunch was a cultural exchange of food as Chef Scott Schamel prepared American dishes and the Vietnamese sisters shared their food brought to them each day by St. John Vianney parish. The Archbishop seemed to enjoy the exchange and “stayed around” to visit and snap photos, which he later posted. “The lunch was very enjoyable,” Sister Martha remarked. “The sisters brought a lot of life and it was a joy to have them here. They sing, they laugh, and they’re very joyful people.” As they departed, the Vietnamese sisters said they felt “very much at home” in the Motherhouse and hoped to return. To see photos from this event, <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=69">click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=433&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgMon, 27 Apr 2015 Leadership Hosts Appreciation Lunch for Campus Services Co-WorkersWith the winter months behind us, flowers now bloom and lawnmowers crisscross green fields. The Ursuline Leadership paused to thank the Campus Services staff who helped those living on and journeying to the Ursuline Campus maneuver their vehicles amid mounds of snow and stay on their feet this past winter. The sisters brought in Jimmy John sandwiches for a lunch in the maintenance workshop (also known as the “man cave”) with Campus Services Director Rick Raderer and co-workers Reuben Corbett, Charlie Dusel, David Dues, Kevin Sauer and Steve Shaugnessy. In October the crew prepared for the cold months by winterizing the sisters’ vehicles, putting the snow plows on campus trucks, ordering ice melt and checking that the portable generators were in good condition. On snowy mornings the men would arrive at 6 AM to clear streets and walkways. “The reason we start so early is that we use plow trucks and it’s easier when people aren’t here,” Rick said. They start with anything that has to do with the pre-school and Brescia Hall, since people arrive at these locations first. Each co-worker knew his job: David and Rueben plowed the streets and spread ice melt, Kevin cleared sidewalks and parking lots with a Cub Cadet Tractor and Charlie and Rick shoveled sidewalks. (“It’s a free stress test each year,” commented Rick on his shoveling duties.) Steve cleared snow from cars before transporting the sisters to appointments and taking them to run errands. Even if the schools and offices are closed the men come to work to make sure the Motherhouse exits are scraped and clean. They also maintain the interior of the Motherhouse and the vehicles the sisters drive. They were on hand to clean snow off cars and attend to other weather-related breakdowns, which were few this year: one frozen pipe. “The bitter cold is the worst part because you can’t get things to melt,” Rick said. He estimated that they used about 10,000 pounds of ice melt this winter, which wasn’t as much as the previous year. Leadership Councilor Sister Paula Kleine-Kracht appreciated the men’s efforts to clear the campus and make it safe. “There were no accidents on the property,” she reported. “The big thing was all the extra time they put in. It’s hard work.” To see photos from the lunch, <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=68">click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=432&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgTue, 21 Apr 2015 SHA Students Reflect on Tour, St. Angela Merici’s CharismSeniors studying at Sacred Heart Academy caught a glimpse of day-to-day religious life and learned of the many ministries the Ursuline Sisters have established and currently serve in when the sisters invited them to a behind-the-scenes tour of the Motherhouse earlier this year. The Ursuline Sisters founded Sacred Heart Academy for grades 1 through 12 in 1877. Today, Sacred Heart Academy (high school) is part of Sacred Heart Schools, which includes Sacred Heart Model School (for grades K-8), Sacred Heart Preschool and Sacred Heart School for the Arts. During their senior year, SHA students learn about the charism of St. Angela Merici, the Community’s foundress. The charism is: a contemplative love of God and a resulting openness and eagerness to serve the needs of others. The seniors shared their reflections on St. Angela’s charism and their visit with the neighborly sisters. Some are included below. (To see photos from the event <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=66">click here.</a>) "My favorite part pf the tour was seeing the organizations the Ursulines help. This tour taught me that the sisters are eager to help anyone, not just a specific group of people. I learned that St. Angela encouraged the sisters to go out and do God’s will, and not just stay in church all day." -Christina Scheiber "Thank you so much for inviting us into your home and taking the time to teach us. My favorite part of the tour was getting to see the rooms that the sisters live in. I now better understand that charity and service make a big difference in our society. I learned that St. Angela is more widely known than I thought she was." -Cassidy Allen "Sorelle mie! (My Sisters!) Thank you for welcoming us into your home and into the traditions of your lives. I am honored to be a part of the St. Angela charism course. She was truly unparalleled in her life and remains an inspiration. I look forward to learning and teaching more about the tremendous Madre, St. Angela." -Highest regards, Janie Cruthirds (religion teacher) "St. Angela Merici had a love for creation and she found God in beauty. At the Motherhouse, the gardens and architecture foster meditation and deep thinking, as well as prayer and praise of God’s many gifts to us in creation. This is incorporated into the charism as the contemplative love of God. "In the Motherhouse, the sisters spoke with such passion about their lives and you could tell they felt truly called to be there and doing what they are doing. This is incorporated into the charism as the ‘eagerness’ to live like they do. You have to be emotionally invested, and St. Angela definitely was." -Angela Keifer "I see St. Angela’s spirituality in many different ways at the Motherhouse. The main thing that came to my mind is how they are role models to us and St. Angela is a role model to them. I see her spirit in the community that they have and relationships in the Motherhouse; they all have each other’s best interest at heart and put each other’s need before theirs. I believe this is what makes the Motherhouse so special and friendly. "Angela is in all that has grown on this campus. I see the spirituality much clearer now and can say that not only has St. Angela become a role model but so have those in the Motherhouse because of how they live out her caring, generous and influential life." -Gabriella Scalzo "I personally loved going to the Motherhouse and talking to the sisters. I always knew that there were Ursuline Sisters that lived on campus but I was never able to experience the way they lived before our tour. The sisters were so excited to show us their home and teach us about their ministry and lives." -Taylor Westerfield "I really enjoyed getting to tour the Motherhouse. St. Angela was very humble, which was clear in the lifestyle of the sisters. They live simply by using community showers and ordinary rooms. Much like St. Angela, they believe strongly in community. The sisters showed us where they all sit together playing games and watching television. They made posters to display all of the various ways they serve others. They are educators, chaplains, and many other roles. Each role revealed their charism to serve others, much like St. Angela’s work. I respect the sisters so much for allowing us to come into their home. I can picture St. Angela doing the same for the needy. I think this required a great deal of “openness” a very admirable part of the charism. "Prior to now I never truly understood why we are required to do service hours each year, when other schools are much more relaxed about the program. I now see that the purpose stems from the Ursuline charism and St. Angela’s life. She sacrificed so much to serve all that she could. By completing these hours we are barely skimming the impact that St. Angela had, but we do so in hopes of finding some form of service that we are passionate about and can dedicate part of our lives to as St. Angela and the Ursulines continue to do today." -Mady Strong "A week ago I was granted the opportunity to see St. Angela’s spirituality alive. As St. Angela wished, the Ursuline charism has become a way of life. While visiting the Motherhouse, I was introduced to women who have taken St. Angela’s charism to the next level. One of the sisters I spoke with showed me pictures of a young girl. The sister gave money so that the girl could receive a proper education in an area where money is tight and education seldom. As the sister showed photos and gifts from the young girl I was struck with the realization that St. Angela was standing before me. Just like this sister, St. Angela had an eagerness to teach and to serve. The charism that she created based on her beliefs and spirituality was the reason that the young girl received an education,… "Thanks for St. Angela’s everlasting impact on the world and her charism, we are surrounded by women embodying her spirituality. The world and society will never be grateful enough for St. Angela’s way of life and impact on society." -Catherine Stuckert "St. Angela’s spirituality was based on the four viewpoints-her view of God, herself, others and creation. St. Angela had a very close relationship with God calling him father and shepherd but also recognizing his power and divine mercy. Her contemplative love of God is seen through the way she emphasized genuine prayer and through her service. Her dedication to her relationship with God resulted in a contemplative love. Today, this is seen in the way we pray in the morning with different, meaningful prayers and also in the way the Ursuline Sisters at the Motherhouse emphasized prayer and centering their lives on God. "St. Angela viewed herself as a spiritual mother, but also recognized that she had flaws. She treated all as if they were her own daughters and sons even though she was never able to have children. This influenced her “openness” to serve others and willingness to give her love to all. Today, it can be seen through the Ursuline Sisters’ invitation to us to enter their home and through their actions with people including orphans and the disabled. This ties in with St. Angela’s view of others, also, as she had a great openness to others; whether it was young girls or strangers, she welcomed all. She also felt that we should strengthen love through faith and hope in order to strengthen others. This goes along with the service aspect of the charism, allowing the girls today at SHA to complete service hours and run drives to help where we see a need. It is also seen through the core value of community and service which are emphasized in school and throughout our lives. "St. Angela was an advocate of enjoying nature and what was given to us by God, but also, she believed that in having God, we have all, eliminating the need for wealth and objects. She reminds us that our first refuge is at the foot of Jesus. This true simplicity and Christo-centricity contributes to the Ursulines’ contemplative love of God. This is seen again at the Motherhouse. Although they have a beautiful chapel, they still live very simply, focusing their life on God." -Melody Gayheart http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=431&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgMon, 23 Feb 2015 From 'Bucket Lists' to Basketball, Two Sisters Mark Life's Milestones<b>Sister Jean Anne Zappa Turns 65</b> “Exhilarating” is how Sister Jean Anne Zappa described running and walking with almost 11,000 people participating in the 2015 Disney Princess Run/Walk on February 21. “We all have our bucket lists!” she explained. The noted “high achiever” walks about 2-3 miles a day, 4-5 days a week. Hearing about the event from a friend and inspired by turning 65, she entered the 10K event, completing the walk/run in 1 hour and 43 minutes and finishing ahead of 1,700 other runners. “Some folks get depressed about age I want to celebrate it,” said Sister Jean Anne, whose main goal was finishing. She appreciates the Disney mindset. “I went there for a leadership workshop about 6 years ago,” she recalled. “Their mission is simple--make people happy and safe.” Snow White greeted Sister Jean Anne as she crossed the finish line and while there wasn’t white snow to contend with, the weather was not balmy, either. “It was 40 degrees during the race.” <b>Sister Pat Lowman Celebrates Jubilee with Bellarmine Knights</b> February 21 was an exciting day for Sister Pat Lowman, as well. In honor of her 75th Jubilee, Bellarmine University honored Sister Pat by calling her to center court during halftime of the women’s basketball game. She received a standing ovation from the crowd. For 29 years Sister Pat served as the official scorekeeper for the women’s basketball team while she taught history at the university. A diehard Knights fan, Sister Pat can be found courtside at most games and was on hand to cheer the Lady Knights on to an 73-65 victory over Indianapolis. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=430&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSat, 21 Feb 2015 Motherhouse Tour Draws Interest from Surrounding CommunityIn recognition of the Year of Consecrated Life called for by Pope Francis, the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville provided behind-the-scenes tours of their Motherhouse as part of open house events held February 15 by women and men religious throughout the Archdiocese of Louisville. Young and old entered the Motherhouse entrance on Lexington Road beginning at 1 PM and strolled down halls as part of the guided tour given by sisters stationed throughout the building. Visitors listened as sisters shared their Community’s history, their past and current practices and noteworthy information about the Motherhouse and its chapel. Many on tour shared their own stories and memories of Ursuline-connected relatives with the sisters, including Lauren Stinnett, a pre-school teacher at the Ursuline Child Development Center whose grandmother, Bunny Barker, attended daily mass with the sisters so much that she had her own key to the Motherhouse. Lauren brought her two young children with her to the delight of many. Other visitors included Metro Councilman Bill Hollander and his wife, Lisa Keener. Alice Cowley and her five daughters, who are alumnae of Sacred Heart Model School and Sacred Heart Academy, also soaked in the Ursuline history. Many of the ministries begun and sustained by the Ursulines were represented in the Community’s library, where visitors could learn and mingle with many of the sisters. The last stop included tables with materials about the Associate Call program, the Angela Merici Center for Spirituality, Mission Advancement, alumnae and reunion opportunities, as well as refreshments. To see photos from the event <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=61">click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=429&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSun, 15 Feb 2015 Sr. Brendan Conlon Receives Honorary Diploma from High School Where she TaughtSacred Heart Academy (SHA) held its annual awards dinner on February 3, presenting Sister Brendan Conlon with an honorary diploma. Born in Cumberland, Maryland, and educated in schools staffed by the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, she entered the order in 1946. Although Sister Brendan’s teaching career began on the Ursuline Campus at Sacred Heart Model School, it was when she taught at SHA from 1956 to 1967 that she really left her mark on the school and students. She was described as a mentor and friend to young women who were impressionable teenagers during an amazing time in the country’s history. Nominator Sr. Martha Jacob (SHA ’53) said, “Before the values stressed in the Sacred Heart Schools today had been established and proclaimed publicly – community, leadership, reverence and service – Sister Brendan personified them.” Sister Brendan is an ardent proponent of social justice who participated in numerous prayer and peace demonstrations. Being arrested, detained or even jailed never stopped her. When Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was part of the Civil Rights March in Frankfort in 1964, Sister Brendan was there with her SHA students. In the 1980s, Sister Brendan began a new ministry of working with the poor when she joined the staff of Christian Help, Inc. in Morgantown, West Virginia. The outreach organization provides food, clothing, household items, as well as emergency financial assistance to the region’s poor and marginalized. In 1994, she established Christian Help of Mingo County in Kermit, WV. When Sister Brendan was in Kermit she partnered with SHA to establish the annual Christmas toy drive. The toy drive continues today and now includes Sacred Heart Model School, Sacred Heart Preschool and Sacred Heart School for the Arts. Last Christmas more than 3,000 toys were delivered to Christian Help of Mingo County. Sister Brendan retired from Christian Help in 2014 and now resides at the Ursuline Motherhouse and continues in volunteer ministry. To see photos from the event <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=60">click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=428&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 12 Feb 2015 Celebration of St. Angela’s Feast Day Takes Sisters Many Places on Campus and BeyondUrsuline Sisters and Associates, students of Sacred Heart Schools as well as co-workers and friends of St. Angela Merici gathered throughout the day on January 27 to celebrate the feast day of the Ursuline Community’s foundress. Sacred Heart Academy invited Ursuline Sisters to their morning mass, during which time Sister Janet Marie Peterworth, president of the Ursuline Sisters, spoke during the homily. To support the charism of St. Angela Merici among students, every classroom will have a framed picture of the saint. At the mass, the framed pictures were blessed by Andrea Hoback, SHS campus minister. Later, sisters were treated to lunch in the school’s cafeteria. Other sisters joined together for mass in the Motherhouse Chapel. Those sisters at Mercy Sacred Heart enjoyed acknowledging their foundress throughout the day while co-workers were treated to a “Soup Day” lunch prepared by the sisters and hosted at the St. Ursula Convent. Intercessions to St. Angela were shared within the Community, and they appear below to be prayed throughout the year. <b>Intercessions for the Feast of Saint Angela</b> <i>Angela, holy woman,</i> may the example of your pilgrim heart encourage us to walk in your footsteps, to be your compassion, to be loving, caring, and forgiving, in a world of indifference and diversity, we pray… <b><i>Glory! Glory! Glory! Be glory to the only God.</i></b> <i>Angela, spiritual guide and mother,</i> open our hearts that we may be people of peace, creators of justice, and care-takers of all creation as we see God in all things, we pray… <b><i>Glory! Glory! Glory! Be glory to the only God.</i></b> <i>Angela, valiant woman,</i> call and inspire us to be people living a contemplative love of God resulting in a desire and eagerness to respond with generous and giving hearts in loving service to others, we pray… <b><i>Glory! Glory! Glory! Be glory to the only God.</i></b> <i>Angela, discerning and insightful woman, </i> may we grow in our love and compassion for each other and all creation, as we live our lives as “glory to the only God”, we pray… <b><i>Glory! Glory! Glory! Be glory to the only God.</i></b> <i>Angela, woman connected to her world,</i> assist us to grow in love for one another and may this year dedicated to honor Consecrated Life help us to discover the Joy of the Gospel and embrace our call to contemplation and action in daily life, we pray… <b><i>Glory! Glory! Glory! Be glory to the only God.</i></b> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=427&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 29 Jan 2015 Community Activist that Led MLK Parade Walks in St. Angela’s FootstepsUrsuline Associate Ruby Hyde received the honor of serving as Grand Marshal for PRIDE Inc.’s 43rd Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Motorcade and Rally on January 19 in Louisville, KY. PRIDE, People’s Rights in Demanding Equality, orchestrates the annual event to honor the slain civil rights leader. The parade of cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles and buses included representatives of union groups and law enforcement agencies that traveled down Broadway Avenue, arriving at King Solomon Baptist Church for a noontime rally. “The place was really electric with enthusiasm and with determination to continue to work for racial justice, most particularly to work for racial justice here in the Louisville area,” said Sister Janet Marie Peterworth, who attended the event. “We are very proud of Ruby’s work and what she’s doing in Smoketown and happy to be part of the recognition given to her by her own community.” Sister Janet Marie was joined at the rally by Sisters Agnes Coveney and Jo Ann Jansing, along with Associate Call Director Theresa Butler. “This was a very spirited celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King and his legacy. As an Ursuline Sister and admirer of Dr. King, I was very privileged to have been there and to have participated. We felt made welcomed by the African American community from the time we entered and were very proud that Ruby wanted us to be there with her because of her association with the Ursuline Sisters over the years.” Beyond the annual parade and rally, PRIDE also organizes food, toy and clothes drives and promotes education for people seeking to better their situations. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=426&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgMon, 26 Jan 2015 Visit Us!Pope Francis has declared 2015 as the Year of Consecrated Life to honor women and men religious worldwide. Join us in celebration as the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville open the doors of their Motherhouse for a behind-the-scenes tour on Sunday, February 15, from 1-4 PM. You will see ministry displays and archival treasures, view the congregation’s historic timeline, listen to room descriptions from the past to the present, enjoy refreshments and have an opportunity to meet and speak with many of the Sisters. All are welcome! Ample Parking. Handicap Accessible. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=425&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 22 Jan 2015 NETWORK Thanks Sisters For ‘Nuns on the Bus’ Support<i>Shantha Ready Alonso, NETWORK’s Community Mobilization Manager, sent the following message acknowledging the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville—particularly Sister Jean Anne Zappa--for participation in its “We the People, We the Voters” campaign: </i> “On behalf of NETWORK, A National Catholic Social Justice Lobby, we would like to celebrate and give thanks for the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville and for the participation of Sister Jean Anne Zappa on the bus for the Nuns on the Bus “We the People, We the Voters” tour. “We hope you will enjoy this reflection written by Sister Jean Anne, which can be found at the bottom or this email and on <a href="https://www.nunsonthebus.org">www.nunsonthebus.org</a>, as well as the link to our Nuns on the Bus flickr page, where you can see photos of Sister Jean Anne in the various events on the tour <a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/121511644@N04/sets">here.</a> “As I look back on the NETWORK community’s adventures in 2014, I look fondly on the spirit-filled justice-seeking actions of your community. We look forward to a continued strong partnership with your congregation. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me in 2015 if NETWORK can be of service to your congregation’s Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation ministry.” In gratitude, Shantha ---------- <b>Rousing Rally in Lexington By Sister Jean Anne Zappa, OSU</b> <i>October 2, 2014</i> If you did not know about the important issue of raising the minimum wage before the rally in Lexington, KY, you would sure know how important it is after the rally. When the “Nuns on the Bus” pulled into the Courthouse Square about 12:30 p.m. we were greeted by an enthusiastic crowd of about 200 supporters and at least 4 TV crews. After Father John Rausch welcomed us and Rev. Esther Hurlburt prayed, Sister Simone gave some opening remarks. Councilwoman Attica Scott from Louisville and Mr. Bill Londrigan, president of the AFL-CIO, both spoke about the raising of the minimum wage to help folks gain a decent standard of living. Raising the wage would also stimulate the economy, help make a demand on more goods and services, and would decrease the need for public assistance and safety-net programs. Although all political officials were invited to appear and speak, we were honored to hear from State Representative Elizabeth Jensen and Sec. of State Alison Lundergan Grimes, who both talked about the importance of voting. Secretary Grimes also talked about supporting coal miners, not just the coal operators, allowing easier voting for vets, helping folks pay off their student loans, and the importance of stopping big money coming into the state and buying the election. Ms. Grimes talked about the influence many sisters had on her life especially one sister from Nazareth, KY. She said she will never forget what this sister said: “Here are three stages of life—walking in the fire, being in the fire, and coming out of the fire.” She encouraged all present to come out of the fire not as ashes, but as strong as iron and move forward with a vision as the Nuns on the Bus have. Sister Simone concluded the rally with a challenge to vote and invite others to do so, to make everyone’s voice be heard. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=420&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 18 Dec 2014 Final Report Released on Apostolic Visitation of U.S. Women Religious <I>Updated 12/16/14</I> Statement by Sister Janet Marie Peterworth, president of the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, regarding the final report on the apostolic visitation of institutes of women religious in the United States: “Because of the importance of this document, I will take time to carefully read and study the report, discuss it with others, and discern what its call is to our institute.” <b>Important Links:</b> Hosted by the Vatican Press Office, the broadcast of the press conference regarding the final report can be found through this link: <a href=" https://www.youtube.com/user/vatican">click here.</a> A recording of the press conference will remain on the site at the above address for viewing. Follow this link to statements by panellists:<a href="http://press.vatican.va/content/salastampa/it/bollettino/pubblico/2014/12/16/0962/02072.html">click here.</a> The Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) has posted the written report on its <a href=" http://www.lcwr.org">homepage.</a> The Congregation for Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life (CICLSAL) orchestrated the Vatican-initiated visitation of communities of U.S. women religious, a process that began in 2008. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=419&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgMon, 15 Dec 2014 Live Life as a Pilgrimage, Sisters Reminded Prayer, poetry and discussion—The three served as central elements of the Ursuline Sisters’ fall enrichment day led by gerontologist Dr. Jane Thibault, Ph.D., and entitled “On Pilgrimage into Our Future.” About 50 sisters attended the program, which began with opening prayers and Scripture readings from Isaiah, Jeremiah and the Gospel of John. (“For I know well the plans I have in mind for you, says the Lord.” Jeremiah 29: 11) The day’s focus was to better understand healthy ways of living and of aging. A returning presenter to the Ursulines, Jane spoke in depth of framing one’s life as a constant pilgrimage, and she invited the sisters to do the same. “Whatever the situation and whomever we encounter, each moment of each day becomes an encounter with the Holy, an event that can transform us, a signpost that points the way, leading us to our ultimate completion,” she described. The metaphor of pilgrimage took on the physical form of a chambered nautilus shell, as each participant received one along with an excerpt from Oliver Wendell Holmes’ poem “The Chambered Nautilus.” The excerpt included: “Build thee more stately mansions, O my soul,/As the swift seasons roll!” The program offered opportunities for table discussions and time for personal prayer. At its conclusion, a prayer was given out for further reflection. Written by Sister Moya Hanlen, FDNSC, the prayer ended with “Finally, as my heart slows a little after the work of the years, may it expand in love for You and for all people. May it rest secure and grateful in Your loving Heart until I am lost in You, completely and forever. Amen.” Sisters expressed positive comments following the program to Sisters Janet Marie Peterworth and Sister Agnes Coveney, organizers of the program. “They told us that it was something we needed to hear,” Sister Agnes said. Both commended Jane, an Angeline Award recipient, for bringing a fresh perspective on health and aging as the congregation discerns “how to live fully as we serve fully.” “There’s a lot about coming to terms with who we are as a congregation and as individuals,” Sister Agnes shared. "The pilgrimage idea helped bring meaning to it. It’s much more spiritual than saying a journey or traveling. Jane went into what a pilgrimage is and what it is not.” Unlike a journey that has a goal, a pilgrimage’s every step contains the goal, Jane explained in her presentation, and she offered a clear understanding of the blessings that come with aging: new adventures with companions and contributing in some way to “the well-being of all things abiding on our home planet.” “The aging process is our final pilgrimage of this life—the one that will ultimately lead us to our Beloved, our Source, our Fulfillment, the Meaning we seek.” http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=418&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgMon, 8 Dec 2014 Christmas Stockings Craft Closer Ties Between Inmates and Their KidsSanta’s elves come in all sizes and from many places. One such place is the Ursuline Campus, where sisters and associates have busily crafted Christmas stockings that prison inmates will present to their children when they visit in December. The Stocking Project is part of an outreach begun by Evangel Prison Ministries, which has distributed stockings and Bibles to Kentucky’s correctional institutions for women and men since 1983. The Ursuline Community has participated in the program since 1999, when Sister Ruth Ann Haunz began volunteering at the Kentucky Correctional Institution for Women in PeWee Valley. When a foot injury curtailed her efforts shortly after learning of the stocking program, Sisters Thomasita Hayes and Vera Gardner took on the effort—particularly Sister Vera, explained Sister Ruth Ann. “The joke became that if you saw Sister Vera down the hall, you’d better run. She was very committed.” Both sisters have passed on since beginning the sewing and crafting campaign, and others have stepped up, including Ursuline Sisters and Associates across Louisville and as far away as Cumberland, MD. Associate Theresa Gill and her daughter, Lisa, are two who busily craft all year to meet the need for stockings. “I just enjoy doing it,” Theresa said. “I look at books and magazines to get ideas.” She is also aware of the project’s important purpose. “It makes me feel good to know that I helped a child enjoy a little Christmas.” Associate Call Director, Theresa Butler, attests to the “positive dimension” making stockings has had on the Ursuline Community. “It is a time that results in much joy and laughter,” she shared. “As we reflect on the richness this project has brought to us we realize what a blessing it has been.” Reindeer, penguins, snowmen and snowflakes—each of the 300+ stockings supplied by sisters and associates each year is a unique creation and a special gift during a tender and important exchange between parent and child. “The kids love it!” said Chaplain Casey of Luther Luckett Correctional Complex for men, which is where the Ursulines’ stockings now are sent. “What you see is just a stocking, but it’s really a way of changing the world by helping the guys here.” He shares that many of those incarcerated realize their mistake. “Every (inmate) will tell you that they were not thinking of their kid when they did what they did to get in here. They were thinking of themselves first.” Now they learn how to consider others first. “When you focus on your family, you will think twice,” Chaplain Casey teaches. The impact of something as small as a stocking is large, he continued. “The stockings help the dads re-establish a rapport and involvement with their children so when they get out they will not want to jeopardize that relationship and come back here. They will take their responsibility seriously.” The stocking project contributes to strengthening the family bond, an essential component of prison ministry. Each year Chaplain Casey watches the Christmas exchange transform relationships as parents and children “share, play and laugh together.” “For me, more than doing that, we’re changing the future; we’re changing society.” Nadine Daugherty, director of Evangel Prison Ministries, annually orchestrates the delivery of 7,000 stockings filled with hats, gloves, candy and a stuffed animal. She appreciates the continued commitment of the Ursuline Community. “It’s a tremendous ministry,” she said. “It means the world to a child because the child has something to hold onto from their parent.” She added that physical needs are also met for children in more remote areas who may not have their basic needs met for staying warm. “Some of the kids wouldn’t get anything if not for the little stockings.” The Stocking Project is also an ecumenical project uniting many churches and organizations. “We are all brothers and sisters in Christ,” Nadine said. “We’re all doing this for the Lord, for the children.” Along with the Ursuline Sisters and Associates, another one of Santa’s elves is Charles, an inmate at Luther Luckett Correctional Complex and the father of son, Charles Jr., and daughter, Beautiful—both of whom are under 8 years old. Charles helps Santa stuff the stockings that other dads will share with their children. “Kids love them,” he confirmed. “It’s a great day for the kids.” And for the dads, too, as he confided, “It makes my day when I see my kids.” To see photos of the stockings <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=59">click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=417&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 4 Dec 2014 Ursulines Spread Handmade Christmas Cheer Across the CommunityFueled by their afternoon lunch, Ursuline Sisters and Associates settled into the task of crafting unique Christmas cards on November 20 using festive papers, various ornamentations and pens. They are in good company as the Greeting Card Association estimates that about 1.6 billion Christmas cards (including boxed sets) will be purchased this year, thus solidifying the Christmas tradition that was started in the United Kingdom in 1843 by Sire Henry Cole and artist John Horsely. Christmas ornaments and snowmen were the day’s popular themes embellished by colored pencils, ribbons and red, green and blue holiday paper. The cards will be sent to individuals in the Ursuline Community, who are sure to appreciate the kind thoughts and warm wishes behind each creation. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=416&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgWed, 3 Dec 2014 Ursuline Motherhouse Chapel Open for Vespers during AdventThe Ursuline Sisters of Louisville wish to extend an invitation to the surrounding community to join them for Solemn Vespers offered on the four Sundays of Advent (November 30 and December 7, 14 and 21) from 4:30-5:30 PM in the Motherhouse Chapel. The event is free of charge and open to the public. Dating back to the sixth century, Vespers is the official sung evening prayer of the Church. The solemn prayer, originating in the monasteries of Europe, has lived on for almost 1500 years. It is especially poignant during the Advent Season as we, in the northern hemisphere, observe a loss of light due to the winter solstice followed by increasing light as we approach the birth of the Christ Child, the Light of World. “The Advent Vespers is a way of sharing part of our lives as Ursuline Sisters,” said Sister Margaret Ann Hagan, who wishes to welcome all to this “prelude to Christmas” in the historic chapel. “We hope it is a prayerful experience for people to join with others and come together to pray and to honor the Holy One, to honor God.” Parking will be available in parking lots near the Motherhouse Chapel, located at 3115 Lexington Road, Louisville, KY, 40206. For more information about this event, contact Sister Margaret Ann at 896-3915. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=415&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 20 Nov 2014 60th Anniversary Brings UA Class of 1954 Together AgainTwenty-seven graduates from the UA Class of 1954 celebrated 60 years of friendship and memories on Saturday, November 1, 2014, at the Motherhouse on the Ursuline Campus in Louisville, KY. This special anniversary almost slipped by until a dedicated committee took the reins in August 2014. Emails, phone calls and invitations circulated to re-connect with former classmates, as the planning process got underway. Their efforts paid off. Five states were represented: Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. The group viewed table displays of photos, programs, school newspapers and yearbooks, and then had a group photo taken in the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception on the steps of the altar. The reunion program in the Motherhouse library began with a welcome by Pat Suell Froman who thanked and introduced the planning committee. Sister Janet Marie “Jodon” Peterworth, president of the Ursuline Sisters and a UA ’54 alum, spoke about the value of an Ursuline education, recalled events and products developed in the 50s and asked a few open-ended questions for fill-in-the- blank responses. The big controversy seemed to be the color of the UA uniform tie. Was it black or dark blue? The decision was split 50/50, so it’s anyone’s guess. Tickets were distributed for alum-donated door prizes. There were so many prizes that no one left without a gift. Agnes Schulz Nelson prepared a thoughtful list of intercessions, which included remembering 19 deceased classmates in prayer. Response: We pray to the Lord: Lord, hear our prayer. · In remembrance of all the Ursuline Sisters who have shared their knowledge, expertise and faith in the education of their students at Ursuline Academy and other facilities throughout our world. · In remembrance of the following classmates who have gone before us and now share in the joy of being at home with Heaven's holy family (classmate names were read). · That those classmates physically unable to join our celebration today will feel the warmth of our wishes for all God's best blessings being sent their way. · That the good Lord will continue to impart the blessing of religious vocations so vitally needed in today's society. · That those who suffer from hunger, illness and want receive God's healing blessing. · That all may have safe travel in their journeys. · That those in political office utilize their power for the betterment of all peoples. · That the staff of the Mission Advancement Office, Ursuline Archives, Motherhouse and members of the Ursuline Community be assured of our prayers and support in gratitude for their hard work in arranging our 60th Class Reunion. The Motherhouse chef prepared a delicious lunch of beef stroganoff, vegetable lasagna, roasted vegetables and sweet and savory pies. Conversations continued after lunch when attendees clustered in groups in the library sharing stories, laughter, tears and hugs. Special thanks to committee members Theresa “Dolly” Zinser Adams, Joan O’Neil Cahill, Norma Hahn Delmenhorst, Pat Suell Froman, Agnes Schulz Nelson and honorary advisor, Sister Janet Marie. The group was so inspired by the opportunity to see each other again that plans for an annual lunch gathering at Brescia Hall on the Ursuline Campus are up for discussion. Stay tuned! To see photos from the reunion, <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=58">click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=414&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 6 Nov 2014 Ursuline Academy Pittsburgh Reunion was a Memorable Celebration of Past and PresentOn Saturday, October 18, 2014, eighty-one attendees--including alumnae, one alumni, spouses, friends and former faculty--celebrated history, friendships and memories at the All Class Reunion in the Wintergarden Room of West Penn Hospital. Prior to the reunion, 30+ alums took advantage of the optional Open House to tour the former Academy (now the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh), climb the grand staircase, peek into classrooms, walk down the hallways, step into the repurposed chapel and auditorium, and gaze at the mansion’s many 19th Century architectural details that made UA a special place to study and worship. We found evidence that several graduates had left their names on the blackboards in closed-off rooms during the 2012 reunion. Since the school was a boarding, elementary and finally an all-girls high school, the attendees were a cross section of the student body through the years. They came from Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania and South Carolina. The years represented were 1955, 1956, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1969, 1970, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982. One attendee went to kindergarten and one went to Lawrenceville Catholic High School (LACHS) after UA closed and merged in 1981. The evening activities at West Penn included memorabilia displays, liturgy, dinner and a photo slide show. Father Regis M. Farmer, pastor of Saint Maria Goretti and former headmaster of LACHS, celebrated mass in the auditorium. Against a rolling backdrop of vintage to recent photos, Sister Rita Joseph Jarrell, UA principal (1975-1981) and assistant principal of LACHS (1981-1983), talked about the early and later years at the Academy. At one point in the presentation, she was joined by Fr. Farmer who spoke about the transition to Lawrenceville Catholic when UA closed. Then, Tony Turo, Executive Director of Ursuline Senior Services, was joined by 1970 UA alum, Karen Miller-Tobin, Division Director of the Volunteer Program, to talk about the Ursuline legacy of community service and outreach going on today. A sumptuous buffet dinner of chicken picatta, London broil, salad, vegetables and rice pilaf was prepared by the West Penn catering chef who topped off the meal with chocolate layer cake. Classmates gathered for photos, received a commemorative gift, had their yearbooks signed after all these years and viewed never-before-seen archival materials. The evening wrapped up with Sister Rita Joseph, who spoke with many alums to gauge interest in hosting annual gatherings as a Coeur d’ Ursuline group. The consensus was to stay connected. We’ll keep you posted on future news. To see photos from the reunion, <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=57">click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=413&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgWed, 5 Nov 2014 Bringing ‘Ho-Ho-Ho’ to the Hills of West VirginiaSisters Brendan Conlon and Janet Marie Peterworth, president of the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, joined the Sacred Heart School community to promote its annual Toy Drive that benefits families living in or near Kermit, WV. Both sisters returned to the Motherhouse in 2014 after serving for decades in West Virginia--a state and its people who remain close to their hearts. The Ursuline Sisters, SHS students, faculty and alumni have donned their Santa hats for 20 years to gather gifts that then are distributed by Christian Help of Mingo County, an emergency assistance agency started by Sister Brendan. The collaboration began when Barbara Simmons, former moderator of the SHA Community Awareness Committee (CAC) wanted to create a unique service experience for students, and in 1994 approached Sister Paula Kleine-Kracht, principal at the time, who suggested Christian Help. The effort expanded across the Ursuline Campus to include all schools. Last year SHS filled a truck with 3,025 toys, and participants hope to meet or exceed that amount this year. Several SHA students will make the trip to Kermit to deliver the toys, meet area youth and see firsthand the region and its beauty as well as the hardships residents face while living in the area. The truck and Santa’s helpers depart for Kermit on Monday, November 10. We wish all a safe journey as they spread the Christmas spirit! http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=412&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgTue, 4 Nov 2014 Ursuline Academy – Louisville ~ Class of 1954 – 60th Reunion Celebration ~ Save the DateUrsuline Academy – Louisville Class of 1954 – 60th Reunion Celebration <b>Save the Date! - Saturday, November 1, 2014</b> 11 AM – 3 PM Prayer Service ~ Group Photo ~ Lunch ~ Memorabilia Display ~ Gift $35 per person/$15 for Group Photo Ursuline Motherhouse Bldg. # 10, Ursuline Campus 3115 Lexington Road, Louisville, KY 40206 For more information, please contact Ellen McKnight, Director of Mission Advancement,(502) 515-7526, or emcknight@ursulineslou.org. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=399&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSat, 1 Nov 2014 Ursulines ‘Pause’ to Acknowledge One Who Walks in Angela’s Footsteps The 2014 Angeline Award Presentation was truly a family affair on many levels, with blood relatives and Ursuline Sisters and Associates traveling from near and far for the special occasion. Surrounded by the Ursuline Community, family members and friends, Carolyn Elizabeth Neely humbly accepted the 2014 Angeline Award on October 25 during the Eucharistic Liturgy in the Motherhouse Chapel with her brother, Father Blaine Burkey of Colorado, serving as celebrant. Sister Kathy Neely traveled from Peru to pay tribute during the Liturgy’s homily to Carolyn, an Ursuline Associate from Cumberland, MD, who is also her sister-in-law. Sister Kathy recounted that the Liturgy’s Gospel (Matthew 22:34-40) “is a summary of Angela’s life and those who also strive to be followers of Jesus.” Carolyn has been one such follower, she explained. “She goes the extra mile in who she is and what she does—quietly and joyfully—as Angela states in her Rule, Chapter 9: ‘Be content and always full of charity, faith and hope in God,’” commented Sister Kathy, who then listed ways Carolyn has loved as a friend, wife, mother, teacher, volunteer and Christian woman. “We are grateful to you, Carolyn, for your example, and to our Ursuline Leadership for your inspiring words to ‘go, live and share the Ursuline charism in this evolving world.” After the homily, Carolyn stood by Sister Janet Marie as she presented her with the award upon which is the inscription, “Be Glory to the Only God.” The honoree offered her appreciation for the award and acknowledged the gift of “wonderful family and friends” who often were “coerced” into helping with service projects. “I was also blessed by parents who sent me to Catholic schools.” Carolyn then requested prayers as she continues to “pay it forward.” Following the Liturgy, many stayed for a celebratory meal. As others filled their plates with beef brisket and stuffed mushrooms, Sister Janet Marie spoke on the importance of the longstanding award program that began in 1991 and takes place every two years. “It’s a pause to bring to consciousness the living out of our charism, ”she explained, adding that during each award cycle the organizing committee is able to find many worthy nominees. The 2014 Angeline Award Committee included Sisters Ruth Ann Haunz (chair), Margaret Ann Hagan, Barbara Bir, Martha Jacob, Dolorita Lutsie, Helen O’Brien, and Louise Marie Willenbrink. Family members from Maryland and afar gathered at tables--most of them products of an Ursuline education when children, growing up in Cumberland, MD, a small town in Western Maryland that served as the last stop before individuals and families pushed off into the unsettled frontier years ago. Father Blaine attributed his vocation to the teaching community. “If my chromosomes had been arranged differently, I’d probably be an Ursuline,” he said, recalling the impact of sisters like his former teacher Sister Agnesca Knouse, who was active with mission work and invited him to help. Another family member, Pat Burkey, Carolyn’s nephew, surprised his aunt by flying from New York for the occasion. “I wouldn’t have missed it,” said Pat, who reminisced about his Ursuline education and acknowledged being part of Carolyn’s many service projects. Surrounded by family members who devote their lives to service, Pat reflected on the family’s legacy of compassion. “Dad, Carolyn and Fr. Blaine—We learned by watching them. All of them responded to need.” Pat’s sister, Lisa, called her aunt “an amazing woman” who, when she was a child, would invite her to “art night” sleepovers and remained dedicated to Lisa after she lost her parents--her mother when she was 12 and father when she was 18. “When Mom and Dad died, she was there for us,” Lisa said. “She has been the rock of the family. … I’m honored to call her my aunt.” Carolyn’s sister, Linda, commented on the family’s dedication to service, remembering how her father was active in the Knights of Columbus and her mother was part of the Confraternity of Christian Mothers at Our Lady of the Mountains Parish in Western Maryland, which continues to be Carolyn’s home parish. “We watched our parents always going to things.” Linda singled out Carolyn’s daughter, Jennifer, and granddaughter Ellie as representatives of younger generations ensuring that “compassion is being passed on.” “She’s so well supported,” said Jennifer, who was mindful of how uncomfortable her mom was being singled out. “She’s surrounded by wonderful people.” Many of those were Ursuline Associates who traveled from Cumberland to witness the event. All could share examples of Carolyn teaching Christian Living by example, whether it was helping them personally when they were in a pinch or aiding others, like when she trusted a woman who needed a car to make payments to her. “No matter how big or small, when you need something, she is there,” said Associate Anna Michael, who is also Carolyn’s cousin. Associate Linda Ratchford remembers meeting Carolyn when she returned to teaching in 1979. Carolyn taught her children at Bishop Walsh School. “Carolyn gives so generously of her time and talent. She maintains her caring, compassionate attitude and spirit of joy as she faces each new day,” Linda wrote in an email after returning to Cumberland. Linda also noted how Carolyn and two others took on leadership roles to continue the Ursuline legacy in the area when the sisters were called back to Louisville. “Carolyn wants to make sure that the Ursuline Sisters, who served so long and so well, and the Charism of Angela are not forgotten.” All who know Carolyn attest to her sure-footed walk in the foundress’ footsteps. “As Angela did, Carolyn lives simply, has remained in her community and inspires others by her example.” To see photos from the event, <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=56">click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=411&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 30 Oct 2014 Cluster Event Gathers Region’s Ursuline CommunitiesOver 30 Ursuline Sisters and Associates of Louisville joined others from area Ursuline communities for the Ursuline Cluster on October 11 at Butler State Park. At the park’s meeting facility near the unique spot where the Kentucky and Ohio Rivers converge, Ursuline Sisters, Associates and friends of St. Angela Merici shared their wisdom, expressed their optimism and addressed how best to embody Christian living and share its fruits with others. Plenty of Ursulines of Louisville participated in different aspects of the event. The Planning Committee, which included Sister Jean Anne Zappa and Associate Barbara Mercer, welcomed all gathered at the start of the day. Sister Martha Buser led the morning prayer and Sister Janet Marie Peterworth facilitated reflection circles, which included Associate Pat Turner, Sister Judith Rice and Dr. Cindy Crabtree, president of Sacred Heart Schools. Sister Margaret Ann Hagan served as “listener” and wrote down insights, challenges and ideas for moving forward after the event. Throughout the day, attendees shared insights that sprang forth from presentations and discussions. The definition of “cluster” -- “Growing and held together” -- was offered to characterize the Ursulines’ continuing friendship with one another. This was evident in exchanges throughout the gathering. Comments from the morning session included: -“Pope Francis and Angela invite us each day to a special relationship with Jesus.” -“God’s way is a way of justice, relationship, service. It is justice with energy, relationship, and mutual service.” -“Being called to live in joy is being called to live in the moment.” “Joy” was a word also referenced in the afternoon sessions. -“Know Angela’s spirit, her joy. Let her charism touch you.” -- “Pray for those who are living the charism and keeping Angela alive now. Build community wherever you go. This will bring you joy.” -“Whatever we do, do it <b>boldly</b>! Be joyful – <b>boldly</b>! Serve – <b>boldly</b>! Promote justice – <b>boldly</b>! Be present – <b>boldly</b>! Meet each other at the foot of the cross - <b>boldly</b>! Accompany/stand with others – <b>boldly</b>! Be a Cluster – <b>boldly</b>! Connect – <b>boldly</b>!” Quiet reflection time was scheduled, followed by discussions among tablemates and with the larger gathering. Some suggested how best to move forward amid the challenges in today’s world. -“We, too, are called to be like a piazza--open, generous, welcoming. Angela had courage and relied on the Holy Spirit. She said ‘no’ to the pope’s request to remain in Rome, but said ‘yes’ to the Holy Spirit. If we have the spirit of Angela, we should want to be united.” - “Religious life is not dying. Chapter 1 has been written. It is almost complete. Now it is up to us to write chapters 2, 3 and 4.” - “The man in the gospel who sowed the seed did so boldly. We, too, are challenged to sow boldly, speak fearlessly, and listen humbly.” To see photos of the event, <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=55">click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=410&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 23 Oct 2014 Ursuline Academy - Pittsburgh ~ All Class Reunion Celebration ~ Save the DateSave the Date! Saturday, October 18, 2014 Tour of former Academy on Winebiddle (now Waldorf School of Pittsburgh) Mass & Dinner at West Penn 2 PM – 3 PM – Self-guided tour of former Ursuline Academy (201 S. Winebiddle Street) 3 PM – 4 PM – Garage Parking & Check-in, West Penn Allegheny Health System (4800 Friendship Avenue) 4 PM – 5:30 PM – Mass & Program 5:30 PM – 7 PM – Dinner, Alumnae Gift, Archival Displays $35 per person/$5 West Penn Garage Parking For more information, please contact Ellen McKnight, Director of Mission Advancement,(502) 515-7526 , or emcknight@ursulineslou.org. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=378&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSat, 18 Oct 2014 Omaha Alums Welcome Ursulines for Campus Visit, Recall Sisters’ LegacySister Janet Marie Peterworth was the guest of honor at the 50th Reunion of Blessed Sacrament School’s (BSS) Class of 1964 earlier this year. Located in Omaha, NE, the school combined with St. Philip Neri in 2011. In 1920, Archbishop Jeremiah Harty invited the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville to staff the parish school. In the early days, the small church building was raised on stilts and five classrooms were built underneath. Classes were taught in the church, the convent and the convent’s garage. Over 30 years later in 1954, the larger parish pulled together to build and dedicate a new school building. The sisters ministered to the surrounding community until 1990. “The Sisters, over their multi-decade involvement with Blessed Sacrament School in Omaha, brought a high level of quality education to literally generations of families within the parish,” said former student and ardent alum, Patrick Turner. “Complimenting this was their fantastic level also of spiritual and ethical leadership of the children entrusted to their care.” During the reunion festivities in Omaha in mid-June, Sister Janet Marie, a former eighth grade teacher at Blessed Sacrament, became head cheerleader of those BSS Comets who gathered to walk the halls of the church and school one last time before the church was to close. “During Sister Janet's visit to Omaha in June, we both drove around many neighborhoods in the parish,” Patrick recalled. “She remarked that many of the homes had had better days and I agreed with her but in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s they were vibrant and needed her kind of leadership to bring out the best in the kids.” According to Patrick, a family associated with the parish and school has begun remodeling the facilities after purchasing it from the Omaha Archdiocese, and will commit millions of dollars to completely remodel the facility for kindergarten through sixth grade, still making the neighborhood vibrant for local families. The school will be cost free. “In many ways the spirit of Catholic education still lives on with the efforts of the Ursuline Sisters,” Patrick remarked. Other Ursuline Sisters of Louisville still living who taught at Blessed Sacrament include: Sister Martha Buser, Sister Andrea Callahan, Sister Brendan Conlon, Sister Clara Fehringer, Sister Georgine Grabenstein, Sister Julienne Guy, Sister Concepta Marie (Mary Lee) Hanson, Sister Francis Marie (Georgia Jean) Kruml, Sister Isabel Lehmenkuler, Sister M. Marcian (Patricia) Lohman, Sister Dolorita Lutsie, Sister Mary Luke (Rose Ann) Muller, Sister M. Annunciata Muth, Sister M. Emmet (Bernadine) Nash, Sister M. Gianetta (Rosemary) Nevy, Sister M. Anselm (Mildred Mae) Rueff, Sister M. Joanella (Shirley Ann) Simmons, Sister Mary Vincent Strittmatter. If you wish to send a note to a former teacher, please specify which sister and use this address: Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, 3105 Lexington Road, Louisville, KY, 40206. To see photos of the event, <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=53">click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=407&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgMon, 6 Oct 2014 Ursuline Community Celebrates the Blessings of Its Senior SistersOn the same day Pope Francis met with thousands of grandparents and elderly (including Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI) in Saint Peter’s Square in Rome to acknowledge their irreplaceable role in society, the Ursuline Sisters honored their senior sisters during “Senior Day at the Motherhouse.” The Ursuline Campus event brought together many Ursuline Sisters in residence at Mercy Sacred Heart with those at the Motherhouse and from across Louisville. Father Donald Springman celebrated Liturgy at 11 AM, followed by Anointing of the Sick. All gathered downstairs for a delicious Sunday dinner and then festivities continued in the Motherhouse Library with a walk down Memory Lane as senior sisters shared their baby pictures, providing the challenge of guessing who was who! Ursuline Associate Jim Hughes and his friend Dave Vantassel brought karaoke to the Motherhouse, allowing the sisters to dance and sing songs like “You Are My Sunshine,” “It Had to Be You,” “Danny Boy,” and “Country Roads.” Many told stories from the past. Sister Janet Marie Peterworth read a letter from Louisville Archbishop Joseph Kurtz that applauded the Ursuline Sisters and assured them of his prayers and appreciation for their ministry. She also presented the sisters with Mayor of Louisville Greg Fischer’s proclamation that September 28, 2014, was designated “Elder Ursuline Sisters of Louisville Day.” During the event, Sister Janet Marie shared excerpts from Benedictine Sister Joan Chittister’s book, “The Gift of Years: Growing Older Gracefully.” With the help of staff, 13 sisters from Mercy Sacred heart joined 42 other Ursuline Sisters for strawberry shortcake to cap off the afternoon. The event prompted a lot of laughter, a few tears, and many smiles. To see photos of the event, <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=52">click here.</a> <b>Pope Francis’ reflections from the September 28 event called “The Blessing of Long Life”</b> “There are times when generations of young people, for complex historical and cultural reasons, feel a deeper need to be independent from their parents, ‘breaking free,’ as it were, from the legacy of the older generation. It is a kind of adolescent rebellion. But unless the encounter, the meeting of generations, is reestablished, unless a new and fruitful intergenerational equilibrium is restored, what results is a serious impoverishment for everyone, and the freedom which prevails in society is actually a false freedom, which almost always becomes a form of authoritarianism.” Pope Francis focused his Gospel reflection on Mary’s visit with Elizabeth and Zechariah: “The Virgin Mary likewise shows us the way: the way of encounter between the young and the elderly. The future of a people necessarily supposes this encounter: the young give the strength which enables a people to move forward, while the elderly consolidate this strength by their memory and their traditional wisdom.” http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=406&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgFri, 3 Oct 2014 ‘Nuns on the Bus’ Stops in LouisvilleSeveral Ursuline Sisters of Louisville and Associates were on hand at Shively Area Ministries where the famed “Nuns on the Bus” stopped before departing to other local destinations that included Americana Community Center and the Louisville Hotel. The current campaign, called “We the People,” hopes to inspire people to vote and stand up against big money in the 2014 midterm elections. <a href="http://globalsistersreport.org/blog/nuns-bus-blog/nuns-bus-blog-day-15-louisville-11961">Click here for coverage and photos of the event.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=409&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgWed, 1 Oct 2014 Ursuline Academy Louisville - Class of 1964 ~ 50th ReunionForty-four graduates from the UA Class of 1964 celebrated 50 years of friendship and memories on Saturday, September 27, 2014 at Brescia Hall on the Ursuline Campus in Louisville, KY. This anniversary event took an energized and dedicated committee to get things moving. Emails, phone calls and letters circulated to re-connect with former classmates in a year-long planning process. The efforts paid off as alums gathered from near and far. Eleven states were represented: Colorado, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. Event highlights included: Prom dresses on display, courtesy of RoseMarie Oswald Bradley and Darlene Martin Moyers; yearbooks finally signed after 50 years; graduation composite photos included with the group photo order; names of deceased classmates remembered in prayer on a memoriam card; and tales of humorous and poignant student experiences relived as the microphone made its way around the tables. RoseMarie Oswald Bradley took responsibility for collecting “life story” submissions of personal bios that she formatted and shared with those gathered. A delicious lunch of soup, wraps, salads and desserts was prepared by the Ursuline Sisters’ Motherhouse Chef. There were two guests of honor; the first was former gym teacher, Dot Steinlage, who many credited with giving them confidence, positive self-image and athletic abilities they didn’t even know they had. The second guest was UA 1954 grad, Ursuline President Sister Janet Marie Peterworth, who spoke about the value of an Ursuline education and recalled 60s events that had heads nodding about people, places and things that headlined the news during their high school years. Special thanks to committee members RoseMarie Oswald Bradley, Rosemary Smallwood Forrest, Gail Cordy Meyer, Darlene Martin Moyers, Donna Phillips, Jacqui Ritchie Rector, Joyce Rush Striegel, Anne Tkac Williams and Joyce Young Wyatt for planning, patience and the perseverance needed to make the 50th reunion for the Class of 1964 a truly “special” anniversary. To see photos of the event, <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=54">click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=408&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgTue, 30 Sep 2014 Ursuline Academy-Louisville ~ Class of 1964 - 50th Reunion Celebration ~ Save the DateSave the Date! Saturday, September 27, 2014 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM $35 per person/$15 for Group Photo Brescia Hall Bldg. # 3, Ursuline Campus 3105 Lexington Road, Louisville, KY 40206 For more information, please contact Ellen McKnight, Director of Mission Advancement,(502) 515-7526, or emcknight@ursulineslou.org. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=377&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSat, 27 Sep 2014 Ursuline Associate Helps to Pay Tribute to Blues SingerUrsuline Associate Ruby Hyde wore many hats at a weekend gathering to honor one of Louisville’s famed singers, Sara Martin. As director of Smoketown Pride and Heritage, Ruby helped to organize the Sept. 19 event dedicating a beautiful headstone for the famed entertainer, who also had close ties to St. Peter Claver School and deceased Sister Inez Stauble. Ruby is also very active in the Ursuline Community’s Associate Call Program. Sara Martin, known for compositions such as “Blind Man Blues”, “I’m Gonna Be a Lovin Old Soul” and “Death Stings Me”, was a Blues singer remembered for her voice and work with jug bands. She was born in 1884 and passed away in 1955. Her gravesite at Louisville Cemetery never had a headstone until now. Family and friends gathered to pay tribute to the renowned international singer from Louisville’s Smoketown Community. It was a solemn event with a touch of celebration as entertainers from the Kentuckiana Blues Society and Louisville Juggernaut Bands performed, said Maria May, who works with the Associate Call Program and the Angela Merici Center for Spirituality. Maria attended the event along with others from the Ursuline Community, including Sister Janet Marie Peterworth and Sister Shannon Maguire. To see photos of the event, <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=51">click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=405&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgFri, 26 Sep 2014 Prayers for PeaceIn response to continued violence and injustice around the world, the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville opened their Motherhouse Chapel to the wider community for “Prayers for Peace,” an event that also allowed the community to pray for those who died or were touched by events on September 11, 2001. The schedule for “Prayers for Peace” included time for silent prayer, Mass celebrated by Father Tim Hogan of the Archdiocese of Louisville, the rosary led by Sister Anthony Wargel and a holy hour with Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. During the Mass, a reflection was offered by Sister Paula Kleine-Kracht, co-chair of the Social Concerns Committee of the Ursuline Sisters and Associates, which co-sponsored the event with the Angela Merici Center for Spirituality. Sister Paula’s reflection was on the day’s readings, 1 Corinthians 3: 1-11 and Luke 6: 20-16. The Gospel reminded all that we are to show mercy. “… in today’s Gospel Jesus gives us an answer as to how and why this seemingly impossible task [of ‘Love your enemies’] is possible. He says ‘Be merciful — some translations use ‘be compassionate’ -- as your heavenly Father is merciful/compassionate,’” Sister Paula explained. “Jesus reminds us that each of us and all of us, as human beings, are created in the image and likeness of God. It is in our innate desire to live peacefully and in our ability to forgive and to be forgiven that we are most in touch with our inner God-likeness. And so we find ourselves and encourage others to act from our best selves -- our God-likeness.” With hearts of mercy, we do such things as negotiate peace treaties, vote, take stances of forgiveness, look for causes of inhumane actions, and above all, pray together, Sister Paula reminded. “We know that Jesus’ words to us are hard, but we also hear Jesus telling us that God has created us, has created all human beings with the capacity and the desire to forgive. We are able to ‘Love our enemies.’” The “Prayers for Peace” event sprung up to answer inquiries about what course of action the local community could pursue in wake of increased fighting abroad, according to Ginny Schaeffer, director of the Angela Merici Center for Spirituality. “The Ursuline Sisters know that prayer can transform us into peace-makers and can open hearts to the possibility of peace,” she offered. Sister Paula also spoke on the significance of the event. “We extended the invitation for prayer to those of any faith based on the fact that we believe all people want peace and all people want justice. Those are basic human desires.” To see photos of the event, <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=50">click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=404&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 11 Sep 2014 School Community Pays Tribute to Sr. Thomasita HayesOn Saturday, August 23, the student lounge at Shawe Memorial High School in Madison, IN, became the Sister Thomasita Hayes Student Lounge. The dedication took place in the midst of the summer picnic for Prince of Peace Catholic Church and after the 4 PM liturgy, which took place in the gym. An alumni reunion was planned in conjunction with the picnic and a good crowd of about 200 was present for the Mass and the dedication. Sister Thomasita had ministered at Shawe for 29 years and it was obvious that her presence there was significant and truly appreciated. The presiding priest, Father Chris Craig, and the current president of the school, Dr. Phil Kahn, had been her students. At the reception following the liturgy, they and several former students spoke, including Chris and Matt Hall whose family was very close to Sister Thomasita during and after her time in Madison. Sisters Shirley Ann Simmons, Annunciata Muth, Dolorita Lutsie, Lorna Weiler, Cabrini Hatley, Rose Ann Muller, Colette Kraemer and Jo Ann Jansing attended and each was welcomed with a white rose corsage and treated to a chicken dinner at the picnic after the dedication. Sisters Rose Ann and Annunciata, who had ministered at Pope John School, were treated to a tour of the school by the president. It was obvious that the Ursuline Sisters were loved and appreciated by the people of Madison. “The dedication was a huge success and the students at Shawe Memorial really enjoy the student lounge more these days,” said Kahn. “We will always miss having Sister Thomasita around, but she will always be watching over us.” <i>--By Sister Jo Ann Jansing</i> To see photos of the event, <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=49">click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=403&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgFri, 5 Sep 2014 SHS Students Honor Sister Anthony-A Life Still Teaching OthersSchool was in session for Sacred Heart School students on August 21 and it started with a lesson in living to 100 taught by former teacher and friend to many, Sister Anthony Wargel, who celebrated her 100th birthday in July. SHS’s annual convocation was an opportunity for the school community to deliver their best wishes to Sister Anthony, a retired elementary school teacher who still prays the rosary with school parents each week. Dr. Cynthia Crabtree, president of Sacred Heart Schools, introduced Sister Wargel to students from the four campus schools, from the youngest attending Sacred Heart Preschool to the seniors at Sacred Heart Academy. Sister Anthony made her grand entrance at the event riding in a golf cart decorated with balloons. During the convocation, Sister Judith Rice, director of Mission Effectiveness, was called upon to offer prayers for the community as well as those in need as a result of war, natural disasters and violence. At the end all joined in singing, “All Are Welcome,” this year’s campus theme, as three doves were released to “carry our prayers to heaven.” http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=402&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgFri, 29 Aug 2014 Joy Flows From Events of 2014 Community Days<i>“... have a lively faith and hope.”</i> - Ninth Counsel Smiles and hugs abounded as Ursuline Sisters and Associates, their family members and friends, as well as colleagues, gathered in late July for the 2014 Community Day events. Beyond a celebration marking <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/ursuline_news.php?key=398&id=1"> 50 years of ministry in Peru</a> and <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/ursuline_news.php?key=397&id=1">the transition of leadership</a> (please click on the links to see previous posts), the community gathered during the week to welcome new associates, to honor this year’s jubilarians and to renew their individual ministries. Three new associates in the Louisville area signed their covenants on July 28 in the Motherhouse Chapel. They included: Diane Smith, accompanied by Companion Sister Rita Joseph Jarrell; Helen Ratterman, accompanied by Companion Sister Mary Jo Gramig; and Bonnie Chester, accompanied by Companion Sister Margaret Ann Hagan. Sister Martha Buser facilitated the formation process. On July 30, the Ursuline Community came together for the annual Jubilee Liturgy, praying with gratitude for the nine sisters marking milestones in their ministries. They are Sisters Mary Vincent Strittmater (80 years), Macrina Stermec (75 years), Rose Ann Born (70 years), Julia Davis (60 years), Clara Fehringer (60 years), Marilyn Mueller (60 years), Patricia Ann Thompson (60 years), Louise Marie Willenbrink (60 years) and Judith Rice (50 years). Father William Fichteman presided at the liturgy, which was followed by a delicious and delightful lunch giving visiting sisters and associates, particularly, an opportunity to reminisce and rekindle friendships. In the afternoon, sisters, associates and co-workers, all sharing in the Ursuline mission, gathered in the Motherhouse Chapel to renew their call to ministry. Co-worker Marva Finley sang a stirring song of reflection before members of Leadership handed out missioning cards. Sister Janet Marie Peterworth, president, addressed those before her asking and responding to the question, <i>“Adonde vamos?”</i> (or <i>“Where are we going?”</i>) Sister Janet Marie reminded all of the Ursuline mission to seek and serve God. The congregation responded together: “Go! Live and share the Ursuline charism in this evolving world.” To see photos from Community Days, <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=48">click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=401&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgTue, 26 Aug 2014 Memorial Marker Dedication Recognizes Sisters Buried Near and FarUrsuline Sisters, Associates and friends came together on July 29 at St. Michael Cemetery, Louisville, to pray and to dedicate a granite memorial that lists the names of Ursuline Sisters buried at locations other than the Ursuline Sisters’ lot. The marker, designed and constructed by Muldoon Memorials, was a research project undertaken over the past year by Ursuline Archivist and outgoing Vice President of the Ursulines, Sister Martha Jacob. The bronze plate on the granite stone lists the names and birth and death dates of 56 Ursuline Sisters buried in cemeteries in Maple Mount, KY; Columbia, SC; Mascoutah, IL; Jeffersonville, IN; Cumberland, MD; Pittsburgh; Saint Louis; Calvary Cemetery, Louisville and in other lots in St. Michael Cemetery. Dates of the sisters’ deaths are from 1863 (Sr. Martha Zink) to 2013 (Sr. Ellen Friel). Special thanks to the Raymond Zoeller Family, whose grant from the ZeeFam Trust made completion of the marker project possible. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=400&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgFri, 22 Aug 2014 Peru Missionaries Reflect as Community Celebrates Its Benefactors, Fruits of Service After 50 YearsWith thanksgiving and joy, the Ursuline Community welcomed Peru donors and their families to the Motherhouse Chapel on July 27, 2014. The gathering honored donors who have given to the Peru mission since it began in 1964. Sister Rita Ann Wigginton, who visited Peru, introduced Sister Lee Kirchner who began the event with a brief history of the sisters’ presence in the region, starting with the challenge to start a school in a foreign country yet not even knowing Spanish. Today their small school is “all grown up.” “We have built a very sturdy bridge of love, friendship, prayer and solidarity, which is the result of constant trust in God and each other,” said Sister Lee, one of the original four Ursuline missionaries to Peru. Another sister of the pioneering group, Sister Martha Staarman also reflected on her Peruvian experience. “Sister Lee and I were told we were being given a community of 10,000 people to work with. We didn’t have the language or resources. What were we to do? How were we to do it?” She acknowledged the important role of benefactors. “You have been behind-the-scenes people who helped us get materials, build buildings, carry out the ministry, be spiritual supporters, letting us know there were people back home that were looking out for us,” Sister Martha confirmed. “You are as much missionaries as we are.” After singing “Digo Si Senor,” Sister Clara Fehringer, who was in Peru from 1965 to 1968, read a Litany of Gratitude written by the Ursuline Sisters currently in Peru. For the closing, Peruvian dancers Hilda Zuniga and Pilar de la Cruz performed a traditional dance in festive attire. Following the prayer service, all were invited to a Peruvian-themed meal prepared by Ursuline Motherhouse Chef Scott Schamel and Flik staff. Guests also browsed an extensive photo exhibit and Powerpoint presentation covering the sisters’ years of ministry in Peru. To view photos from this event <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=47">click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=398&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgMon, 18 Aug 2014 New Leadership Accepts Ursuline Mission <i>“… as God has given you this charge, so he will give you also the strength to be able to carry it out…” Counsel of St. Angela Merici</i> Amid joyful singing of Envia Tu Espiritu, calling upon the Holy Spirit for renewal, the ceremony marking the transition of leadership for the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville began in the evening on July 29, 2014, in the Motherhouse Chapel. The new leadership circle includes Sister Janet Marie Peterworth, president; Sister Agnes Coveney, vice president/councilor; Sister Paula Kleine-Kracht, councilor; Sister Margaret Ann Hagan, councilor; and Sister Jo Ann Jansing, councilor. Sister Helen O’Brien welcomed Ursuline Sisters, Associates, co-workers, family members, friends and others from the community as they offered and listened to prayers, requests for grace upon the new leadership and readings from the writings of Saint Angela Merici. Sister Sarah Delaney shared from the Counsel of Saint Angela addressed to leaders: “Act, move, believe, strive, hope, cry out to God with all your heart, for without doubt you will see marvelous things, if you direct everything to the praise and glory of his Majesty and the good of souls.” (Counsel, 17-18) Ginny Schaeffer, director of the Angela Merici Center for Spirituality, thanked the outgoing leadership team for “laying down their lives” to serve the Community for the past six years. She then reflected on the “vein of gold to be mined” in St. Angela’s writings and offered many poignant points. She reminded the new leadership of the potential for “marvelous things” as Angela experienced in her time because “the little Italian woman” dared to imagine and maintain a child-like faith in God. The new leadership then received blessings with water from the outgoing leadership, followed by a moving Litany of Saints that included Ursuline Sisters who founded the Louisville Congregation and those who have died in the past year. The new leadership then went out into the congregation to bless those present. Sister Janet, now newly installed as president, thanked everyone for coming and invited all gathered to a reception following the final blessing. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=397&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgFri, 1 Aug 2014 Large Crowd Gathers to Dialog about ‘Francis Effect’Class was in session on July 26 for approximately 275 people gathered at Sacred Heart Academy for the panel discussion: Pope Francis 101, sponsored by the Ursuline Sisters Social Concerns Committee and the Angela Merici Center for Spirituality. Those gathered listened to the reflections of area leaders and discussed amongst themselves the tone and impact to date of Pope Francis’ papacy, particularly his approach to social justice issues and his recent apostolic letter, “Joy of the Gospel.” The four local speakers were: Father John Burke, pastor of Good Shepherd Catholic Church, Louisville; Reverend Joe Phelps, pastor of Highlands Baptist Church, Louisville; Cory Lockhart, program director of Good News People, a program of JustFaith Ministries; and Sister Jean Ann Zappa, mission advancement coordinator at Shively Area Ministries. After each personal reflection, those gathered discussed questions posed by the speaker at their tables. In the opening segment, Father Burke first introduced the term “Francis Effect,” which has become a popular way to describe the pope’s very public outreach and embrace of those often on the fringe of society. To explain one reason for the pope’s popularity, Father Burke quoted noted author Stephen Covey, saying, “The most important thing is to make the most important thing, the most important thing.” Evidenced by his warmth, his easy smile and genuine concern for people from all walks of life, Pope Francis hasn’t forgotten the “most important thing,” which is that love and compassion for the poor are far more important than rules, said Father Burke, who also reflected on the Beatitudes. He ended, saying, “I hope the ‘Francis Effect’ has a lasting effect on all our lives.” During his reflection, Reverend Joe Phelps offered that Pope Francis has “merged right talk with right follow-through.” “He is a doer of the Word and will of God,” he continued, adding later that Pope Francis’ approach to hot-button issues like homosexuality is welcoming. “His tone and spirit are what we need today.” Cory Lockhart of JustFaith Ministries, which provides programs for answering Christ’s call to care for the poor and vulnerable in the context of small faith communities, spoke after a short break. The 1991 alumna of Sacred Heart Academy and St. William’s parishioner started by saying, “There is much to love about this pope. … He is doing everything he can to respond to Jesus’ call of ‘Follow me.’” Her experience on a Christian Peacemaker Team in Palestine has aided in understanding that peace does not come from pacification through domination but of reinforcing the dignity of each human person. Likewise, “unity over conflict” is a beautiful ideal for which to strive—the phrase is a theme and challenge shared in Pope Francis’ apostolic letter. (Later, in the question-answer session, Lockhart offered that relationship building and listening are essential to finding common ground when working though conflicts.) Sister Jean Ann Zappa’s reflection centered on Pope Francis’ “Joy of the Gospel.” The pope’s writings on economics remind Sister Jean Ann of Mary’s words in Luke’s Gospel, which she read: “He has filled the hungry with good things, and the rich he has sent away empty.” She went on to say that economic justice is rooted in social justice—a reality Sister Jean Ann sees firsthand in her ministry to those struggling to feed their families as programs are slashed. She noted the discrepancy between high poverty among children (27 percent locally) while others flourish through the stock market. She reminded those gathered how Pope Francis said we should practice evangelical discernment in our actions and decisions that affect persons in poverty. “Be aware and not passive,” she advised. “God’s kingdom is universal and for all people. We need to make the kingdom present in the world.” Following the final table discussions, the audience had an opportunity to ask questions of the panel and seek suggestions on how to move forward—evidence that perhaps the “Francis Effect” was a lesson gleaned. To view photos from this event <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=46">click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=396&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgTue, 29 Jul 2014 Celebrating a Century On July 17, Sister Anthony Wargel celebrated a milestone--her 100th birthday! She has been an Ursuline Sister of Louisville for 82 of those 100 years. Her former sixth-grade student Bob Heleringer and his wife, Cindy, hosted a party at Sacred Heart Academy in Louisville. The receiving line extended out the school’s front door as Sister Anthony greeted 140 friends, family, former students and members of her Ursuline Community. Everyone wanted to pay tribute to a legend, whose years of teaching and service continue to leave an impact on many lives. The event included cake, balloons, gifts, cards, flowers and a buffet of KFC chicken with “fixings’’ generously donated from YUM! Brands. KFC’s chicken dinner is Sister Anthony’s favorite food. She received letters of recognition and proclamations from the Most Reverend Joseph E. Kurtz, D.D., Archbishop of Louisville; Father John Jenkins, president of The University of Notre Dame; Mayor Greg Fischer, Louisville, who declared July 17 “Sister Anthony Wargel Day;” an apostolic blessing from Pope Francis and a letter from US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. Emily Leung played viola during dinner. Some of Sister Anthony’s favorites on Emily’s playlist included Ave Maria, Marian hymns and classical minuets by Mozart and Beethoven. <i>To see more stories about Sister Anthony, click on these links:</i> <a href="http://www.themiscellany.org/index.php/news/4788-at-100-sister-anthony-has-more-blessings-than-limitations">Click here</a> to read the story published in The Catholic Miscellany in South Carolina. She taught school in Columbia for 22 years. <a href="http://www.courier-journal.com/story/opinion/contributors/2014/07/08/giving-thanks-life-sister-anthony/12363639/"> Click here</a> to read the story published by The Courier-Journal and written by Sister Anthony's student, Bob Heleringer. To view photos from the celebration <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=45">click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=395&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 24 Jul 2014 As Sisters Depart, Rural Community Expresses Deep GratitudeAmid chuckles, tears, stories and songs of praise, residents of Mingo County, WV, and Martin County, KY, bid farewell on July 8 to their beloved “Sisters of the valley,” Ursuline Sisters Janet Peterworth and Brendan Conlon. On July 29, Sister Janet will become president of the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville. The dynamic duo will return to the Ursuline Motherhouse in mid July, leaving both counties after 20 years of service through ABLE Families and Christian Help, both organizations that address the area’s poverty. “We had nothing here,” said Julie, a single mother who has benefited from many of the program offerings, ranging from help with electric bills, summer camps for her youngest son and learning how to cook healthy recipes. About 6,000 requests for aid came last year for the two counties having a combined population of 38,547 people. With per capita incomes of both counties being well below the US per capita income of $53,143 (Mingo $34,518 and Martin $25,340), the need for direct aid through Christian Help in the form of food, clothing, assistance with bills and transport has been great. Complimenting these services, ABLE Families has developed programs to address the systemic causes of poverty. Fortunately, both ministries, plus a child development center, will continue under the direction of Sister Therese Carew, OSF, and Sister Pat Murray, CSJ, as well as with the help of current staff and numerous volunteers. They and many others from the community expressed their deep appreciation for the sisters’ help and friendship during the farewell event held in a small park in Kermit, WV, blocks away from the one-story white buildings built to house the non-profit organizations. Among those in attendance was Mike Browning, regional coordinator representing US Senator Joe Manchin III of West Virginia. He read a letter from Sen. Manchin expressing his “sincere gratitude” to the sisters for their help “in Mingo and beyond.” While munching on cheese, chips, popcorn and watermelon, folks mingled and remembered the sisters who transformed lives. Julie shared, “Two angels came along and blessed all of us.” To view photos from the celebration <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=44">click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=394&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgTue, 8 Jul 2014 Ursulines Serve Shively Neighborhood’s Many NeedsFor parents struggling to make ends meet, finding food support during the summer months when kids are out of school is essential. Shively Area Ministries is there to help and many Ursuline Sisters, Ursuline Associates, Sacred Heart School Alums and former students the sisters have taught in area schools lend a hand during regular operating hours and beyond. Located close to Dixie Highway and open Monday-Friday from 9:30-12:30, Shively Area Ministries helps residents of zip code 40216 with services that include a food pantry, financial assistance, counseling and a clothing closet. On average, between 40-45 families come daily for food baskets made up of donations from Dare to Care, the government and local churches and schools. The food is stored in the organization's 1,500 sq. foot food pantry. Peanut butter is an important summer staple with kids home. "We always take care of the people coming through our doors," said Sister Jean Ann Zappa, Mission Advancement/Development Director. "We're doing Gospel work." <img src="uploads/Shively2014-kitchen.jpg" width="300" height="239" class="imageBox" align="right" /> Right: Sister Jean Ann Zappa (second from the left) checks in with food pantry volunteers who prepare client orders Monday through Friday from 9:30 to 12:30. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=393&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgWed, 2 Jul 2014 St. Mary’s Center Celebrates New Space with Students and SupportersOver 300 people gathered on Sunday, June 15 for mass, a building tour and reception at the new and expanded St. Mary’s Center in Louisville, KY. The Center is a non-denominational agency, serving over 150 adults and teens with intellectual disabilities from the Louisville Metro area by providing vocational, functional, academic, lifetime leisure skills and sports activities. Co-founders, Ursuline Sister Regina Bevelacqua and Mary Jo Payne started this ministry 21 years ago. The programs enable participants to become more independent and fully functioning members of the community. To view photos from the celebration <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=43">click here.</a> To read more about the Ursuline Sisters' connection to St. Mary's Center, read our previous articles: <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/ursuline_news.php?key=375&id=1"> ‘Hunger Games’ Actress Fundraises for Center Run by Ursuline Sister</a> and <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/ursuline_news.php?key=339&id=1"> Stained Glass Windows Displayed Again </a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=392&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSun, 15 Jun 2014 Nominate a deserving woman for the 2014 Angeline Award Presented by the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, the Angeline Award recognizes a woman who reflects the charism of the Ursuline Sisters: “a contemplative love of God resulting in an openness and eagerness to serve the needs of others.” For information and to download nomination forms, <a href="uploads/AngelineAward2014-web.pdf" target="_blank">Click here </a> or contact Sister Ruth Ann Haunz, OSU, at RHaunz@ursulineslou.org or (502) 896-3917. <b>Nomination deadline: June 1, 2014</b> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=385&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgMon, 2 Jun 2014 Magic in the Motherhouse Kitchen: Cooking Breaks Down Language Barrier <i>By Ronnell Stirsman*</i> Note: A native of Peru and in ministry there, Sr. Yuli Oncihuay was in town recently for the Ursuline Sisters’ Chapter Meeting and Elections. Sr. Yuli Oncihuay was talking with Ed Robinson, Motherhouse cook, as I entered the Motherhouse dining area; Sr. Jane Stuckenborg, a fellow diabetic, was at her side. I giggled and asked if Sr. Yuli was educating Ed. Suddenly, Sr. Yuli motioned to Ed to follow her into the kitchen. It was so precious watching her and Ed work through the language barrier. He ran to the fridge several times when she mentioned various veggies. Sometimes it was the one she wanted; other times it wasn't. Twice we pulled out the cell phone to bridge the language barrier on a translation site. Eventually all food items were gathered and Sr. Yuli instructed Ed to put spinach and cilantro into the blender with water to make a purée. He measured out rice and added water, and then put it in the oven to cook. While it cooked, he sautéed onions in a kettle with oil. He chopped them at her direction. Then peas and chopped carrots were added to the onions, along with the spinach mixture and the cooked rice, which turned pale green due to the spinach and cilantro. About eight boneless, fully-cooked chicken breasts were added, followed by raw, chopped red pepper. It simmered for a few minutes. It was served to the sisters at lunchtime. Unfortunately, Sr. Yuli was not present to enjoy it with them as she was at Casa Latina (a non-profit organization supporting the Hispanic/Latino community in Louisville, KY). But I am sure she tried the leftovers later. I really enjoyed it. The whole process was so much fun! To see photos of Sr. Yuli and Ed in the kitchen <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=42">click here.</a> <i>*Ronnell Stirsman is a nurse at the Ursuline Sisters’ Motherhouse.</i> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=391&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgMon, 5 May 2014 Shedding Light on Derby’s Dark Side and BeyondUrsuline Sisters Jo Ann Jansing and Paula Kleine-Kracht spoke at the recent prayer service for victims of human trafficking organized by the Sister of Charity of Nazareth. Women and men gathered April 29 to draw attention to human trafficking, a pervasive social ill that haunts communities daily and increases around large-scale sporting events like the Kentucky Derby. Representatives of other community groups and Kentucky Women Religious and their Associates spoke at the prayer service held April 29 at Jefferson Square Park. "During Derby Week, it is a prime opportunity for young people to become victims of human trafficking. This public prayer service and holding signs brings awareness to others who think this does not happen in our city," said Sr. Julia Davis, who attended the event. Sr. Julie Driscoll, SCN, led the event that drew about 40 people. Ursuline Sisters Paula and Jo Ann were joined by other Ursuline Sisters (Sr. Julia Davis) and Associates (Theresa Butler, Rosetta Fackler) who held posters, prayed and sang. For information on how to spot and respond to human trafficking, visit the following link to <a href="http://www.rescueandrestoreky.org/case-identification/indicators-red-flags/">“Kentucky Rescue and Restore Victims of Human Trafficking,”</a> a program sponsored by Catholic Charities of Louisville. To see photos from the day, <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=41">click here.</a> (Photos courtesy of Sister Julia Davis) http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=390&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 1 May 2014 Sister Clara Races for Funds to Rebuild Church StructureIn the heart of the Bluegrass State of Kentucky where horseracing is king, Sister Clara Fehringer, OSU, has saddled up for a race that bears her name: Sister Clara’s Steeplechase. It’s not a horse race, but a race for funds to reconstruct the crumbling stone structure supporting the steeple of historic St. Paul Catholic Church in downtown Lexington, where she has served as pastoral associate for 13 years. St. Paul is one block away from Rupp Arena, home of the University of Kentucky Wildcats. When pieces of stone began to fall in the high traffic area, it was clear the church would have to close down or begin what has amounted to a $1.8 million repair project. “St. Paul’s Church was the tallest building in Lexington when it was built in 1865. It’s on the historic registry,” said Sister Clara, who explained that the stone around the steeple was painted years ago, which contributed to its demise. “When water freezes and then thaws it breaks off the stone.” Today the church is covered in scaffolding as work began on December 8, 2013. The project’s completion is scheduled for the end of May. Sister Clara is not alone in her efforts to raise funds to pay down a loan from the Diocese of Lexington so the repair work could begin. Besides funds from church collections and the diocesan capital campaign, Alltech, an animal feed company located in the area, assisted by sponsoring a gathering that raised close to $50,000. Added to that, the St. Paul steeple project receives $4.50 for each $12 bag of coffee sold in an outreach effort by Alltech that also seeks to generate funds to rebuild Haiti after recent natural disasters. Finally, the Catholic Extension Society awarded St. Paul a $75,000 grant and an anonymous source contributed an additional $100,000 to the cause once funds topped $100,000, thus pushing the grand total raised to well over $225,000. They’re out of the starting gate but haven’t yet crossed the finish line. If you’d like to help, please consider purchasing a bag of coffee from Haiti by contacting Sister Clara at cfehringer@cdlex.org. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=388&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgMon, 21 Apr 2014 Ursuline Sisters and Associates Participate in Mayor’s Call to ServiceIn today’s world of rapid texting and instagrams, receiving a hand-written card of appreciation is a simple gift of time and kindness from the sender. Close to 80 of these little gifts of thanks were sent to area educators by Ursuline Sisters and Associates as part of the Mayor’s Day of Service held April 12-20. Using their perfect cursive, participants sent letters to teachers at Metro United Way Excellence Academy Early Learning Centers, the Sacred Heart Pre-school and the Sacred Heart Model School Kindergarten. While writing their messages on colorful “thank you” cards, a few of the sisters reminisced about their days in the classroom teaching such things as cursive using the Palmer Method. Sister Mary Lee Hansen recalled her time as an educator. “There were some (trying) days, but I loved it,” she said. “It was a wonderful, wonderful education.” As the sisters wrote their perfect P’s and Q’s, many of them shared that they also are online checking emails. “I look forward to it,” said Sister Bernadine Nash, a former principal. Having finished writing their last thank-you messages, Sister Bernadine and those gathered—most being former educators—were now ready to mail their letters of support to today’s teachers, answering Mayor Greg Fischer’s call to “make Louisville an even more compassionate city.” To see photos from the day, <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=40">click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=389&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgMon, 21 Apr 2014 Sister Honored for Work Strengthening West Virginia FamiliesA champion for families in Mingo County, WV, Sister Janet Peterworth, OSU, was honored by the Mingo County Commission for her “longstanding and unfaltering dedication to the people of our region” by declaring April 8, 2014, as “Sister Janet Peterworth Day.” With April being the month spotlighting the sad realities of child abuse and the efforts of those working to prevent it, the proclamation’s timing highlights Sister Janet’s continued determination to end child abuse and help grow strong families. In particular, she shared insights from her work with the Maternal Infant Health Outreach Workers, which organizes parenting classes to combat “all the things that can lead to abuse and neglect” by offering classes, such as a class about infant massage to teach parents how to soothe crying babies. “The program fosters good parenting skills,” she continued. Coupled with the day of recognition, the Mingo County Family Resource Network and the Mingo County Partners in Prevention named Sister Janet their Child Advocate of the Year. (See photo of the award.) The official Mingo County proclamation noted Sister Janet’s position as the first executive director of ABLE Families of Mingo County, an outreach effort dating back to 1994. ABLE helps under-served residents meet educational goals; it also provides other support services. Having a day named after her was “shocking,” Sister Janet admitted. “I was taken aback with it.” While the recognition may have come as a surprise, it’s continued proof of how Sister Janet’s ministry has positively impacted the Mingo County community and beyond. Photos: Top- Left to right: Sr. Pat Murray with Sr. Janet Peterworth, OSU, (Photo courtesy of Sr. JoAnn Jansing) Bottom: Sr. Janet Peterworth, OSU, is Mingo County's Child Advocate of the Year. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=387&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgWed, 16 Apr 2014 Associates and Bellarmine Students Make BlanketsBrescia Hall was a beehive of activity April 5 when individuals from the Bellarmine University Catholic Student Organization joined folks from the Ursuline Associate Program (including two grandchildren of Associate Anne Klapheke) to make blankets. The blankets will be distributed to a charity of the Bellarmine students’ choice in the fall. The common commitment to service brought the two groups together and provided a time for shared work, laughter and fun. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=386&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSat, 5 Apr 2014 Ursuline Sisters and Associate Attend Sheppard Square Grand OpeningSister Martha Jacob, Sister Sarah Stauble and Ursuline Associate Ruby Hyde attended the formal ceremony, “Sheppard Square Grand Opening,” of new homes on Monday morning, March 10. Sheppard Square is a project of the Louisville Metro Government and the Louisville Metro Housing Authority in the area known as Smoketown, south of Broadway in downtown Louisville. When completed, the massive project will include affordable rental property: two- and three-bedroom apartments and townhouses, as well as privately-owned homes. Some former residents of the area have already moved into the completed units. The Ursuline Sisters of Louisville opened St. Peter Claver Parish School (for African Americans) in Smoketown in 1908 and ministered there until 1967. Photos to right - Top: Sister Sarah Stauble (far right) and Ursuline Associate Ruby Hyde (middle) stand with Tim Berry (left), executive director of Louisville Metro Housing Authority, at the grand opening ceremony of Sheppard Square, a $1.67 million housing revitalization project in Smoketown. Bottom: (From left to right) Sister Sarah Stauble, Ursuline Associate Ruby Hyde, former Alderman Rhonda Richardson and Sister Martha Jacob stand in the model apartment of the first homes to open at Sheppard Square. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=383&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSat, 15 Mar 2014 Associates Gather for Annual RetreatAssociates, sisters and friends gathered March 15 for a retreat entitled <i>“Mary, Martha and Angela: Contemplative Love and Eagerness to Serve.”</i> The retreat, facilitated by Sister Margaret Ann Hagan, provided refreshing insights and perspectives on Mary and Martha’s relationship with one another and their relationship with Jesus. Sister Margaret Ann also illustrated how Angela followed in the footsteps of Martha and Mary by encouraging her followers to embrace a contemplative love and an eagerness to serve. The interconnection of Martha, Mary and Angela was highlighted through the use of a dramatic reading. To see photos from the day, <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=38">click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=384&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSat, 15 Mar 2014 Sister Brendan Colon (left) and Sister Janet Peterworth (right) wear the medallions they received for participating in "Cause for Paws," a 5K Walk/Run raising money for a Mingo County animal rescue/shelter called Save Our Strays where they have worked for many years. They walked the 5K in one hour and twenty minutes. “Not quite a record!" according to Sister Janet. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=382&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgTue, 4 Mar 2014 SHA Awards Dinner Celebrates Ursuline Connections and ContributionsSacred Heart Academy in Louisville, KY hosted their 24th Annual Alumnae Awards Celebration on Thursday, February 6, 2014 to a sold-out crowd of friends, alumnae, faculty, family and Ursuline Sisters. Awards were given in several categories: Honorary Diploma, Heart Award, Valkyrie Hall of Fame, Ursuline Teaching Legacy Award and Alumna of the Year. Sister Ruth Ann Haunz, who serves on Leadership as a Councilor and is an Academy graduate (SHA ’64) presented the Ursuline Teaching Legacy Award to Phyllis Elbert Dries (SHA ’63). This award is given to an outstanding teacher who exemplifies what it means to be a Catholic educator. Phyllis has taught in several parish schools for 25 years. In 2012, she received the prestigious National Catholic Education Association’s Distinguished Teacher Award. Sister Jean Anne Zappa received this year’s Heart Award for significant contributions to the spiritual fiber of Sacred Heart Academy. She is a graduate of the former Ursuline Academy in Pittsburgh (’67 ) and Bellarmine College (’72). At SHA, she taught religion and sociology for 12 years, served as religion department chair for six of those years, initiated an overhaul of the curriculum, required all religion teachers to have a master’s degree or master’s level certification, created a new course called The Church Today, made service hours a graduation requirement. SHA was the first among Louisville’s Catholic high schools to require that service hours be performed outside of class time. Her friend, teaching colleague and award nominator, Ruth Dilger Kelly (SHA '66) said “Her promotion of the core values of community, reverence, leadership and service directly impacted the lives of every SHA student during her years at SHA and continues to guide students today.” She has a Master’s degree in Religious Education from St. Meinrad, IN and is currently pursuing a post graduate certificate in scripture. In 1990, Sr. Jean Anne was named the first Mission Effectiveness Director for the newly incorporated Ursuline Campus Schools (now Sacred Heart Schools). In this role, she was involved in the preliminary development of the Ursuline Core Values, where she developed materials for mission integration and accountability. Presently, Sr. Jean Anne is the Development Coordinator for Shively Area Ministries, which responds to persons in poverty and crisis. In this role, she proposed, oversaw and completed a successful three-year capital campaign, exceeding the $600,000 goal, as well as, raising an additional $23,000 to build a Habitat for Humanity house. As a nominator said, “She is a faithful and caring friend who makes each person with whom she comes in contact feel valued and appreciated. Sr. Jean Anne’s contributions to Sacred Heart Academy are deep and significant.” A proven and dedicated leader serving the poor and underprivileged, the SHA Alumnae Board thanked her for wonderful service to the Academy, Sacred Heart Schools and the Louisville community, which made her the perfect choice for the 2014 Heart Award! http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=381&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgWed, 12 Feb 2014 Employment Opportunity with Ursuline SistersUrsuline Sisters of Louisville is seeking a qualified accountant to fill the position of Assistant Director of Finance. Please go to our <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/employment_opportunities.php">Employment Opportunity</a> tab to see the application details and contact information. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=380&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgWed, 29 Jan 2014 Years of Service Deem Priest ‘Honorary Ursuline’“I always wanted to be a priest since grade school,” said Ursuline Sisters’ long-time chaplain, Father John Butler, at a Motherhouse luncheon December 11 to honor his years of ministry to the Ursuline Sisters. Father Butler moved from his apartment on the Ursuline Campus to Mercy Sacred Heart Village on December 12 after 43 years serving as chaplain for the Ursuline Sisters. “I appreciate the Ursuline spirit and what they do,” commented Father Butler, who took on the chaplaincy September 3, 1970. Sister Ruth Ann Haunz, representing the Ursuline Leadership, shared a few words of gratitude at the luncheon regarding his legacy with the Ursulines. She calculated that Father Butler had celebrated approximately 15,330 masses for the Sisters. She then expressed her appreciation on behalf of the community of Sisters, telling Father Butler that his commitment through the years had earned him the title of “Honorary Ursuline.” Sister Martha Jacob, also of Leadership, acknowledged that Father Butler would be “greatly missed at the Motherhouse by all of us.” She continued, “Our deepest gratitude and prayers go with him for his many, many years of willingness to answer any need or request.” Father Roy Stiles, who works with retired priests, called Father Butler “a remarkable man” given his many years of teaching young women and ministering to the Ursuline community. “He’s made a wonderful contribution.” <i>If you were a student of Father Butler’s or a friend and wish to send a note, you may write to him at: Mercy Sacred Heart Village, 2120 Payne St., Louisville, KY 40206-2012. </i> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=379&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgFri, 20 Dec 2013 Ursuline Academy, Louisville, KY – All Class Memorial ServiceThe Ursuline Sisters invited Ursuline Academy (UA) ~ Louisville alumnae and guests to the Motherhouse liturgy on Sunday, November 3, to remember deceased classmates, faculty, friends and Ursuline Sisters who attended or taught at the Academy from the early 1900s until it closed in1972. The juniors who would have been seniors in 1973, had the school not closed, were also represented. Fifty alums and faculty attended mass and a reception along with several former faculty members. Alumnae represented graduation years from 1941 through 1973. Relatives of deceased graduates also attended, including Honorable Ron Mazzoli, who gave a post liturgy sharing reflecting on his late wife, Helen Dillon Mazzoli UA ’52, Ursuline education and the Sisters’ influence and guidance for many young women whose lives were and continue to be “Ursuline affected.” The liturgy was coordinated by Leadership Councilor Sister Ruth Ann Haunz and Sister Jo Ann Jansing UA ’56. Their efforts incorporated Sisters and UA alums into the service as greeters, lectors, gift bearers and Eucharistic ministers. A continental breakfast reception, prepared by Motherhouse Chef Scott Schamel and kitchen staff, followed mass in the East Wing parlors of the Motherhouse. Vintage photos of the former UA school and chapel were on hand for viewing, as well as binders with lists of all known deceased alumnae and faculty from records starting in 1907 through 1973. The Ursuline Sisters’ Mission Advancement Office created folder handouts with these lists for event attendees to take home and review at their convenience. Special thanks to members of the UA 2012 All Class Reunion Committee who initiated the request to host the Memorial Celebration at the Motherhouse following a reunion they organized in November 2012. They are Wanda Haas Bell ’58, Peg Bratten Bergamini ’51, Betty Warren Bradley ’58, Lisa Breit ’73 and Sister Jo Ann Jansing ’56. To see photos from the day, <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=36">click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=370&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgMon, 25 Nov 2013 Angela Merici All Class Reunion On Saturday, November 9, seventy-four alums, guests, spouses, former faculty and Ursuline Sisters gathered in the old Angela Merici High School gym (now part of Flaget Center) to browse through yearbooks, archival displays, sip cocktails, dine and dish with friends, and take a self-guided tour of the school building. A music playlist of popular songs through the decades blended with laughter and spirited conversation. Sister Paula Kleine-Kracht, principal from 1978 until the school closed in 1984, welcomed attendees and remembered the good times at AM, while noting that the closing and merging of Angela Merici was a difficult decision. Ursuline Leadership Councilor Sister Ruth Ann Haunz gave the blessing while making reference to the education and legacy each graduate still carries forward. The alumnae classes represented were 1963-1968; 1970-1979, with the exception of 1973 and 1977; and 1980-1983. The 1968 graduates had the largest number of classmates attend, 14 in all and they seemed to enjoy every “connected” minute. Special event thanks go to the following alums: Sue Stratton Becker ’63, who arranged the memorabilia tables and dusted off her senior prom dress and framed date photo to enhance the display area. Along with the prom dress, a uniform skirt and vest and graduation cap and gown provided great visuals. Gina Priddy ’83 started collecting yearbooks in April and scanned over 300 photos to create a DVD of images through the decades. The photos, shown on a large wall screen, ran on a continuous loop throughout the evening. A special and emotional ‘thank you’ goes to Pattie Bolander Huber '80 for donating a box of AM memorabilia in memory of her sister, Deborah Bolander '74, who passed away in December 2012. Pattie created a beautiful shadow box of her sister’s class ring, senior photo and pin, and her embroidered AMHS triangular vest badge. The evening ended at 10 PM with the last alum taking a look around and mentioning the good times and close friends that will always be remembered as an AM student. To see photos from the evening, <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=37">click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=371&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgMon, 25 Nov 2013 ‘Hunger Games’ Actress Fundraises for Center Run by Ursuline SisterThe generous spirit of actress Jennifer Lawrence has caught the attention of many, particularly Ursuline Sister Regina Marie Bevelacqua, co-founder and current executive director of the St. Mary’s Center for intellectually-challenged adults. Through her foundation, the popular actress and Louisville native donated proceeds amounting to over $40,000 from a special showing of her recently released film “Catching Fire” toward a new 20,000 square-foot facility that will allow Sister Regina and staff to serve more people through programs that will include speech therapy and teaching life and job skills. During her childhood Lawrence befriended Andy Strunk, who will attend the new facility when it opens. To see the story originally aired on WDRB, <a href="http://www.wdrb.com/story/24028404/louisville-catching-fire-premiere-promotes-jennifer-lawrence-charity?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=9553376">click here to visit their website.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=375&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgWed, 20 Nov 2013 Good Shepherd Parishioners Say ‘Thank You’ to the Ursuline SistersGood Shepherd parishioners and other friends gathered in Portland to say ‘thank you’ to the Ursuline Sisters and other religious communities who have staffed area churches and schools over the course of 175 years of ministry in West Louisville. A celebration November 17 marked the occasion at what is now Good Shepherd Parish, the name of the merged congregations of St. Anthony, St. Cecelia and Our Lady. The Ursuline Sisters staffed St. Anthony’s School from 1899 until the school closed in 1971. St. Anthony was the eighth oldest parish in Louisville founded to serve German immigrant families settling in the area. Religious congregations shared their history through displays of photos and memorabilia at a reception following mass, which was celebrated by Father John Burke, pastor of Good Shepherd and a former Ursuline student. Sister Barbara Bir also exhibited Community Catholic materials (her present ministry in the area). Others sharing in the event were Sisters Martha Buser, Julia Davis, Rita Dressman, Loretta Guenther, Martha Jacob, Lynn Jarrell, Helen O’Brien and Millie Mae Rueff. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=372&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSun, 17 Nov 2013 Hidden Face of Poverty – What Can Be Done?On Saturday, November 9, Executive Director of NETWORK Sister Simone Campbell SSS, a nationally recognized public policy speaker and educator, will discuss the Hidden Face of Poverty in a day long workshop at Sacred Heart Academy Bldg. 19 from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm. Doors open at 9 AM. Cost is $15 pre-registration and $20 at the door. Space is limited, reservations are encouraged. Bring a brown bag lunch. Drinks will be provided. Deadline to register is October 26. Send payment to Sr. Paula Kleine-Kracht, Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, 3105 Lexington Road, Louisville, KY, 40206 To view the flyer for the event, <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/uploads/SocialConcerns.pdf">click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=367&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSat, 9 Nov 2013 Sr. Julienne Guy Inducted Into Alumni Hall of Fame Sister Julienne Guy was inducted into the 2013 Alumni Hall of Fame of Cardinal Newman School, Columbia, SC, on October 20. She was a graduate of the school when it was known as Ursuline High; it then was named Catholic High, before being re-named Cardinal Newman. She is the first graduate of ‘Ursuline High’ and the first Ursuline Sister to receive this honor. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=374&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSun, 20 Oct 2013 Ursuline Cluster Gathering at Butler State Park, Carrollton, KYUnited to continue the conversation following the 2013 North American Ursuline Convocation, 24 Ursuline Sisters, nine Ursuline Associates and one guest, participated in the annual Ursuline Society Cluster meeting entitled “Energy of Love” held at Butler State Park on Saturday, October 19. The core coordinating team included Sisters Paula Kleine-Kracht, OSU (Louisville), Mary Ann Jansen, OSU (Brown County), and Donna Frey, OSU (Toledo), who facilitated the gathering and introduced those sharing reflections. At various times during the daylong gathering participants presented 5-minute conversation starters on important topics followed by small and large group discussions. The reflectors during the Cluster were Sister Jamesetta DeFelice, OSU (Louisville) and Sister Barbara Bir, OSU (Louisville); Associate Jan Farrell, (Louisville); Sister Agatha Fitzgerald, OSU (Brown County); Sister Sandy Sherman, OSU (Toledo); Associate Sophia Lloyd (Toledo); Sister Sharon Sullivan, OSU, President Mount Saint Joseph (Maple Mount, KY) and Associate, Kathy Wade, who directs the Leadership Development Program for the Mercy Sisters, South Central Region. They spoke about widening the circle of inclusion and ministry. The overall theme carried forth the message from one of the Convocation keynote speakers, Sister Sue Scharfenberger, OSU (Louisville), who spoke about Angela’s “Radical Gospel Vision: Expanding the Circles” in July in Cincinnati. The liturgy’s song, “Fire of Love Burn within Us, Fire of Love We Are Your Flame” by Sister Kathy Sherman, CSJ, embodied a day of Ursuline Cluster activities. To see photos from the day, <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=34">click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=368&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSat, 19 Oct 2013 Ursuline Academy Louisville - Class of 1963 ~ 50th ReunionThe graduates from UA’ 63 came prepared to celebrate 50 years of friendship, memories and merriment on Saturday, October 5, 2013 at Brescia Hall on the Ursuline Campus in Louisville, KY. The event planning started over a year ago when committee members, Catherine “Cathy” Meurer Brown, Carol Burkhart Cleaver, Frances Lebangood Ford, Diane Will Jones, Dianna Beyer Kenny and Martha Connell Micallef, came near and far to organize, create and ensure that no one walked away from this reunion without a door prize, a photo, a hug or a reflection. Thirty-two alumnae registered to attend from Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia. Energy, gusto, creativity and numerous finishing touches rolled out in grand style. From tracking down and reconnecting with classmates to bringing yearbooks back for that long sought after signature, no detail was left behind. The day kicked off with a greet and meet at check-in, followed by mass celebrated by Reverend J. Wayne Murphy. Then onto lunch for an array of salads and desserts prepared by the Ursuline Sisters’ Motherhouse chef. The names and faces of deceased classmates were remembered through intercessions, a photo collage and on a bookmark. Event highlights included: a memorabilia display with a prom dress and framed photo (which has a story all its own); yearbooks dusted off and brought in for signatures that weren’t captured in 1963; hand-held fans with graduation photos; a fully gifted door prize table; a booklet of information that included photos, bios and current alumnae contact information; and a treasured visit with former faculty member, Ms. Marian Lord. The party continued on Sunday, October 6th with a potluck at a business location off campus, organized by Dianna Beyer Kenney. It was definitely a weekend to remember! To see photos from the reunion, <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=35">click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=369&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSat, 5 Oct 2013 Ursuline Academy Class of 1953 - 60th ReunionThe 60th reunion of the Ursuline Academy class of 1953 will take place on Tuesday, September 10, 2013, from 11 AM to 3 PM at Napa River Grill, 1211 Herr Lane, in Louisville. Registration begins at 11 AM, with lunch at 11:30 AM. Cost: $20, which includes meal, tax and tip, and non-alcoholic drinks. <b>Reservations must be made by July 30</b>. Please call Martha Manger (502) 891-0262 to make your reservation. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=352&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgTue, 10 Sep 2013 Jubilee LiturgyA large gathering of Ursuline Sisters, employees , associates and friends attended mass in the Motherhouse Chapel in Louisville, KY to celebrate the Jubilee years of thirteen sisters (for photos and ministry bios, for photos and ministry bios, <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/jubilarians.php">click here</a>). The Jubilarians living in Mercy Sacred Heart nursing facility were able to attend with assistance, giving everyone a chance to honor all of this year’s celebrants at this liturgy. The homily/reflections given by Sr. Helen O’Brien talked about Jesus’ parable of the vine and the branches. It was noted that each of us, as branches, must remain close to the vine (God) to survive and bear fruit. The Jubilarians have certainly demonstrated their connection to the vine with fruitful ministries in their 85,75,70,60 and 50 years of commitment and service. The liturgy included an invitation to all the Ursuline Sisters to renew their vows and concluded with the recessional song “Veni Angela,” a historical Pageant Commemorating the Four-hundredth Anniversary of the Founding of the Ursuline Order by Saint Angela Merici at Brescia, Italy, 1535. To see photos from the event, <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=32">click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=363&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgFri, 26 Jul 2013 Missioning & BlessingUrsuline Sisters, associates and co-workers gathered in the Motherhouse Chapel in the afternoon for the Missioning of the Ursuline Sisters and Associates, as well as, the blessing of the co-workers. The theme “for all that will be – YES” was woven in responsorials and song. Sr. Martha Jacob gave the missioning reflection, which celebrated our calling to God’s spirit within us; for justice in our everyday world; to open our eyes to his daily presence wherever we are; and to stay positive despite negative thoughts, discouragements and worries. Each name was called and everyone was sent forth with a personalized book mark as a reminder to say Yes to the One within us. The Missioning and Blessing for The Ursuline Sisters residing at Mercy Sacred Heart soon followed. To view photos, <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=33">click here</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=364&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgFri, 26 Jul 2013 Associate Covenant CeremonyThe Associate Covenant Ceremony took place at the Ursuline Motherhouse with the unifying theme “We Are Called.” Thirteen Louisville Associates, accompanied by their Ursuline Sister companions, signed their renewal covenants. These Christian women and men maintain an independent lifestyle while embracing the charism of foundress, Saint Angela Merici and the Ursuline Community. This annual event, celebrated during Community Days, recognizes the Ursuline Associate’s response to their special calling. Associates in other geographical locations will renew their covenants at later dates. <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=31"> click here. </a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=362&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 25 Jul 2013 Benefactors Mass & LunchCommunity Days kicked off with Mass and Lunch in the Ursuline Motherhouse in Louisville, KY. The gathering was attended by 64 Ursuline benefactors, who were within driving distance of the event, as well as, 70 sisters and employees. Mass was celebrated by Fr. William “Bill” Fichteman. The homily/reflections were given by Sr. Ruth Ann Haunz, with a theme of hospitality, referencing the Genesis account of Abraham and his wife Sarah preparing a meal for three visitors (angels/messengers). It described a welcoming scene, God’s offer of a covenant relationship and exchange of mutual faithfulness. Sr. Ruth Ann’s reflections were a perfect segue that followed mass as lunch was being prepared by the Motherhouse chef and kitchen staff. The Ursuline Sisters welcomed and recognized all of their benefactors who contribute to their ministries, care and greatest needs. To see photos from the event, <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=30"> click here. </a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=361&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSun, 21 Jul 2013 Angela Merici High School All-Class Gathering ~ Save the DateSave the Date! Saturday, November 9, 2013. All-class gathering for alumnae of Angela Merici High School. Flaget Center,1935 Lewiston Drive, Louisville, KY 40216. For more information, please contact Ellen McKnight, Director of Mission Advancement,(502) 515-7526 , or emcknight@ursulineslou.org. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=343&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgFri, 12 Jul 2013 Ursuline Academy Louisville ~ Memorial Celebration ~ Save the DateThe Ursuline Sisters Welcome UA alumnae to remember deceased UA friends, classmates and faculty at Mass at the Motherhouse Chapel on Sunday, November 3. Check-in starts at 10:30 AM. Mass will be celebrated in the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception Bldg. #10 at 11 AM followed by a reception. Invitations will be mailed to alumnae in late September with an RSVP date of Friday, October 25. Contact Ellen McKnight at (502) 515-7526 or email her at emcknight@ursulineslou.org for more information or if you have questions. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=366&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgFri, 12 Jul 2013 Ursuline Convocation 2013 in Cincinnati!The Cincinnati Ursulines, the Brown County Ursulines and the Company of St. Ursula hosted the North American Ursuline Leadership Conference (NAULC) Convocation on July 4-7 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Cincinnati was the site of the very first Convocation in 1992, and the return to the city was the first time in 21 years. The gathering of 200 included Ursuline Sisters (with one sister from India), members of the Company, Associates, Companions in ministry, co-workers from the USA, Canada, Mexico and friends. Keynote speakers Sue Scharfenberger, OSU, and Catherine Bertrand, SSND, collaborated to break open the theme, Angela’s Radical Gospel Vision: Expanding the Circles. Breakout sessions led by panelists highlighted topics such as peace, eco-spirituality, human trafficking, new forms of Angela’s vision, “my lived experience of St. Angela”, the call to be prophet and much more. The challenge was to envision the future for the followers of Angela in all walks of life. Friday, July 5 was a “free-night” and many attended the baseball game with the champion Cincinnati Reds in the Great American Ball Park, while others toured the city or visited with family and friends. The four-day Convocation was wrapped in prayer and concluded in a celebratory mood and invigorated focus. To see photos, <a href="http://isis.fastsecureservers.com/~urssist/photo_gallery.php?gid=29"> click here. </a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=360&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgMon, 8 Jul 2013 Celebration for Jubilarians at Mercy Sacred HeartA Jubilee Celebration was held on June 23, 2013 for the Ursuline Sisters who reside at Mercy Sacred Heart in Louisville, KY. The celebrants were Sister Thelma Sheehan (85 yrs.), Sr. Georgine Grabenstein (75 yrs.), Sr. Terence Schmitt (75 yrs.), Sr. Annalita Fox (70 yrs.), and Sr. Perpetua Nauert (60 yrs.). The celebration began with a prayer service in which special recognition was given to each Jubiliarian and a blessing sung for all of them. This was followed by a reception for families, friends and sisters. To see photos, <a href="http://isis.fastsecureservers.com/~urssist/photo_gallery.php?gid=26"> click here. </a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=358&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSun, 23 Jun 2013 Ursuline College Class of 1963 - 50th Anniversary CelebrationUrsuline College alumnae from the Class of 1963 gathered at Brescia Hall on the Ursuline Campus in Louisville, KY to celebrate 50 years after graduation. The event was promoted as <b>Brunch at Brescia</b>. There were 24 attendees including former Professor of Education, Sister Vera Del Grande. Classmates came from Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Georgia, Ohio, Oregon and Pennsylvania. Memory sharing was a highlight as the portable microphone was passed from table to table to hear how the sisters, teachers, roommates and classmates shaped lives and careers. There was a special place in everyone’s heart for Marian Hall dorm mother and English teacher, Sister Clarita, who dished out advice and supervision with equal amounts of love. Sister Vera (who turned 97 on July 1, 2013) was an honored guest who inspired the teaching careers of many alumnae. She said, “The spirit and character of the students added up to everything Ursuline. I entered the college faculty in 1959, having barely started my own teaching career. I was new and leaned on the girls, so I guess you could say we grew up together. The 50th reunion was soul searching. Over the years I have received letters from graduates on how well they were trained at Ursuline College, which is personally gratifying.” Other memories, needing more explanation, were sneaking pizza into the Marian Hall dorm and wearing Bermuda shorts under trench coats. Answers may turn up at the next reunion! To see photos from the reunion, <a href="http://isis.fastsecureservers.com/~urssist/photo_gallery.php?gid=28"> click here. </a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=345&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSat, 1 Jun 2013 Ursuline College Class of 1963 Celebrates 50 Year ReunionUrsuline College alumnae from the Class of 1963 gathered at Brescia Hall on the Ursuline Campus in Louisville, KY to celebrate 50 years after graduation. The event was promoted as <b>Brunch at Brescia</b>. There were 24 attendees including former Professor of Education, Sister Vera Del Grande. Classmates came from Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Georgia, Ohio, Oregon and Pennsylvania. Memory sharing was a highlight as the portable microphone was passed from table to table to hear how the sisters, teachers, roommates and classmates shaped lives and careers. There was a special place in everyone’s heart for Marian Hall dorm mother and English teacher, Sister Clarita, who dished out advice and supervision with equal amounts of love. Sister Vera (who turned 97 on July 1, 2013) was an honored guest who inspired the teaching careers of many alumnae. She said, “The spirit and character of the students added up to everything Ursuline. I entered the college faculty in 1959, having barely started my own teaching career. I was new and leaned on the girls, so I guess you could say we grew up together. The 50th reunion was soul searching. Over the years I have received letters from graduates on how well they were trained at Ursuline College, which is personally gratifying.” Other memories, needing more explanation, were sneaking pizza into the Marian Hall dorm and wearing Bermuda shorts under trench coats. Answers may turn up at the next reunion! To see photos from the reunion, <a href="http://isis.fastsecureservers.com/~urssist/photo_gallery.php?gid=28"> click here. </a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=359&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSat, 1 Jun 2013 Serving Up Support!Ursuline Sisters Sarah Stauble, Sara Delaney, Jo Ann Jansing, Shirley Ann Simmons, Loretta Guenther, Dolorita Lutsie, Rosella McCormick, Rita Dressman, and Jamesetta DeFelice along with Associate Call Director Theresa Butler served lunch to 300 volunteers at the Open Hand Kitchen at St. Vincent de Paul in Louisville, KY. The volunteers were building a new playground and making other improvements on the property as part of a national program called “Let’s Play.” The project goal is to build or fix up at least 2,000 playgrounds across North America by the end of the year. The playground design in Louisville was based on the drawings of more than 60 formerly, homeless children currently housed at the downtown St. Vincent de Paul Society location. Once completed, these children and many more will enjoy this new play space. Note: A larger group of Ursuline sisters, associates and employees serve supper or lunch monthly at the Open Hand Kitchen at the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. To view a slide show of photos of the event, <a href="http://www.svdplou.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=484:playground-build-photo-slideshow&catid=39:svdp-events&Itemid=88"> visit the St. Vincent de Paul website here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=357&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgFri, 31 May 2013 Sr. Barbara Bir Awarded Peace Medal from Trinity High School<b>On Sunday, May 19, Sister Barbara Bir, OSU, was awarded the Peace Medal from Trinity High School in Louisville, KY, at the school’s 2013 commencement exercises. The following profile about Sister Barbara Bir and her accomplishments appeared in the commencement program.</b> For more than four decades, the Trinity High School community has awarded the Trinity Peace Medal. The award recognizes a deserving individual or group for efforts that promote peacemaking, justice-building and service to others. Mr. Klaus Mittelsten ’92, who at the time was chair of Trinity’s Foreign Language Department, initiated the award, along with then-Trinity principal Rev. Thomas Duerr ’92. Recent recipients have included Dr. Sam Horton ’70, Sister Regina Bevelacqua ’06, Mr. Rob Locke, Mr. Michael Whiting and Mr. Fred Whittaker ’81. The 2013 Trinity Peace Medal is awarded to Sister Barbara Bir, O.S.U., education director at Community Catholic Center, Inc. Sister Barbara has been involved in the education of children all of her adult life. She began her career as a teacher in various parish schools before moving to education administration. She served as assistant principal and principal at Our Mother of Sorrows Catholic School. It was there that she implemented programs to push the school’s students to do better. Sister Barbara began a kindergarten program to increase the educational continuity and skills of the children. Additionally, she implemented an after-school care program for children to receive assistance in homework and as a way to provide a safe, stimulating environment after school hours. Sister Barbara’s talents were recognized by the Archdiocese of Louisville when she was asked to serve as coordinator of personnel services for all schools in the Archdiocese. In this role, she created, designed and implemented continuing education programs for principals and school counselors. In 2003, Sister Barbara was named executive director of Community Catholic Center, Inc., which is dedicated to making a quality Catholic education available and accessible to children living in a community in which no Catholic schools are present. That fall, students rode a bus an hour each way to attend St. Rose Catholic School in Germantown. Unfortunately, St. Rose closed the following year. Those early years at Community Catholic Center were a struggle. There were two part-time employees and only 13 students. Sister Barbara became a liaison between the faculty of St. Anthony Catholic School in Clarksville, Ind., where the students attended after the closure of St. Rose. Sister Barbara attended parent-teacher-student conferences to make sure she knew how each former St. Rose child was doing – a practice she continues to this day. In order to build a sense of trust and community, family meetings were held once a month so that the families could get to know one another and talk about parental concerns and school issues. Those meetings continue today and give the families an opportunity to talk, share ideas and problems, celebrate and learn. Sister Barbara guided the expansion of the program at Community Catholic Center to include high school and pre-kindergarten students. There are now tutoring programs at several locations as well as summer activities to help the students learn more about their environment and neighborhoods. This past year, the Community Catholic Center Board of Directors reorganized and Sister Barbara became the education director. She now uses her education experience as a teacher and principal to more fully assist the students and their families. She visits each of the schools the students attend, goes to conferences and other meetings called by the school, and schedules interventions if things are not going as well as expected. Sister Barbara also has served as formation director for the Ursuline Sisters and continues to work as a spiritual director and retreat director for the wider community. Sister Barbara has watched her first group of students at Community Catholic Center grow into mature young adults. She has grown to love them as her own family and is proud of their accomplishments. Seeing them become loving, caring, educated young people on their way to adulthood fills her with joy. She considers it a wonderful privilege to have been part of their lives. Sister Barbara has demonstrated that service to others is an important part of life as a Catholic Christian. Her concern for the less fortunate has been a hallmark of her career. Through her years of dedication to excellence in education, Sister Barbara has touched and enriched many lives. Sister Barbara is more than deserving of the Trinity Peace Medal. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=355&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSun, 19 May 2013 Angela Merici High School Class of 1963 Celebrates 50 Years!On Saturday, April 20, 2013, the day the Kentucky Derby Festival hosted its mega fireworks show, “Thunder Over Louisville,” 42 alumnae from the Angela Merici High School class of 1963 set off their own celebration at their 50th anniversary reunion at Brescia Hall on the Ursuline Campus. The women, who were joined by former faculty member Sister (Irene Marie) Jo Ann Jansing, enjoyed brunch, taking pictures, viewing memorabilia (which included a uniform skirt and vest that looked like a size zero!) and participating in a candid question and answer sharing session. While most alumnae were from Kentucky and Indiana, there were a few who made the long-distance trip from Virginia, Texas and California to be with classmates they had not seen in years! One remarkable observation was how many women had attended school together for 12 years, having known each other since elementary school. A majority enrolled from St. Helen, St. George, St. Paul, St. Denis, St. Lawrence, St. Polycarp and St. Mathias parish schools. The school was constructed in 1959, which made the class of 1963 the first graduating class to have completed all four years at Angela Merici High School. Commenting on the close bond of the class, Ann Scheler Puffer said: “A group of the girls still play Bunco together and go on short trips together….Most of us are friends from grade schools and neighborhoods, and we know many of each other’s husbands, brothers, sisters and friends.” Judy Senn Corbett, who was appointed the “unofficial” reunion emcee by the reunion committee, asked the group of alumnae some intriguing questions that received rousing responses. Here is a sampling: * How many are still married to their first husband? (Well over 50%. Only one had celebrated 50 years of marriage.) * How many are still working? (About 10-12…most have retired) * How many have parents still living? (Very few- maybe 3-5) * Three had been in the convent. * 10-12 are single mothers. * One classmate had seven children and everyone marveled about this (no one else attending came close.) * Most had 1, 2, 3, or 4 children. * A few had no children. * A few have been diagnosed with cancer (5-6). * An overwhelming majority have remained practicing Catholics. * A few (3-5) have downsized (moved from larger home to smaller in retirement phase.) The party continued on Sunday, April 21, at the home of Ann Scheler Puffer who hosted an afternoon open house. When all was said and done, the consensus was that the weekend forged 50 to 60-plus years of friendships for these AM Clovers! <a href="http://isis.fastsecureservers.com/~urssist/photo_gallery.php?gid=25" <target="_blank">Click here to see photos from the reunion!</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=342&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgWed, 1 May 2013 Ursulines Help Call Attention to Human TraffickingOn Tuesday, April 30, eight Ursuline Sisters of Louisville and four Ursuline Associates participated in the Prayer Service for Victims of Human Trafficking at 6th & Jefferson in downtown Louisville. Sister Isabel Lehmenkuler made signs for the group to hold in display during the service that was sponsored by the local Leadership Conference of Women Religious. The prayer service and rally was coordinated to call attention to the spike in illegal human trafficking that is experienced during large sporting events, like the Kentucky Derby, which took place on Saturday, May 4. <a href="http://therecordarchlou.wordpress.com/2013/05/01/service-calls-attention-to-human-trafficking/">To read more about the service and to see photos, please click here. (Courtesy of <i>The Record</i>, published by the Archdiocese of Louisville.)</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=354&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgTue, 30 Apr 2013 Ursuline Sisters Identified in Article on Sustainable Land UseThe Ursuline Sisters of Louisville are among many faith-based organizations mentioned in a front-page story about sustainable land use in the April 22, 2013 issue of the <i>Courier-Journal</i>. The story examines what many religious groups in Kentucky are doing to maintain their land ethically, economically and resourcefully. <a href="http://isis.fastsecureservers.com/~urssist/uploads/Faith_that_sustains_Religious_groups_seek_to_model_earth_frie.pdf"> Click here to read the story.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=350&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgMon, 22 Apr 2013 Angela Merici High School Class of 1963 Celebrates 50 Years!On Saturday, April 20, 2013, the day the Kentucky Derby Festival hosted its mega fireworks show, “Thunder Over Louisville,” 42 alumnae from the Angela Merici High School class of 1963 set off their own celebration at their 50th anniversary reunion at Brescia Hall on the Ursuline Campus. The women, who were joined by former faculty member Sister (Irene Marie) Jo Ann Jansing, enjoyed brunch, taking pictures, viewing memorabilia (which included a uniform skirt and vest that looked like a size zero!) and participating in a candid question and answer sharing session. While most alumnae were from Kentucky and Indiana, there were a few who made the long-distance trip from Virginia, Texas and California to be with classmates they had not seen in years! One remarkable observation was how many women had attended school together for 12 years, having known each other since elementary school. A majority enrolled from St. Helen, St. George, St. Paul, St. Denis, St. Lawrence, St. Polycarp and St. Mathias parish schools. The school was constructed in 1959, which made the class of 1963 the first graduating class to have completed all four years at Angela Merici High School. Commenting on the close bond of the class, Ann Scheler Puffer said: “A group of the girls still play Bunco together and go on short trips together….Most of us are friends from grade schools and neighborhoods, and we know many of each other’s husbands, brothers, sisters and friends.” Judy Senn Corbett, who was appointed the “unofficial” reunion emcee by the reunion committee, asked the group of alumnae some intriguing questions that received rousing responses. Here is a sampling: * How many are still married to their first husband? (Well over 50%. Only one had celebrated 50 years of marriage.) * How many are still working? (About 10-12…most have retired) * How many have parents still living? (Very few- maybe 3-5) * Three had been in the convent. * 10-12 are single mothers. * One classmate had seven children and everyone marveled about this (no one else attending came close.) * Most had 1, 2, 3, or 4 children. * A few had no children. * A few have been diagnosed with cancer (5-6). * An overwhelming majority have remained practicing Catholics. * A few (3-5) have downsized (moved from larger home to smaller in retirement phase.) The party continued on Sunday, April 21, at the home of Ann Scheler Puffer who hosted an afternoon open house. When all was said and done, the consensus was that the weekend forged 50 to 60-plus years of friendships for these AM Clovers! <a href="http://isis.fastsecureservers.com/~urssist/photo_gallery.php?gid=25" <target="_blank">Click here to see photos from the reunion!</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=353&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSat, 20 Apr 2013 Sisters and Associates Show Gratitude for Those Who Serve OthersFor a second consecutive year, the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville and Ursuline Associates joined thousands of other Louisvillians for Mayor Greg Fischer’s “Give a Day” volunteer week April 13-21, 2013. According to the mayor, the program is designed to “take what we have in this city already, which is great hospitality and caring, and ignite a brushfire of compassion that makes Louisville one the most caring and compassionate cities in the world.” The sisters’ and associates’ service project was two-fold: first, they remembered in prayer and dedicated their suffering that week for all the poor and needy in Louisville. Secondly, they sent specially designed cards of recognition and gratitude to persons, organizations and groups in Louisville who reach out and help others with care and compassion. Almost 200 cards were sent to employees and volunteers in local hospitals, nursing homes, food pantries, soup kitchens, food distribution centers, homeless shelters, schools, outreach centers, area ministries, facilities for children, treatment centers, charitable organizations or businesses, religious communities, and centers for handicapped. “There are an amazing number of people in Louisville reaching out to others with compassion,” explained Sister Rita Dressman, Ursuline councilor and coordinator of the sisters’ service project. “We could not possibly recognize all of these with our written appreciation, so cards were sent to a sampling of different types of ministries. It’s just one way we can extend a ‘thank you’ to all people who are bringing a compassionate presence to our world.” The mayor’s goal was to have 100,000 people participate in the week-long community service project, which is about 10,000 more than the number of participants last year. <a href="http://isis.fastsecureservers.com/~urssist/photo_gallery.php?gid=24" <target="_blank">Click here to see photos from the card signing event.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=351&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgTue, 16 Apr 2013 Associates to Host "Come & See" Sessions April 18 and April 20Do you feel a call to deeper prayer and service of others? If so, the Ursuline Associate Call might be the place for you. The Ursuline Associates are Christian women and men who seek to deepen their lives of prayer and service as followers of Jesus in the spirit and tradition of Saint Angela Merici, foundress of the Ursuline Sisters. There are two “Come and See” sessions from which to choose: <b>Thursday, April 18 at 7 PM</b>, or <b>Saturday, April 20 at 10 AM</b>. Both sessions will be held at Brescia Hall located on the Lexington Road Ursuline Campus. For more information, please call the Ursuline Associate office at (502) 896-3956 or send an email to tbutler@ursulineslou.org. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=348&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 7 Mar 2013 Ursuline Sister Receives Honorary Diploma from SHASister (Marcian) Patricia Lowman was presented with an honorary diploma from Sacred Heart Academy, at their annual alumnae awards dinner on February 7. In presenting the diploma, Jessica Moore ’99, president of the SHA Alumnae Board, spoke of Sister Pat’s passion for teaching. “Sister Pat was a mentor and a role model, as well as a teacher. She encouraged her students to do their very best…and not to let any obstacles stand in their way.” Ms. Moore added, “Sacred Heart Academy graduates still turn to Sister Pat for a smile, word of encouragement or prayers.” Sister Pat began her teaching career in 1942 at St. Rita Elementary School, and retired in 1996 from the faculty of what is now Bellarmine University, where she was a professor of history. In the 1950s and 1960s, she taught history at Sacred Heart Academy and Ursuline College (before it merged with Bellarmine). Throughout her ministry, Sister Pat’s excellence in teaching was recognized with numerous awards including the Distinguished Service Award and the Distinguished Service Award for Teacher Education, both presented by Bellarmine University. She was also named “Teacher of the Year” on more than one occasion by the students at Bellarmine. Following the SHA presentation, Sister Pat said, “I was thrilled and so excited to be the recipient of the honorary diploma from Sacred Heart Academy. SHA has always held a very special place in my heart as do my wonderful former students whom I fondly remember. I am greatly humbled but proud to become an SHA alum.” http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=347&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 7 Feb 2013 Ursulines Celebrate Feast Day of FoundressUrsuline Sisters, Associates, co-workers, and friends filled the Motherhouse Chapel on Sunday, January 27 at 11:00 A.M. for a special Eucharistic Liturgy celebrating the Feast of Saint Angela Merici. In her call to worship, Sister Lynn Jarrell, president, welcomed everyone and explained, “We take the opportunity of [Saint Angela’s] feast day celebration to acknowledge the multiple ways God is with us through Ursuline presence, ministry, service, and sponsorship today.” Following her remarks, the joyful tone of the celebration continued with the opening procession of sisters carrying white poles decorated with brightly colored ribbons. The ribbons symbolized the vibrant charism of all the Ursuline sisters and their various ministries. Father Bill Fichteman, presider, noted that he was profoundly affected by the Ursuline Sisters and felt a special connection with them that dated back to when he was a student at Bellarmine University in the 1960s. His comments were especially appreciated by the nine college students and three staff members present at Mass who belong to Bellarmine University’s Catholic Students Association. Sister Rosella McCormick, former Ursuline president and current board member of the Angela Merici Center, offered the homily. She reflected on the search for “identity and mission” as experienced by Jesus, Saint Angela, Nehemiah and Ezra. Along with citing passages from the day’s Scripture readings and Gospel, she noted that as Ursuline Sisters, “We strive to make [Saint Angela’s] gift of contemplative love of God our identity and mission.” She continued by pointing out that just as Jesus began his ministry of preaching in the small town of Galilee, and not in some “big city” like Jerusalem, we need not look far to see where our place for ministry is. “For you, for me, the critical place for ministry is wherever you or I woke up this morning.” <a href=http://isis.fastsecureservers.com/~urssist/uploads/Sr.%20Rosellas%20Homily.pdf>[Click here to read Sister Rosella’s homily in its entirety.]</a> Following communion, the Liturgy concluded with the singing of <i>Veni Angela</i> (Come Angela), after which the Ursuline Sisters treated guests to a wonderful meal in the Motherhouse dining room. ****** In union with the celebration at the Motherhouse Chapel, sisters of the Marian Community gathered in McAuley Hall at Mercy Sacred Heart on January 26 for a prayer service and social in honor of Saint Angela Merici’s feast day. Pictures from that celebration are included in the photo gallery (see link below). <b>Sisters Celebrate with SHA</b> Sacred Heart Academy on the Ursuline Campus held their annual Saint Angela Merici feast day Liturgy on January 25. Many Ursuline Sisters attended, and were recognized during the celebration. Afterwards, the sisters were invited to stay and have lunch in the SHA cafeteria. Members of the Student Council Executive Board served lunch to the sisters and enjoined eating with them. According to Lauren Hitron, director of enrollment for Sacred Heart Academy, “The students loved being able to spend time with the sisters, and many of the juniors and seniors eating in the cafeteria came up to say ‘hello’ to them during lunch.” <a href="http://isis.fastsecureservers.com/~urssist/photo_gallery.php?gid=23" <target="_blank">Click here to see photos from the celebrations.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=346&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSun, 27 Jan 2013 Sister Agnes Coveney Honored for ServiceOn December 2, Sister Agnes Coveney, OSU, was awarded the “2012 Sister Blandina Segale Award” by the Santa Maria Community Services in Cincinnati, Ohio for her “unparalleled commitment to justice, servitude and empowerment.” Santa Maria Community Services is based in the Price Hill neighborhood of Cincinnati, where they have been helping families achieve a sustainable health, housing and family life for 115 years. The award is named after Sister Blandina, SC, a Sister of Charity of Cincinnati, who founded the ministry outreach. Sister Agnes, who is the director of mission integration for TriHealth Health System in Cincinnati, has served with the Santa Maria ministry since 2000, and has been both a board member and board chair of the organization. In presenting the award to her, Ted Mitchel, current chair of Santa Maria Community Services, referred to Sister Agnes as a “thinker and doer and champion for justice who is not shy about asking for donations.” Congratulations, Sister Agnes! http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=341&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSun, 2 Dec 2012 Stained Glass Windows Displayed Again Two stained glass windows that were original to the chapel at Marian Home were installed over the front door of Brescia Hall on November 27. The windows had been removed from Marian last summer prior to the building’s deconstruction. At that time, the Ursuline Sisters made a decision to keep two windows—the window depicting Saints Ursula and Angela, and the window symbolizing faith and the Ursuline motto—and donate the other four windows and the two door panels to St. Mary’s Center for the chapel in their new building the Center is constructing in Middletown, Kentucky. (Ursuline Sister Regina Marie Bevelacqua is the director of St. Mary’s Center.) Robert Markert and Peter Eichhorn, the two men who originally designed, created and installed the windows in 1977, were the same two to install them in Brescia Hall! The windows look beautiful during the day and at night. A special ‘thank you’ to Bob and Peter for their generosity and time. We are thrilled to once again share their God-given talent with visitors to our building. <a href="http://isis.fastsecureservers.com/~urssist/photo_gallery.php?gid=21" <target="_blank">Click here to see photos from the installation.</a> <a href="http://www.courier-journal.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2012312140138&nclick_check=1" <target="_blank">Click here for a related story and video that appeared in the <i>Courier-Journal</i> on December 15, 2012.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=339&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgTue, 27 Nov 2012 Welcome Sister Katherine!Sister Katherine Corbett professed perpetual vows as a member of the Ursuline Congregation on November 17 in the Motherhouse Chapel. It was a magnificent occasion for the Ursuline Community and Sister Katherine’s family and friends. Sister Katherine said in her request for perpetual vows that she desired to follow Jesus by making an “absolute commitment” in the midst of a family of Ursuline Sisters who have made that same commitment. Her vows, she says, are a response to God’s love expressed directly and through the love of the Ursuline Community and her courageous lifelong commitment as a vowed religious is a desire to live more fully her baptismal promises. Sisters who live with Sister Katherine call her a patient, positive, empathetic, and faithful woman. Nursing has been Sister Katherine’s professional ministry all of her adult life and has been the way she has expressed her gentle care for others. She has been a home health visiting nurse, a nurse for fragile children, a hospital nurse, and has worked in a nursing home. Currently Sister Katherine is the health care coordinator at the Ursuline Motherhouse. <a href="http://isis.fastsecureservers.com/~urssist/photo_gallery.php?gid=22" <target="_blank">Click here to see photos from the service.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=340&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSat, 17 Nov 2012 Ursuline Academy-Louisville All Class ReunionA rainy afternoon didn’t dampen the spirits of the more than 160 women who attended the Ursuline Academy all class reunion on Saturday, November 3, 2012. The reunion took place at the Motherhouse on the Ursuline Campus for the former all-girls high school which operated from 1859 – 1972 on East Chestnut Street in downtown Louisville. Graduation years of attendees ranged from 1934 to 1972. The reunion began with a meet and greet at 1:30 PM in the Motherhouse library. Alumnae shared stories and laughs while looking at UA photos and memorabilia. At 2:00, alumnae sat down for a nice late afternoon lunch of delicious soup, salad, sandwich wraps, and assorted desserts—all prepared by Motherhouse chef, Joe Gallant, and his staff. At their place setting, each attendee received a set of notecards featuring a pen and ink drawing of the Ursuline Academy and Chapel, created by Kentucky architectural artist, Wadia Newman. Following lunch, the visiting continued while many classes also gathered to have their group photos taken. At 4:00 PM, all went upstairs to the Chapel for a special reunion Liturgy, presided by Rev. George Kilcourse. Many alumnae participated in the Liturgy by serving as greeters, cantor, lectors, altar server, cross-bearer, Eucharistic ministers and bringing up the offertory gifts. The reunion concluded with the Liturgy, and a few more group photos, before all departed, promising to stay in touch and return for the next reunion. Special thanks to the reunion committee, including: Anne Pike Dittmeier ’53, Betty Warren Bradley ‘58, Lisa Breit ’73, Mary Ann Glaser ’58, Sister Jo Ann Jansing, OSU ’56, Peg Bratten Bergamini ‘51, and Wanda Haas Bell ’58. <a href="http://isis.fastsecureservers.com/~urssist/photo_gallery.php?gid=20" <target="_blank">Click here to see photos from the event.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=337&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 8 Nov 2012 Ursuline Academy-Louisville All Class ReunionA rainy afternoon didn’t dampen the spirits of the more than 160 women who attended the Ursuline Academy all class reunion on Saturday, November 3, 2012. The reunion took place at the Motherhouse on the Ursuline Campus for the former all-girls high school which operated from 1859 – 1972 on East Chestnut Street in downtown Louisville. Graduation years of attendees ranged from 1934 to 1972. The reunion began with a meet and greet at 1:30 PM in the Motherhouse library. Alumnae shared stories and laughs while looking at UA photos and memorabilia. At 2:00, alumnae sat down for a nice late afternoon lunch of delicious soup, salad, sandwich wraps, and assorted deserts—all prepared by Motherhouse chef, Joe Gallant, and his staff. At their place setting, each attendee received a set of notecards featuring a pen and ink drawing of the Ursuline Academy and Chapel, created by Kentucky architectural artist, Wadia Newman. Following lunch, the visiting continued while many classes also gathered to have their group photos taken. At 4:00 PM, all went upstairs to the Chapel for a special reunion Liturgy, presided by Rev. George Kilcourse. Many alumnae participated in the Liturgy by serving as greeters, cantor, lectors, altar server, cross-bearer, Eucharistic ministers and bringing up the offertory gifts. The reunion concluded with the Liturgy, and a few more group photos, before all departed, promising to stay in touch and return for the next reunion. Special thanks to the reunion committee, including: Anne Pike Dittmeier ’53, Betty Warren Bradley ‘58, Lisa Breit ’73, Mary Ann Glaser ’58, Sister Jo Ann Jansing, OSU ’56, Peg Bratten Bergamini ‘51, and Wanda Haas Bell ’58. <a href="http://isis.fastsecureservers.com/~urssist/photo_gallery.php?gid=20" <target="_blank">Click here to see photos from the event.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=338&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSat, 3 Nov 2012 Former Ursuline Academy in Pittsburgh Hosts All-Class ReunionAlmost 100 women gathered on Saturday, October 20 for an all-class reunion at the former Ursuline Academy in Pittsburgh, PA. In addition to those from Pennsylvania, alumnae who graduated in the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s, travelled from California, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina for the event. What made the celebration even more unique was the ceremony to celebrate the former academy’s new status on the National Register of Historic Places. On September 4, 2012, the building at 201 S. Winebiddle was added to the National Register of Historic Places. The historic designation is the result of work performed in 2010 by Jeff Slack, a visiting instructor and historic preservation specialist for Pfaffmann + Associates Architects in Pittsburgh, and students in his Documentation and Conservation Studio class of the University of Pittsburgh’s Department of History of Art and Architecture. <a href="http://isis.fastsecureservers.com/~urssist/uploads/Historic%20Nomination%20UA%20Pitt%20Small.pdf"> Their research resulted in a 48-page application with photos, historic timeline, building and property blueprints, and comments about the building’s owners, neighborhood and notable UA-Pittsburgh alumnae.</a> At the reunion, Slack presented a 10 minute Power Point presentation with details of the historic designation process and the educational and civic legacy of the Ursuline Sisters through the progressive curriculum once taught at the academy. A bronze plaque noting the historic designation was unveiled after Slack’s presentation. It will be mounted permanently to a wall in the front entrance foyer of the mansion/main classroom building. Following the plaque unveiling, Sister Rita Joseph Jarrell, OSU, the last principal at the academy from 1975-1981, asked graduates to share their memories of a favorite teacher or sister who inspired their life and career, a favorite class, play, sporting activity or ceremony in the chapel. After hearing great stories and lots of laughter, the fun continued as alumnae and guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and a dessert reception, memorabilia sharing, tours and posing for group photos on the “sacred” grand staircase. Special thanks to the following that assisted with the reunion event: Brendan Froeschl – Facilities Manager, Waldorf School of Pittsburgh; Cathy Rainaldi – Floral Arrangements; Charles Catering and Gourmet Foods; Jeff Slack, AICP – Preservation Planner; Mary Ann Larkin – Class of 1970; Mary Lou “Irish” Ignosh – Class of 1964; Mission Advancement Office – Ursuline Sisters of Louisville; National Park Service – National Register of Historic Places; Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission | Bureau for Historic Preservation; Rita Joseph Jarrell, OSU – Ursuline Academy Principal 1975-1981; University of Pittsburgh, Architectural Studies Program, 2010; Ursuline Sisters of Louisville; Wadia Newman – Architectural Artist. Built in 1867, the private residence at 201 S. Winebiddle was sold to the Ursuline Sisters of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1894. The Pittsburgh Ursulines merged with the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, Kentucky, in 1958. Throughout its 87-year history, Ursuline Academy operated as a residence for the sisters, a boarding school, a co-ed elementary school and a high school for young women. Ursuline Academy closed in 1981. The Waldorf School of Pittsburgh has owned the property since 2003. <a href="http://isis.fastsecureservers.com/~urssist/photo_gallery.php?gid=19" <target="_blank">Click here to see photos from the event.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=334&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgWed, 31 Oct 2012 Angeline Award Presented October 27A woman who has been active in peace and social justice issues all of her adult life was honored by the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville on Saturday, October 27. Patricia Geier of Louisville, locally considered a “leading voice for peace,” received the Angeline Award during a special presentation and Eucharistic Liturgy at the Ursuline Motherhouse Chapel at 4:00 PM. The Angeline Award is presented every two years to a woman who exemplifies in her daily life the Charism of the Ursuline Sisters and Saint Angela Merici. According to nomination materials, “Each honoree has demonstrated a contemplative love of God, resulting in an openness and eagerness to serve the needs of others. Recipients have exhibited Christian leadership through personal efforts to address problems such as illiteracy, poverty, violence, abuse, addiction and other social issues.” By profession, Patricia is a licensed clinical social worker and has a private practice in family and marriage counseling in Louisville. She has shared her professional expertise as a social worker with women in need of healing, and it is her dedication to those who have been underserved and marginalized that helped earn her the Angeline Award. Her involvement has included the following: • She led the Witness for Peace delegation to Nicaragua in 1984 • She was a founding member of the Kentucky Interfaith Taskforce on Latin America and the Caribbean (KITLAC) and is currently co-chair of the organization • She is actively involved in the Sowers of Justice Network • She is current chair of Louisville Committee for Peace in the Middle East • She is a founding member of 1741: A Collaboratory for Social Innovation “In all of her work for justice, Patricia has demonstrated compassion and spirituality that reflect the Charism of the Ursuline Sisters,” said Sister Ruth Ann Haunz, councilor and chair of the Angeline Award committee. “Her work is rooted in her knowledge of God’s love for her and for our world. And like Saint Angela Merici, she is driven to respond wherever injustices are committed.” Patricia attended Our Lady of Lourdes Elementary School in Louisville, and is a 1968 graduate of Sacred Heart Academy. She received a bachelor’s degree from Eastern Kentucky University, and a master’s degree from the University of Denver. <a href="http://isis.fastsecureservers.com/~urssist/photo_gallery.php?gid=18" <target="_blank">Click here to see photos from the event.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=333&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSat, 27 Oct 2012 Ursulines from Louisville Celebrate Anniversary with Mount Saint Joseph UrsulinesThe Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph in Maple Mount, KY celebrated their 100th anniversary as an independent community on October 13 with the sisters who gave them their start, their “city cousins” from the east, the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville. The Ursulines of Louisville came down the Ohio River via flatboat to what is now Maple Mount in 1874 to open Mount Saint Joseph Academy. Over the next 20 years, several of the Academy graduates wanted to join the Ursuline Sisters, but did not want to move to Louisville, where the sisters spoke primarily German. An English-speaking novitiate was opened at Maple Mount in 1895. When an effort was put in place to close the novitiate at Maple Mount beginning in 1910, the sisters petitioned Rome to become an independent community. That permission was granted on Oct. 12, 1912, creating the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph. To celebrate the Centennial, all of the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville were invited to Maple Mount for Mass, lunch and bunko. More than 25 Ursulines from Louisville came, and were surprised when after Communion, they were each embraced with a prayer shawl by an Ursuline of Mount Saint Joseph. Sisters, Ursuline Associates and friends have been working on the shawls all year so that every Ursuline of Louisville could have one. Extra shawls were sent back to Louisville for those sisters who could not attend. In return, Sister Lynn Jarrell, president of the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, presented the sisters with a lithograph commissioned for the Centennial of St. Joseph Hall, the first building at Maple Mount. St. Joseph Hall is now part of the Mount Saint Joseph Conference and Retreat Center. Greeting cards featuring the lithograph were also given to the Ursulines of Mount Saint Joseph. The celebratory mood of the occasion can best be summed up by comments made that day by Sister Sharon Sullivan, congregational leader of the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph, “We have always been sisters, sharing Saint Angela’s DNA, and sharing the mission of Christ.” <a href="http://isis.fastsecureservers.com/~urssist/photo_gallery.php?gid=16" <target="_blank">Click here to see photos from the event.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=331&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgTue, 23 Oct 2012 Ursuline Academy - Pittsburgh All Class ReunionAlmost 100 women gathered on Saturday, October 20 for an all-class reunion at the former Ursuline Academy in Pittsburgh, PA. In addition to those from Pennsylvania, alumnae who graduated in the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s, travelled from California, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina for the event. What made the celebration even more unique was the ceremony to celebrate the former academy’s new status on the National Register of Historic Places. On September 4, 2012, the building at 201 S. Winebiddle was added to the National Register of Historic Places. The historic designation is the result of work performed in 2010 by Jeff Slack, a visiting instructor and historic preservation specialist for Pfaffmann and Associates Architects in Pittsburgh, and students in his Documentation and Conservation Studio class of the University of Pittsburgh’s Department of History of Art and Architecture. <a href="http://isis.fastsecureservers.com/~urssist/uploads/Historic%20Nomination%20UA%20Pitt%20Small.pdf"> Their research resulted in a 48-page application with photos, historic timeline, building and property blueprints, and comments about the building’s owners, neighborhood and notable UA-Pittsburgh alumnae.</a> At the reunion, Slack presented a 10 minute Power Point presentation with details of the historic designation process and the educational and civic legacy of the Ursuline Sisters through the progressive curriculum once taught at the academy. A bronze plaque noting the historic designation was unveiled after Slack’s presentation. It will be mounted permanently to a wall in the front entrance foyer of the mansion/main classroom building. Following the plaque unveiling, Sister Rita Joseph Jarrell, OSU, the last principal at the academy from 1975-1981, asked graduates to share their memories of a favorite teacher or sister who inspired their life and career, a favorite class, play, sporting activity or ceremony in the chapel. After hearing great stories and lots of laughter, the fun continued as alumnae and guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and a dessert reception, memorabilia sharing, tours and posing for group photos on the “sacred” grand staircase. Special thanks to the following that assisted with the reunion event: Brendan Froeschl – Facilities Manager, Waldorf School of Pittsburgh; Cathy Rainaldi – Floral Arrangements; Charles Catering and Gourmet Foods; Jeff Slack, AICP – Preservation Planner; Mary Ann Larkin – Class of 1970; Mary Lou “Irish” Ignosh – Class of 1964; Mission Advancement Office – Ursuline Sisters of Louisville; National Park Service – National Register of Historic Places; Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission | Bureau for Historic Preservation; Rita Joseph Jarrell, OSU – Ursuline Academy Principal 1975-1981; University of Pittsburgh, Architectural Studies Program, 2010; Ursuline Sisters of Louisville; Wadia Newman – Architectural Artist. <a href="http://isis.fastsecureservers.com/~urssist/photo_gallery.php?gid=19" <target="_blank">Click here to see photos from the event.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=336&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSat, 20 Oct 2012 UA-Pittsburgh Reunion October 20!Ursuline Academy-Pittsburgh (1894-1981) will hold an all-class reunion on Saturday, October 20, at the former academy location, 201 S. Winebiddle Street, from 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM. <a href="http://isis.fastsecureservers.com/~urssist/uploads/UAPITTInvite-Web.pdf">Click here for more details!</a> <a href="http://isis.fastsecureservers.com/~urssist/uploads/Historic%20Nomination%20UA%20Pitt%20Small.pdf">To view the National Register of Historic Places Registration Form for UA Pittsburgh in its entirety, please click here.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=327&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgFri, 19 Oct 2012 Annual Cluster Focused on Chapter 5 of <i>The Rule</i> Beautiful early-fall weather created a perfect backdrop for the annual Ursuline Society Gathering at Butler State Park in Carrollton, KY, September 29, 2012. Approximately 70 people representing the Brown County, Cincinnati, Louisville, Maple Mount and Toledo Ursulines attended the event, which was open to all Ursuline communities, associates, co-workers and friends. The day-long gathering focused on Chapter 5 of <i>The Rule</i> of the Company of Saint Ursula, divided into four meditation sessions. Different speakers facilitated each meditation, which was then followed by silent reflection and sharing. Meditation one was offered by Sister Claudia Holtz (Toledo) who spoke about fasting and praying always. Meditation two was presented by husband and wife Paul and Sue Loechle, who are friends of the Cincinnati Ursulines. They spoke about vocal prayer and prayer of the spirit and mind. Following a delicious, outdoor lunch, the gathering resumed with meditations three and four. Erna Dennis, a friend of the Brown County Ursulines, presented number three, which was trusting in Jesus’ divine light and love for illumination and his forgiveness. Theresa Butler, director of the Associate Call for the Louisville Associates, presented the forth meditation, self-offering. The gathering concluded fittingly with a Eucharistic Liturgy, with Louisville Associate Fr. Joe Merkt as presider, who also prepared an extensive pastoral translation handout of The Rule’s Chapter 5. In all, participants said the gathering was inspirational and offered enriching reflection. They especially liked being together with sisters, associates and friends of other communities. The gathering was coordinated by Sister Margaret Ann Hagan, Sister Marilyn Mueller and Associate Barb Mercer, all from Louisville. <a href="http://isis.fastsecureservers.com/~urssist/photo_gallery.php?gid=17" <target="_blank">Click here to see photos from the event.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=332&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSat, 29 Sep 2012 Ursuline Sisters Join Billboard Campaign Calling for Immigration ReformCommunities of Catholic sisters based in Ohio and Kentucky—including the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville—are calling on President Obama and Congress to work together to enact comprehensive immigration reform, and on State legislators to refrain from passing laws that would restrict the human rights of immigrants. To help make their point, they have rented billboard space in cities and towns throughout Ohio and Kentucky. The billboard message is taken from the Gospel of Matthew. In Louisville, the billboards have been placed at 6208 Strawberry Lane and Allmond, and at 13010 Dixie Highway. The boards will remain posted until November 14. The billboard project is a collaborative effort of LCWR (Leadership Conference of Women Religious) Region 6 and the Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center. “It is our hope that the billboards placed around the two states will stimulate others to become familiar with this issue, reflect on the values that call us to respect every person and influence our government to make changes in the immigration system,” said Sister Alice Gerdeman, coordinator of the Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center, the organization coordinating the billboard campaign. “The deferred action policy initiated on August 15 does help many young immigrants who came to the United States as children. However, much more still needs to be done,” Gerdeman said. Sister Lynn Jarrell, OSU, president of the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, echoed Gerdeman’s sentiment: “Comprehensive immigration reform is needed on the federal level to fix a system that is broken and causing pain to families due to unjust deportations and the exploitation of immigrant workers. Many of our sisters work directly with immigrant families, and we have grieved with families who are torn apart and children left without support.” Jarrell continued, “We are deeply grieved by the violence families have suffered through immigration raids and unjust detentions. We cannot, in good conscience, ignore such suffering and injustice. Hopefully, these billboards will encourage more compassionate reform.” Other orders of women religious in Kentucky joining the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville in supporting the billboard campaign include: Benedictine Sisters, Villa Hills; Congregation of Divine Providence, Melbourne; Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, Nazareth; Sisters of Loretto, Nerinx; Sisters of Notre Dame, Covington; and, Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph, Maple Mount. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=328&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgMon, 24 Sep 2012 Ursuline Sister Celebrates 100th Year!McAuley Hall at Mercy Sacred Heart Senior Living Center in Louisville was full of well-wishers on Friday, August 31 to help Sister Thelma Sheehan, OSU, celebrate her 100th birthday. Party guests included relatives of Sister Thelma’s, members of the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville community and other Mercy Sacred Heart residents. Sister Thelma was born on September 1, 1912 in Louisville and entered the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville in August, 1928. She is a 1929 graduate of Sacred Heart Academy and a 1955 graduate of Ursuline College. Sister Thelma was a teacher for a majority of her 80+ years in ministry, having taught in Louisville at St. Vincent de Paul, St. Elizabeth, St. Ann, St. Theresa, Our Lady of Lourdes, St. Joseph and St. Rita parish schools. Additionally, she taught at schools in West Virginia, Indiana, Mississippi and Nebraska. She retired from teaching in 1980, but was far from being retired! She went on to perform convent duties and serve as an administrator at the Ursuline Motherhouse until 2004. <a href="http://isis.fastsecureservers.com/~urssist/photo_gallery.php?gid=15"<br> <target="_blank">Click here to see more photos from the party.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=326&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgWed, 5 Sep 2012 Jubilee CelebrationOn Thursday, July 26, sisters, associates, employees and friends came together at the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception for a Jubilee Liturgy to celebrate the milestone anniversaries of eight Ursulines: Sister Mary Anthony Wargel (80 years); Sister Andrea Callahan, Sister Mary Yvonne Moran and Sister Shirley Ann Simmons (70 years); Sister Loretta Guenther, Sister Helen Marie Lutz and Sister Sarah Stauble (60 years); Sister Mary Jo Gramig (50 years). Sister Rosalita Wuersch and Sister Consuelo Price were recognized posthumously at the Liturgy. They would have celebrated their 80th and 70th year, respectively. During his homily, Father Bill Fichteman congratulated all the sisters for their combined 520 years of service, noting that their work and virtue will live on because they have influenced so many lives for so many generations. Later that afternoon, a missioning service was held in the Chapel whereby Ursuline Leadership officially sent forth into the new year employees, associates and sisters to “fan into flame the spark of the spirit” within them. <a href="http://isis.fastsecureservers.com/~urssist/photo_gallery.php?gid=14"<br> <target="_blank">Click here to see more photos from the event.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=325&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgThu, 26 Jul 2012 Associates Renew Their CovenantsOn Wednesday, July 25, members of the Ursuline Associate Call gathered for a meeting and their annual covenant renewal ceremony. It marked the first year for what will become an annual gathering, offering associates an opportunity for group prayer and discussion of goals. Following the gathering, associates were joined by their associate companions and Ursuline Sisters in the Motherhouse Chapel for a special covenant renewal celebration. One by one, a total of 26 associates renewed their commitment to the Ursuline Sisters, promising to join them in prayer, ministry and community in ways appropriate to their lifestyle. <a href="http://isis.fastsecureservers.com/~urssist/photo_gallery.php?gid=13"<br> <target="_blank">Click here to see photos from the annual gathering and renewal ceremony.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=324&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgWed, 25 Jul 2012 Ursuline Sisters Recognize Benefactors at a Mass and BrunchBenefactors of the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville were recognized on Sunday, July 22, at a special Mass and brunch held at the Ursuline Motherhouse in their honor. More than 130 guests and Ursuline Sisters filled the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception for the 11:00 A.M. Eucharistic Liturgy, which was concelebrated by Father Bill Fichteman and Father John Butler. In a reflection offered during the celebration, Sister Lynn Jarrell, president of the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, graciously thanked the donors for their various expressions of support, acknowledging that sometimes it is difficult to take on the responsibility of being a benefactor, especially when times and circumstances may be uneasy or discouraging. Following Mass the sisters and guests gathered in the Motherhouse Dining Room for a savory brunch consisting of quiche, muffins, pastries, Kentucky hash browns and fresh fruit. All donors present received a “thank you” keepsake bag that included notecards depicting the Motherhouse Chapel by local artist, Wadia Newman, and the latest book on Saint Angela Merici by Sister Martha Buser, <i>Lover of Us All</i>. <a href="http://isis.fastsecureservers.com/~urssist/photo_gallery.php?gid=12"<br> <target="_blank">Click here to see more photos from the event.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=323&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSun, 22 Jul 2012 Ursuline Academy Louisville - Class of 1952, 60th ReunionOn Saturday, June 23, 2012, 34 women who graduated from Ursuline Academy-Louisville in 1952 gathered at Brescia Hall on the Ursuline Campus in Louisville for their 60th reunion. Alumnae travelled from Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and New York for the event. The reunion began at 12 noon with a wine and cheese reception, memorabilia sharing and posing for a group photo. Nancy Yunt Hoskinson “officially welcomed” the women, and was followed by a brief memorial led by Joy Clark Harstine to pay tribute to their classmates who had passed away, including Helen Dillon Mazzoli who died less than a week before the reunion. On a lighter note, the reunion also featured the “Pass the Pig” tradition which was explained by Angie Link White. [A piggy bank is passed around at anniversary reunions and everyone puts 25 cents in it, which is the reverse of 52, their graduation year. The pig and money inside are then raffled off as a door prize at the reunion.] Adding to the humor of the occasion, the wine and cheese reception featured a pimento cheese pig, much to the delight of the alumnae! Ursuline Sister and classmate, Delores Kemper, offered a blessing before lunch, and then invited the women to enjoy the buffet featuring chicken salad, vegetarian pasta salad, fresh spring mix salad with raspberry vinaigrette dressing, classic Caesar salad, and fresh fruit salad. Following lunch, the women shared memories and laughter as they sang the school song, listened to a reading of the “freshmen poem” penned by the class of 1949 exclusively for the class of 1952, and shared some favorite stories, led by Mary Ann Knust Moore. As the event came to a close, Betty Mueller Mudd and Anna Lee Frensch Waskevich awarded door prizes which included the table decorations, created by Pinotti’s Flower Market, and the ceramic pig! At their place setting, each attendee received a set of notecards featuring a pen and ink drawing of the Ursuline Academy and Chapel, created by Kentucky architectural artist, Wadia Newman. And, as they departed around 3:00 P.M., each was given a copy of the group photo that had just been taken earlier that afternoon, along with a copy of their 1952 graduation composite. Special thanks to the reunion committee: Joyce “Joy” Clark Harstine, Nancy Yunt Hoskinson, Sister Delores Kemper, Mary Ann Knust Moore and Betty Mueller Mudd. <a href="http://isis.fastsecureservers.com/~urssist/photo_gallery.php?gid=9"<br> <target="_blank">Click here to see more photos from the event.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=314&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSat, 23 Jun 2012 UA - Louisville Class of 1952 Celebrates 60 Years!On Saturday, June 23, 2012, 34 women who graduated from Ursuline Academy-Louisville in 1952 gathered at Brescia Hall on the Ursuline Campus in Louisville for their 60th reunion. Alumnae travelled from Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and New York for the event. The reunion began at 12 noon with a wine and cheese reception, memorabilia sharing and posing for a group photo. Nancy Yunt Hoskinson “officially welcomed” the women, and was followed by a brief memorial led by Joy Clark Harstine to pay tribute to their classmates who had passed away, including Helen Dillon Mazzoli who died less than a week before the reunion. On a lighter note, the reunion also featured the “Pass the Pig” tradition which was explained by Angie Link White. [A piggy bank is passed around at anniversary reunions and everyone puts 25 cents in it, which is the reverse of 52, their graduation year. The pig and money inside are then raffled off as a door prize at the reunion.] Adding to the humor of the occasion, the wine and cheese reception featured a pimento cheese pig, much to the delight of the alumnae! Ursuline Sister and classmate, Delores Kemper, offered a blessing before lunch, and then invited the women to enjoy the buffet featuring chicken salad, vegetarian pasta salad, fresh spring mix salad with raspberry vinaigrette dressing, classic Caesar salad, and fresh fruit salad. Following lunch, the women shared memories and laughter as they sang the school song, listened to a reading of the “freshmen poem” penned by the class of 1949 exclusively for the class of 1952, and shared some favorite stories, led by Mary Ann Knust Moore. As the event came to a close, Betty Mueller Mudd and Anna Lee Frensch Waskevich awarded door prizes which included the table decorations, created by Pinotti’s Flower Market, and the ceramic pig! At their place setting, each attendee received a set of notecards featuring a pen and ink drawing of the Ursuline Academy and Chapel, created by Kentucky architectural artist, Wadia Newman. And, as they departed around 3:00 P.M., each was given a copy of the group photo that had just been taken earlier that afternoon, along with a copy of their 1952 graduation composite. Special thanks to the reunion committee: Joyce “Joy” Clark Harstine, Nancy Yunt Hoskinson, Sister Delores Kemper, Mary Ann Knust Moore and Betty Mueller Mudd. <a href="http://isis.fastsecureservers.com/~urssist/photo_gallery.php?gid=9"<br> <target="_blank">Click here to see more photos from the event.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=322&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSat, 23 Jun 2012 New Book Delves More Into Spirituality of Ursuline FoundressSister Martha Buser’s new book, <i>Lover of Us All</i>, is ready! Sister is the author of <i>Also in Your Midst</i>, the first of her books about Saint Angela Merici, foundress of the Ursuline Sisters. Sister Martha has wide experience in speaking and writing about the foundress of the Ursuline Sisters, and has given retreats, workshops and talks about Saint Angela internationally since 1980. <i>Also in Your Midst</i> is in its third printing and has been translated into several languages. <i>Lover of Us All</i> is a companion to the first and has further reflections on Saint Angela’s spirituality. This book has a broader appeal, especially to friends of Ursulines and their Associates. Board members of Ursuline institutions, alumnae of Ursuline schools, students, seekers of a deeper relationship with God in today’s world and others may find here a 15th century woman whose own spirituality was very contemporary. Sister Martha began her relationship with Saint Angela Merici when she was novice director for the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville. Since then, she has learned more about the foundress through contact with countless Ursulines across the world from Canada to Europe to South Africa to Taiwan. Women and men everywhere find in Saint Angela a worthy model of holiness for today’s world. <i>Lover of Us All</i> and <i>Also in Your Midst</i> are available through the Ursuline Sisters’ Mailroom. Please call (502) 897-1811, or send your request to mailroom@ursulineslou.org, or via mail to Ursuline Sisters, 3105 Lexington Road, Louisville, KY 40206. The cost is $5 per book, plus shipping and handling. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=321&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgMon, 18 Jun 2012 UA-Louisville Class of '47 Celebrates 65 Years!Thirty-one women who graduated from Ursuline Academy – Louisville in 1947, gathered on Sunday, June 10 for their 65th reunion at Brescia Hall on the Ursuline Campus. Alumnae travelled from Kentucky, Indiana, Colorado and Georgia to attend. They arrived at 11:30 A.M. for a "greet and meet", followed by Mass at noon in the Brescia Hall prayer room. Father Bob Ray was presider, and Jeff Wright (son of alumnae Mary Rose Stuedle Wright ‘47) was cantor and acoustic guitar accompanist. Readings for the Mass were presented by alumnae Sister Lelia “Lee” Kirchner and Shirley DeFelice. Intercessions were offered by Huberta “Birdie” Kosse Ogburn, and gift bearers were Rita Neumeyer George, Rita Schianchi McCauley, and Mary Rose Stuedle Wright. Mass also included a moment of silence for deceased classmates. Following Mass and a group photo, the women gathered across the hallway for a savory brunch consisting of Canadian bacon and cheddar cheese quiche, vegetable quiche, muffins, pastries, hash browns and fresh fruit. As they finished brunch, the group shared stories about being at UA…there was lots of laughter as several women “confessed” to pranks they played as students! The trip down memory lane continued as the alumnae enjoyed looking through old yearbooks and photos. At their place setting, each attendee received a set of notecards featuring a pen and ink drawing of the Ursuline Academy and Chapel, created by Kentucky architectural artist, Wadia Newman. And, as they departed around 3:00 P.M., each was given a copy of the group photo that had just been taken earlier that afternoon, along with a copy of their 1947 graduation composite. With 154 graduates, the Class of 1947 was the largest graduating class of Ursuline Academy-Louisville. <a href="http://isis.fastsecureservers.com/~urssist/photo_gallery.php?gid=6" <target="_blank">Click here to see more photos from the event.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=317&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSun, 10 Jun 2012 Ursuline Academy Louisville - Class of 1947, 65th ReunionThirty-one women who graduated from Ursuline Academy – Louisville in 1947, gathered on Sunday, June 10 for their 65th reunion at Brescia Hall on the Ursuline Campus. Alumnae travelled from Kentucky, Indiana, Colorado and Georgia to attend. They arrived at 11:30 A.M. for a "greet and meet", followed by Mass at noon in the Brescia Hall prayer room. Father Bob Ray was presider, and Jeff Wright (son of alumnae Mary Rose Stuedle Wright ‘47) was cantor and acoustic guitar accompanist. Readings for the Mass were presented by alumnae Sister Lelia “Lee” Kirchner and Shirley DeFelice. Intercessions were offered by Huberta “Birdie” Kosse Ogburn, and gift bearers were Rita Neumeyer George, Rita Schianchi McCauley, and Mary Rose Stuedle Wright. Mass also included a moment of silence for deceased classmates. Following Mass and a group photo, the women gathered across the hallway for a savory brunch consisting of Canadian bacon and cheddar cheese quiche, vegetable quiche, muffins, pastries, hash browns and fresh fruit. As they finished brunch, the group shared stories about being at UA…there was lots of laughter as several women “confessed” to pranks they played as students! The trip down memory lane continued as the alumnae enjoyed looking through old yearbooks and photos. At their place setting, each attendee received a set of notecards featuring a pen and ink drawing of the Ursuline Academy and Chapel, created by Kentucky architectural artist, Wadia Newman. And, as they departed around 3:00 P.M., each was given a copy of the group photo that had just been taken earlier that afternoon, along with a copy of their 1947 graduation composite. With 154 graduates, the Class of 1947 was the largest graduating class of Ursuline Academy-Louisville. <a href="http://isis.fastsecureservers.com/~urssist/photo_gallery.php?gid=6" <target="_blank">Click here to see more photos from the event.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=310&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSun, 10 Jun 2012 Ursuline Academy Louisville - Class of 1962, 50th ReunionOn Saturday, June 2, 2012, 34 alumnae from Ursuline Academy – Louisville’s Class of 1962 gathered for their 50th reunion. The reunion, which attracted women from Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, West Virginia, Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia, was held at Brescia Hall on the Ursuline Campus. A reception at 3:00 P.M. kicked off the afternoon, allowing the women to socialize and look at memorabilia for a little while before Mass. Then, at 4:00 P.M., they gathered in the prayer room at Brescia Hall for Mass presided by Father John Schork, CP. Alumnae participated in the Liturgy, including Beverly McAuliffe Bisig who was cantor, Alice Rush Nordmann and Jean Stosberg Miller who presented the readings, and Martha Dicken Benko who offered the petitions. The petitions included a moment of silence and reflection as the names of deceased classmates were read. The Mass concluded with a closing hymn and a rousing chorus of the UA alma mater. Following Mass and a group photo, the women reconvened for a dinner buffet across the hall, where they dined on beef stroganoff and buttery noodles, cheesy marinara manicotti, fresh green beans and assorted desserts. During coffee and dessert, a cordless microphone was passed around each table, allowing alumnae to share their favorite UA stories and update the group on their lives. After the sharing time, many returned to the memorabilia tables to recall fond memories. The memorabilia tables included displays from drama productions, photos from the “Snow Ball,” a graduation diploma, UA sweater, beanie, prom booklets, sweatshirt, photos from the Ursuline Sisters’ archives, alumnae photo albums, and editions of the school paper, The Merician. Each alumna received a set of notecards featuring a pen and ink drawing of the Ursuline Academy and Chapel, created by Kentucky architectural artist, Wadia Newman. Floral centerpieces with fresh flowers in shades of blue and gold accents (designed by Pinotti’s Flower Market) decorated each table and were raffled as door prizes at the end of the evening. Special thanks to the reunion planning committee for a wonderful event: Patricia “Pat” Kamer Berry, Beverly McAuliffe Bisig, Mary Arthur Smallwood Morgan, and Theresa “Tess” Gatewood Zaepfel. <a href="http://isis.fastsecureservers.com/~urssist/photo_gallery.php?gid=4" <target="_blank">See photos from the event.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=309&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSat, 2 Jun 2012 UA-Louisville Class of '62 Celebrates 50 Years!On Saturday, June 2, 2012, 34 alumnae from Ursuline Academy – Louisville’s Class of 1962 gathered for their 50th reunion. The reunion, which attracted women from Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, West Virginia, Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia, was held at Brescia Hall on the Ursuline Campus. A reception at 3:00 P.M. kicked off the afternoon, allowing the women to socialize and look at memorabilia for a little while before Mass. Then, at 4:00 P.M., they gathered in the prayer room at Brescia Hall for Mass presided by Father John Schork, CP. Alumnae participated in the Liturgy, including Beverly McAuliffe Bisig who was cantor, Alice Rush Nordmann and Jean Stosberg Miller who presented the readings, and Martha Dicken Benko who offered the petitions. The petitions included a moment of silence and reflection as the names of deceased classmates were read. The Mass concluded with a closing hymn and a rousing chorus of the UA alma mater. Following Mass and a group photo, the women reconvened for a dinner buffet across the hall, where they dined on beef stroganoff and buttery noodles, cheesy marinara manicotti, fresh green beans and assorted desserts. During coffee and dessert, a cordless microphone was passed around each table, allowing alumnae to share their favorite UA stories and update the group on their lives. After the sharing time, many returned to the memorabilia tables to recall fond memories. The memorabilia tables included displays from drama productions, photos from the “Snow Ball,” a graduation diploma, UA sweater, beanie, prom booklets, sweatshirt, photos from the Ursuline Sisters’ archives, alumnae photo albums, and editions of the school paper, The Merician. Each alumna received a set of notecards featuring a pen and ink drawing of the Ursuline Academy and Chapel, created by Kentucky architectural artist, Wadia Newman. Floral centerpieces with fresh flowers in shades of blue and gold accents (designed by Pinotti’s Flower Market) decorated each table and were raffled as door prizes at the end of the evening. Special thanks to the reunion planning committee for a wonderful event: Patricia “Pat” Kamer Berry, Beverly McAuliffe Bisig, Mary Arthur Smallwood Morgan, and Theresa “Tess” Gatewood Zaepfel. <a href="http://isis.fastsecureservers.com/~urssist/photo_gallery.php?gid=4" <target="_blank">See photos from the event.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=315&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSat, 2 Jun 2012 Ursulines Answer Call for CompassionMayor Greg Fischer of Louisville proposed a goal of getting 55,000 people to take part in the community’s “Give a Day” volunteer week April 15-22, 2012. The Mayor’s goal was “to make a statement about how caring and compassionate Louisville is.” The Marian Community invited sisters, associates and friends to join them in a project promoting compassion. The project consisted of remembering in prayer and dedicating suffering that week for the poor and homeless in Louisville. The other part of the project consisted of providing a special treat for the poor and homeless. The invitation was extended to sisters and associates to bake and decorate cookies. Several sisters and associates gathered throughout the week to decorate and bag cookies, and each bag contained a prayerful message of hope. On April 22, the cookies were taken to St. Vincent de Paul’s Open Hand Kitchen and distributed to the 185 people who came for supper. More than 90,000 people in Louisville volunteered for the Mayor’s “Give a Day” week of compassion. <a href="http://isis.fastsecureservers.com/~urssist/photo_gallery.php?gid=5" <target="_blank">See photos from the sisters' week of volunteerism.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=316&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgFri, 20 Apr 2012 2010 Angeline AwardCentro Latino, Arriba Ninos, pastoral care for seniors, fostering children in need, and working with the terminally ill and their families through Hosparus are just some of the ways Paula Fangman has been involved with helping the community throughout her lifetime. “Jesus said to do for others and to love your neighbors. Those words, that lesson are the most influential things in my life,”Fangman recently said. Her continued commitment to helping others through her love of God is why Fangman was chosen out of dozens of nominees to receive the Angeline Award for 2010 on Saturday, October 30. The award was presented to her by the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville during a special ceremony and Mass at the Ursuline Campus Motherhouse located at 3115 Lexington Road. The presentation was followed by a reception also at the Motherhouse. The award is given every two years to a woman who possesses the qualities of Saint Angela Merici, the foundress of the Ursuline Sisters. That Charism is a contemplative love of God resulting in the openness and eagerness to serve the needs of others. The recipient of the Angeline Award is found to address the needs and concerns of her time and displays Christian leadership by being actively involved with challenges that face women and families today, such as illiteracy, poverty, violence, abuse, prejudice and addiction. Paula Fangman Poses with her fellow parishioners 2010 Angeline Award Winner Paula Fangman (center with flowers) poses with members of her church following the award ceremony. For more photos from the ceremony and reception, please click the below icon. “I admire St. Angela [Merici’s] way of teaching and serving others,” Fangman, who is a former Ursuline Sister and current Ursuline Associate, said after accepting the Angeline Award. “On my refrigerator, I have a prayer from her that says ‘to live in a contemplative love with an openness and eagerness to serve others.’ My prayer is to continue to do that.” Fangman has long demonstrated the Charism of St. Angela in her daily life. She and her husband, Tom Fangman, who passed away in 2002, fostered seven Vietnamese children through the foster care program under Catholic Charities. Paula Fangman has also spent many years volunteering for Hosparus working with the terminally ill and their families. She often sits with a family’s loved ones while family members do chores or run errands. She also has spent years giving her time to children involved in a program called Arriba Niños through the Church of the Annunciation in Shelbyville, KY, where she is an active member. Arriba Niños means “upward children.” Four churches in the area are currently partnering to tutor Hispanic students in 1st through 8th grades under the program. Fangman also participates in pastoral care at Amber Oaks a home/assisted living facility in Shelbyville; “Catholics at the Capitol” sponsored by the Catholic Conference of Kentucky; and Centro Latino, a group that provides assistance with food, clothing, education, and more to Hispanics and others in need in Shelbyville. In addition, Fangman sings for the Archdiocesan Mass of the Air which is taped in the Ursuline Motherhouse Chapel, and, in her own church, she sings in the choir, is a pianist, cantor and much more. When asked why she does so much for others in the community, she responded with humility and simply gave the credit to her family and the Ursuline Sisters. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=302&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgMon, 2 Jan 2012 Angela Merici High School All Class Reunion On Sunday, November 6, 2011 nearly 170 alums and former teachers of Angela Merici high School met at the Flaget Center for an all class reunion. Liturgy was presided by Fr. Roy Stiles and ended with everyone joining in to sing the alma mater. Brunch followed in the old gym that was decorated in Clover green and had multiple memorablia stations that included year books, a uniform and a prom dress. Sr. Rita Ann Wigginton, class of 1964 welcomed all the alums. Sr. Jean Anne Zappa, faculty member, introduced guest speaker, Dr. Cynthia Crabtree, Class of 1975, who shared some of her memories of AMHS. After the meal and short talks, everyone was invited to take tours of the building, chat with old classmates and have their class photos taken. <a href="http://isis.fastsecureservers.com/~urssist/photo_gallery.php" <target="_blank">See photos from the event.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=298&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSun, 6 Nov 2011 Ursuline Academy Louisville Class of 1956 ReunionOn Sunday, October 2, 2011, 21 women who graduated from Ursuline Academy-Louisville in 1956 gathered at Brescia Hall on the Ursuline Campus in Louisville for their 55th reunion. The reunion began at 11:00 A.M. with Mass in the Brescia Hall prayer room. The alumnae were delighted by the presence of former UA faculty member, Sister Terence Schmitt, OSU, who was able to join them for the special occasion. Father Roy Stiles presided over the Mass, and alumnae participated including Sister Jo Ann Jansing, OSU who presented the First Reading and the Responsorial Psalm. The Second Reading was presented by Marge Scherzer Arehart. Sister Rochelle Ernst, SCN, offered the intercessions, and gift bearers were Pat McKenna Ehrensberger and Fran Byrne Passanisi. Mass also included a moment of silence for deceased classmates. Following Mass and a group photo, the women gathered across the hallway for a savory brunch consisting of Canadian bacon and cheddar cheese quiche, vegetable quiche, muffins, pastries, Kentucky hash browns and fresh fruit. At their place setting, each attendee received a set of notecards featuring a pen and ink drawing of the Ursuline Academy and Chapel, created by Kentucky architectural artist, Wadia Newman. As they finished brunch, the group shared memories and laughter as they sang the school song. And, as they departed around 3:00 P.M., each was given a copy of the group photo that had just been taken earlier that day. Special thanks to the reunion committee Marge Scherzer Arehart, Pat McKenna Ehrensberger, Sister Jo Ann Jansing, OSU (Chair), and Marlene Hardin Wolf. <a href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/photo_gallery.php?gid=8"<br> <target="_blank">Click here to see more photos from the event.</a> http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=299&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgSun, 2 Oct 2011 Helping the SickOn Saturday, January 15, St. Joseph Catholic Church officially opened a free weekly Family Community Clinic. The clinic is housed in the church basement. The staff will provide basic health care services to individuals and families who do not have health insurance. The Ursuline Sisters of Louisville played a role in ensuring the Butchertown based clinic would open and would be able to help those in need. The sisters donated items still left at Marian Home to be used at the clinic. It was a donation that is a reminder of the Ursuline Sister Legacy across Louisville. That’s because the sisters have a history with St. Joseph. Sister Salesia Reitmeier responded to a Call for teachers in 1887 and sent several Ursuline Sisters to teach at the school. It was the third parish school the Ursuline Sisters staffed in Louisville. The sisters continued their ministries at the school for nearly 100 years. They left in 1981. Mayor Greg Fischer attended the opening of the clinic on January 15. Archbishop Joseph Kurtz was also there. He blessed the clinic, which is located at 1406 East Washington Street, just moments before the building was officially opened. “We are thankful for your support in providing supplies for our clinic,” wrote Elizabeth Paige, a member of the Board of Directors about the items donated by the Ursuline Sisters. “[Because of your donation] the clinic will provide health care for many who have no insurance.” http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=301&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgTue, 18 Jan 2011 Nominations Being Sought for 2016 Angeline AwardThe Angeline Award is given every two years by the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville to a woman who reflects the spirit and Charism (special gift) of Saint Angela Merici, foundress of the Ursuline Sisters. The recipient demonstrates leadership in addressing the challenges that face women and families today. <A href="http://ursulinesisterslouisville.org/angeline_award.php" target=_blank>To download the nomination form, click this link to our Angeline Award page. </A> <b>The deadline for submitting nominations is June 1, 2016</b> Should you have any questions, please contact Sister Margaret Ann Hagan at MHagan@UrsulinesLou.org or call (502) 896-3915. http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=484&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgMon, 30 Nov -0001 http://www.ursulinesisterslouisville.org/news.php?key=528&id=1 info@ursulinesisterslouisville.orgMon, 30 Nov -0001